Monday, 31 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar31~Catwoman Bento

Meow......It's Monday!! I made another DC Comics superheroine "Catwoman" Will I continue making more DC Comics hero?? Hmmm....I don't think my daughter will like superhero for her lunch so the only thing I can made was superheroine ^_^

Here is the close up look of my Catwoman. Simple ingredients as below:
  • Catwoman/Cat : Shape rice & cover with nori
  • Eyes : Crabstick (white), sweet pea pod (green eyes)
  • For side: Corns, broccoli, gyoza, cherry tomato, lettuce

I hope you will like today's lunch bento. Have a nice Monday! Hugs!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar27~Superheroine Wonder Woman

Yesterday my daughter saw my sketched for her today's bento and asked me who is this lady? I told her is Superheroine Wonder Woman!!  My childhood favourite DC Comics characters ^_^ Then I Google search the images for her to see more of this Wonder Woman :) I tried to made it cute and simple for my kyaraben.

Here is the close up Wonder Woman. Ingredients as follows:
  • Face/body : Rice mixed with tomato ketchup
  • Top : Red capsicum and egg sheet
  • Head gear/belt : Egg sheet with star fondant
  • Freehand scissor cut out nori for face & hair
  • For side dishes : Minced meat, broccoli, sausages and watermelon

I hope you will like this cute Wonder Woman bento. Have a nice day everyone!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar26~Albert Einstein Bento

Today's bento lunch I made "Albert Einstein". Inspired by talented Samantha Lee that I saw from her awesome foodart at Instagram. I'm sure most of you or perhaps everyone know who she is? To view her fantastic amazing foodart can go to her FAN page or Instagram. One of my "To do-list" for my girl's bento and finally last night did some sketches to make it into kyaraben this morning ^_^ 

Here is the close up Albert Eintein kyaraben. Below is the ingredient details:
  • Face : Tomato ketchup mixed rice
  • Hair-do/mustache/eyebrows : Rice
  • Hand : Tomato rice wrap nori
  • Tamagoyaki
  • Pork wrap carrots & french bean (leftover from last night dinner that I made)
  • Sweet pea
  • Watermelon : Used alphabets cutter to cut
  • Freehand scissor cut out nori for the details
I tried to add some of Albert Einstein quotes but many of them I like so among all, I pick this:

                                      "Imagination is more important than knowledge"
                                                                                                -Albert Einstein

I hope you will like my today's bento lunch ^_^ Happy Wednesday and what's your favourite Albert Einstein quotes? Hope to see some of yours :) 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar25~Elmo Onigiri Bento

As usual less food on Tuesday so I made simple onigiri with Elmo design on top ^_^ Elmo also one of my daughter's favourite when she was toddler but when I started making bento and introduced Hello Kitty to her. She prefers Kitty instead :D Well, more to girl theme I guess! But she still happy to see Elmo for her today's lunch.

Shape onigiri with chicken floss fillings inside with cling wrap then cover with nori. Elmo made from crabstick that I use cutter to cut out and add the nori details. Nose made from orange capsicum. 

I made another half body Elmo that stick on gyoza :) The body made from red capsicum and the rest of it from crabstick as well.

For side dishes: gyoza and spinach. Watermelon at another small container that I didn't take picture together :)

I hope today's Elmo Onigiri will brighten up your day! 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar24~Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Hello everyone! It's Monday and back to my normal bento routine. Yesterday I saw this cute Mickey mouse & Minnie mouse from Pinterest done by Smile Kitchen/Maisland. Just love this simple designed and looks easy to made ^_^

Here is the close up Minnie & Mickey :) I made two onigiri with chicken floss fillings inside. Freehand cut out the face using toothpick and add nori details. I did some changes for Minnie eyelashes :) White balls made from candy balls (bought from bakery shop) and add red cheeks (red food gel). Lastly, Minnie ribbon pick and cut out  cherry tomato as rose.

For side dishes: Sweet drummets (my kids favourite), broccoli, quail egg (shape as heart), carrots and watermelons (Mickey & Minnie shape using cookie cutter)

Have a nice Monday and thank you so much for visit my blog ^_^ 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mantou anyone?? Piggy & Hello Kitty

It's Saturday and why I'm here writing on weekend? Well, just have the "good" mood doing some baking :p Yes, I'm the kind of follow my mood swing on today I made simple piggy mantou and hello kitty mantou. My very 1st attempt making character design and still need lots of practice to make it better ^_^ Really admire those who can baked and cooked!

 Bought this recipe book quite some time but didn't make the effort of making it =_=" Love to flipped the pages but lack of motivation of doing it compare making bento :D

Here is my Piggy Mantou. The recipe book that I followed was supposely in pink colours for the nose and ears but I don't have the ingredients. So I did some changes by mixing cooked pumpkin for the orange colour.

I tried out making Hello Kitty Mantou as well and didn't turn out pretty :p Well, as long my kids love it and enjoy making together means a whole world to me ^_^ The whiskers I add chocolate rice before steam it and it melts nicely (surprised me) Eye balls were black candy (bought from bakery shop)

Ta-da....end of hard work for today!! Haha....not sure when will I gain back the "good" mood on baking :) Happy Weekend to all! 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar20~Line Cony & Brown

As per request from my darling girl "Line Cony & Line Brown" that she likes these two emoticons ^_^ She even told me that Cony likes Brown that I actually didn't aware of it :D I'm totally lost right? Oh well, I do love these two characters and they both looked so cute!! Today's lunch bento I made them hug each other :)

Here is the close up Cony hugs Brown ^_^ I shape Cony using cling wrap and made onigiri (chicken floss fillings) and Brown (rice mix dark sweet sauce). Freehand scissor cut out nori for the details and I add red food gel for cheeks & Cony ears. To cover the holes next to Cony, I add sweet corn (mix some butter), lettuce and pea sprouts.

For side dishes: Air-fry fish fillet and potato wedges. Simple bunny apple carving and some ketchup at chick sauce container.

So let's hug our loved ones today (everyday is the BEST). Happy Thursday! Hugs~

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar19~Rilakkuma & Friends

Last night dinner cooked some sweet chicken stew so I soaked the hard boiled egg together (sadly didn't soaked long enough as I want to put the egg into the Rilakkuma mould) These two eggs will be my today's theme bento ^_^ 

Here is the close up photo of Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma. My egg wasn't big enough to cover the whole egg mould so the eyes & mouth didn't turn out well.....hahaha.....I'm being fussy right? Well, I add kombu, cheese, crabstick (white) for the details. Underneath Rilakkuma, minced beef covered the rice.

For side dishes: Broccoli, sweet pea, strawberry and furikake (Rilakkuma container)

Hope you will like today's lunch and have a nice day!  

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar18~Saint Patrick Hello Kitty

Opps.... I've forgotten yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day :p Last year I made Garfield girlfriend's Arlene. Click HERE for my last year post ^_^ Today is Tuesday, as usual less food for my darling girl. I made Hello Kitty version wearing GREEN outfits!! 

Very simple design by using broccoli as green dress and green hat. Underneath Kitty-chan, I mixed rice with egg yolk for yellow colour. To made Kitty-chan face, I used HK cookie cutter to pressed the rice and add nori details. Green ribbon made of edamame (used cutter) and tiny cute shoe as well :)

For side dishes: Prawns, sausages (cut half for heart shape) and apples as shamrock.

Happy Tuesday! Hope you will like it!

I've linked this cute lunch at Lucky Lunch Link Party! Click the below picture to check more awesome lunches made by my Bento Bloggers & Friends ^_^ 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar17~Kuromi Bento

It's Monday again!! Week by week seem so fast and now my daughter will request what she wants for her lunch bento ^_^ I don't have to think much now but just sketched it out. Last night, she passed me mini Kuromi toy for me to displayed together with today's bento. (I removed it after photo takings).

Kuromi is another Sanrio character. White rabbit-like creature, wearing black Jester's hat with pink skull (hmm.... I skipped) and a black devil tail (hmm...kinda dislike the "devil" word). I draw Kuromi on baking paper then scissor cut together with nori. After cut out Kuromi lay on cheese. Freehand scissor cut for eyes and punch out nori lip. For the red dots, I used straw to poke out from crabstick. The rice, I mixed with black sesame powder and cut out "KUROMI" words from kombu.  Lastly, I add angel wings picks for Kuromi to have the good side instead of the evil side due to the tail & skull :D Hahaha..

For side dishes: Sweet drummets, broccoli, cauliflower, lemon slices and apple as leaf.

I hope you will like today's Kuromi Bento. Happy Monday!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar13~My Neighbor Totoro Inarizushi

Hello all dear readers! Yesterday posted my son's birthday bento and we celebrated at Japanese restaurant. Invited my parents and my parents in law as well ^_^ Everyone had a great Japanese style dinner. My daughter still craving for more and requested Inarizushi for her today's lunch bento. As you can see from the above photo that I've shared at Instagram. My Neighbor Totoroとなりのトトロ looks so cramp together :D

Here's the closer look of Totoro Inarizushi. Very easy to made by adding cheese and nori seaweed for the details. In between both Totoro Inarizushi, I put Chibi-totoro and Makkuro kurosuke (black soots). For side dishes have sweet corn, broccoli, prawns and strawberry.

Ta-daa... Bon appétit / itadakimasuいただきます Haha...I don't know Japanese but wish I know how to read and write Japanese words :)

Have a nice Thursday!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar12~Minion Bento & Birthday Bento

Today is my son's birthday and I've ordered Minion birthday cake to celebrate later ^_^ Wanted to make Minion bento for him but he refuses to bring cute bento so this Minion Bento goes to my girl! Haha...

Underneath Minion made of eggsheet was rice mixed with furikake. Freehand scissor nori cut for all the details. White eyeballs and teeth made from crabstick :)

For side dishes: Tempura prawn & chicken wrap seaweed (airfry), sweet pea and sweet potato
I add some animal picks cause today's my daughter school going for a field trip to Zoo ^_^

Here's my son birthday lunch bento ^_^ Nothing cute except the egg container that he doesn't mind to bring along! Yay! I put one red hard boiled egg inside because it's his birthday!! I think most kids love to crack the hard boiled egg shell but pretty sure his fingers will stain some red colour :p

Well, I hope you will like today's lunch bento! Happy Wednesday!! 

~My Son's Blessed 13th Birthday~
Update post: Here I post my son's Minion Birthday cake on 12th March 2014 evening celebration with my family and loved ones ^_^ Ordered this cute 3D Pandan Flavour Minion Cake. Looks awesome right? Haha...


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar11~Roti Canai HK

Anybody like Indian pancake called "Roti Canai"? My family love it but we don't eat often ^_^ This roti canai not homebake (bought frozen pack) cause I'm not good at it! The last time I made was very long ago....gosh I think have not married yet!!! Haha....Well, perhaps when I'm in the mood or free will let my kids have fun ^_^

Fold two pieces of the roti canai into rectangle shape to form Hello Kitty face. Freehand scissor nori cut for HK face features by adding mayo to stick on. Cheese for nose and strawberry for flower & ribbon (use hk cutter)

My girl prefers her roti canai with sugar instead of curry ^_^ Stick hk ring into the strawberry for pretty decoration :)

Yummy Hello Kitty roti canai that I hope can brighten up your day!! Happy Tuesday!


Monday, 10 March 2014

Bento2014#Mar10~Pray For MH370

Been following the Malaysia airline MH370 missing news since Saturday....prayers and hope until today and I can't think of any idea but PRAY images in my for today's bento lunch just a simple design of a girl praying....

Here is the closer look of the little girl cut out from nori but first I draw on a baking paper then scissor cut out together with nori seaweed. I mixed two different rice flavour, the heart shape rice mixed with tomato ketchup and use heart shape mould to shape it. The brown rice mixed with sweet dark sauce and add around the heart shape rice. But after I pressed evenly, noticed that the heart shape didn't stand out so I add broccoli surround the heart ^_^ Lastly, I add yellow (eggsheet) & red (crabstick) hearts.

Side dishes: Broccoli, sausages, button mushroom, beancurd wrap, apple carving and strawberry. Balance cut out heart eggsheet (don't waste) and crabstick (heart)

Prayers for HOPE, LOVE for MH370 and family members. Have a nice Monday! Hugs!!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Hello Kitty Spaghetti Lunch

It's Friday ^_^ I love Friday because don't have to wake up early to cooked for their lunch bento so usually will bring them out for lunch after pick them up from school. Seldom update my blog post on Friday unless I made food art :) Well, today after school asked them what they want for lunch? Perhaps time consuming due to late afternoon have tuition so we can't spend too much time on waiting for foods!!! I decided to go home and cook something simple & easy......spaghetti!!! Haha....

Here's the close up photo ^_^ Just love the natural outdoor sunlight....too bad I can't have it during the early morning bento photo takings =_=" So what's inside?? No meat but seafood allowed on Friday that we normally eat as a Catholic :) In this spaghetti, I cooked fresh button mushroom with broccoli and cheese as well tomato pasta paste :) Toast some Hello Kitty wheat bread and furnish with pasley and tomato roses. Bon-appetit!

Ta-da.....homecooked spaghetti for today ^_^ This portion too little for my daughter....mainly for photo taking!! Hahaha....

Happy Weekend to all!!!