Monday, 28 July 2014

CuteZCute Cuddle Palz : Koala Bear Foodart

Received my new cutters from Bentousa CuteZCute Cuddle Palz and finally open ceremony for tonight's dinner foodart. There are so many animals designed cutters and to view it can just click the pictures after end of my post. I choose Koala Bear for my dinner plate (end up my daughter eats it =_=') Home cooked simple dinner dishes for my family so just did some arrangement and shape the rice using the cutter! Pretty and easy!! Loving it ^_^

To shape the rice as Koala. I put the rice on cling wrap then wrap up and put to the cutter mould. Just pressed along the rice after the shape of the Koala head done. Same method goes to the Koala body. For Koala face features, I use kombu or boiled seaweed so that you can easily cut out the shape using CuteZcute cutter.
Stir-fried some french beans with mini squids/carrots and pan-fried mackerel fish.

Mushroom soup with organic alphabets (sink to the soup) and I toast a Cutezcute Cuddle Bear using wheat bread and lay on top of the soup. 

Well, I hope you have a wonderful long holidays with your loved ones if you're from Malaysia ^_^ As well Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri for all Muslim readers!

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Domo-kun Ice Cream Dinner

Yay!!! For those who have followed me at Instagram will know "NO BENTO" for a month due to my kids school holidays! So happy that no wake up call for every morning & can relax my mind, no more mad rush prepare/cooking/photo takings etc....

Well, today's weather so super HOT so thought of making Domo-kun Ice cream for dinner foodart. Just a simple dinner!

Mix the rice with some dark sweet sauce for brown colour then shape it into icecream using cling wrap. Freehand scissor cut out the eyes and penknife cut out crabstick for Domo-kun mouth. Arrange it and add pea sprout aside.

Cook some old cucumber pork rib soup and thought of decorate the old cucumber with sparkling eyes (Affiliate link at the bottom). Cute right? 

Hope you will like this simple dinner foodart ^_^ Happy Thursday!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bento2014#Jul17~Hello Kitty Trooper

When I introduce "Star Wars Movie" to my daughter, the only character she likes was the Princess Leia then after watched the "Star Wars Phantom Menace" she prefers Queen Padmé Amidala ^_^ As long the movie has princess or lady roles she will liked :) I think this is my first bento creation for "Star Wars" theme. But more to Hello Kitty transform hahaha.... I find it cute! Meet Hello Kitty Trooper for today's lunch. 

Here is the close up Hello Kitty Trooper ^_^ Rice and chicken floss inside then cover up with rice on top. Next, draw the Hello Kitty Trooper picture onto baking paper then put on top of nori sheet and follow the outline using penknife (Bought new tool kit so give it a try without using scissor but honestly I still prefer scissor). Red bow was red food gel and didn't turn out well after adding =_="

Side dishes: gyoza, broccoli, carrots, grapes and orange.

Hope you like this Hello Kitty Trooper and perhaps I will try out making other Star Wars characters during my kids school break. No bento for school but lunch bento at home ^_^ Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bento2014#Jul16~Piggy Bento

Opps.....I think I'm starting to have holiday moods cause getting lazy hahaha....another simple and quick bento lunch ^_^ Next week I can sleep longer....woohoo!!! No more wake up calls, no bento and I'm glad that I don't have to babysit or taking care of my kids since they already grown up ^_^ Perhaps this long break I can practice my baking :p

Alright back to today's lunch "Piggy Bento". Followed the exact picture from the bento lunchbox ^_^ Pretty easy ideas right? Haha... I just add on extra eyelashes for Miss Piggy to look prettier since is for my daughter. The red part was made from crabstick and add some ketchup as cheeks!

For side dishes: Airfried Honey Drumettes, pea sprouts,star fishballs and grapes.

Oink oink....pretty piggy bento for today's menu ^_^ Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Bento2014#Jul15~Chirp Chirp Chick

Count down!!! 3 more days towards my kids final term school long break ^_^ Getting lazy to make details kyaraben's quick and simple bento Chirp...chirp....chicks!!! Almost can't use the hard boiled egg while peel off the shell =_=" Part of the egg white not nice so I just trim it :D Luckily still presentable!

Here's the close up Chick not Kiiroitori cause Kiiroitori mouth different from here ^_^ Cold charcoal soba noodles (forgot to add the sauce into the picture). Put the half hard boiled egg (kampung egg) on top and decorate nori for details. The yellow lips made from fondants. Due to the orange yolk so didn't want to add carrot to made Kiiroitori so change idea made into Chick ^_^ Still cute right?

Side dishes contains: Broccoli, sweet corn, yam samosa, chicken seaweed wrap.

Simple and quick bento lunch! Have a nice Tuesday!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Bento2014#Jul14~Kiki's Delivery Service

Recently repeated watching Kiki's Delivery Service animation movie with my daughter at home and she loves Kiki & Jiji ^_^ So I made Kiki & Jiji but in cute version for her lunch bento. I missed out Jiji's whisker =_=" Well, still look cute without it! Haha.....

Perhaps some of you already knew who she was and had watched the animated fantacy movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Many more of this director's movie my daughter and I love to watched ^_^ One of them including Spirited Away!! Familiar right? Did quite a few bento for Spirited Away. I think Kiki will be my first creation and hopefully I can make more of Miyazaki's other movie into bento.

Here is the closer look of Kiki & Jiji ^_^ Arrange some rice into Monbento then cover with minced meat on top. Next, I shape two small onigiri (flatten slightly) for Kiki's face & body. Freehand scissor cut out the nori for all details. Crabstick (red part) for all the red details. Jiji made from nori and crabstick (white/red) including the Jiji's white big eyes! Opps....after taking photos noticed missing Jiji's whickers....can't be helped.....

For side dishes: minced meat, broccoli, tamagoyaki, carrots, vegetarian roll and strawberry.

Hope this cute Kiki's Delivery Service will brighten your day! Happy Monday!      

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ugly Caterpillar Steamed Bun

Opps....busy making this caterpillar steamed buns in the morning and I almost give up =_=" Followed the ingredients from the recipe books and still find the dough sticky and hard to roll....argh...afraid adding extra flour will cause the failure result....and yes I did add some and looks like baking not fun at all some times ^__^ Well, I'm lucky that I've 3 lovely people in my life will taste my failure steamed buns especially my sweet daughter said it still cute mummy!!

Here is the closer look of my ugly caterpillars ^_^ Is matcha flavours for green body and strawberry flavours for pink eyes/legs. Dark chocolate for the eyes!! 

Well, hope you like it and have a great weekend dear readers! Hugs!