Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep30~Sardin Puff & Sushi Roll

Simple & less foods for every Tuesday lunch. So I baked some puff for family breakfast and packed some for their school bento lunch. I add sardin fillings for the puff. While waiting for the puff to baked in the oven, I made simple sushi roll too so that easy for her to grab & bite ^_^
Here is the close up sardin puff that I add some decoration to made a bear ^_^ Simple and quick by adding the cheese and nori for the details. Lastly add the pick bow pick since my daughter will prefer it female bear :D 
To made the sardin puff, I use ready frozen pie crust (I left it defrost at fridge and remove it this morning for making) Run out of tuna so I use sardin instead for the fillings. I also add fresh button mushroom (cut into slices) to combine with the sardin. Wrap all the fillings into ball shape then add the ears. Before bring it to the oven, coat some egg wash om top and baked it until golden brown ^_^
For sides dishes just add some Japanese sweet potato, sushi roll, sauce and kiwi fruit.

I hope you like today's sharing :) Have a blessed Tuesday!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep29~Panda Sushi

Yawn....every Monday seem hard to wake up early morning =_=" Feel like my dark circle around my eyes getting darker!! Been catching up Korean Drama lately....so today making Panda Sushi for my Monday blues...

I rolled some Panda makisushi but the mouth look not successful. I use panda sushi kit set to made this panda and I still find it hard to use or may be I need to practice :D Oh well....perhaps next round I will made another panda without using the sushi kit set (making excuses!!!) But I'm sure some of you who have this same set will do better than me!! Round of applause to you! Clap clap...
I add the panda sushi into this lunch box from Casa Bento. Space limit as well so I add two panda sushi only. To made the panda eyes & nose. I mix the rice with black sesame powder. For side dishes, I add panda chicken, yam samosa, edamame, prawn & sushi sauce at panda container.
I pack some oranges slices at another small container for her dessert (didn't take together in this photo)

Bon appetit! Hope you like today's Panda Sushi lunchbox. At the bottom post can view the Panda Makisushi Tools Kit I've used for today's bento. Happy Monday!

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep25~Minions Bento

It has been quite some times have not make Minions Bento. I'm sure my daughter will likes it ^_^ While adding the Minions nori details and my daughter ask me why one of the minion looks grumpy? Looks like she still prefers beautiful happy faces :D Anyway, I told her this little fellow don't want to be eaten by you! Hahaha....
Minions made from meat patties & melted cheese on top. Before I add the cheese on top of the meat patties, I freely scissor cut out the nori and add on top of the cheese. After done cooking (I turn off the heat & let it melted) I add the Minions eyes (crabstick/nori) and hair. The yellow rice is cooked hard boiled egg yolk (half will do since not much of rice) mix the rice and I add little bit of mayonnaise (as per request). Arrange the yellow rice first, followed by the broccoli and add Minions in the middle then lastly the shimeji mushrooms.

Ta-dah.....cute little minions bento for today's lunch using Monbento Lunchbox ^_^ I also add some mini grapes at the lettuce silicone cup for her dessert. I hope this Minions Bento will brighten up your day! Happy Thursday!
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep24~Domokun Bento

It's Wednesday already? Today making hungry Domokun for my daughter's bento lunchbox. I hardly use this lunchbox due to the square size and I know my girl will prefer cute lunchbox compare to this plain one ^_^ Well, after she saw Domokun this morning while I was taking photos, she said: Oh....Domokun makes me hungry mummy! Haha....so sweet to hear that even though just a simple prawn patties change into Domokun character!
Here's the close up Domokun made from prawn patties (I used airfryer for this frozen prawn patties. Yes, I didn't make it but will look for a nice recipe to make one ^_^) Add crabstick for Domokun mouth and nori for eyes. Then cut out Domokun letters using cutter. 
For side dishes have fishballs, broccoli, lotus root, tamyoyaki, mini grapes and mayonnaise at the bunny sauce container. The tamagoyaki is two tones, I mix one egg with dark sweet sauce then another egg just normal to make this two tones :)
Ta-da...meet hungry Domokun Bento for today's post. I find it funny whenever I make Domokun, it seem that Domokun looks hungry ^_^ Not sure is it due to the huge open mouth?? Hahaha.....

Have a nice day & thank you very much for visiting my blog. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep23~Totoro Quail Egg

Today's lunch bento will be less food and light lunch ^_^ Yesterday my daughter requested roti canai or roti prata for her lunch bento since every Tuesday will be rush hour during her lunch break. Last minute changes to use this Totoro Two-tier Lunchbox that I bought quite some times ago during my Japan trip :p I like this lunchbox but will be tricky to design cute character due to the limited space =_=" More over she wants roti canai not rice or noodles....

Pan-fried the roti canai and I cut into few pieces to fit inside the lunchbox. To match the Totoro lunchbox, I transform the boiled quail egg (roll on palm for totoro shape) into Totoro. Wrap the quail egg with nori for black touch and add on the details. The eggs made from cheese/nori. Lastly, I add some lettuce & parsley.

As for another shorter container, I pour some sugar into small container and put below of the mini grapes.

I hope you like today's Totoro Lunchbox post. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep22~Golden Hair Girl

As per request from my darling daughter that she wants a golden hair girl bento for her luncbox. Is always the opposite way that when you've black or dark hair tone would prefer the blonde hair. Or when you've straight hair would prefer natural curl. And my daughter loves her hair to be curly too ^_^ Sound funny but when I'm at her age also dream of it!! Hahaha....
Look at my golden hair girl bento. Do you like her eyes? How I wish my eyelashes were like so that I don't have to curl  :D For the face, I mix little bit of ketchup with rice and shape into ball. Arrange to the bento box and cover up with cooked organic carrot ramen. To made the dress, I add inari on top of the rice and decorate with red polka dots (crabstick) using straw to cut. Freehand scissor cut out nori for the face features and punch out ribbons using puncher.
For side dishes contain pea sprouts, quail egg, fishcake, chicken seaweed wrap, mini grapes and kiwi fruit.

Hope this pretty golden hair girl will brighten up your Monday Blues....

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep18~Korilakkuma Obento

Can you spot my new needle felted Korilakkuma? Hehehe...I didn't purchase brown wool to make Rilakkuma so just made Korilakkuma instead ^_^ Still look cute right? Today's bento idea copy from my Korilakkuma Needle Felted craft.  So sad that I didn't purchase any ham or kamaboko for the pink touch. I add ketchup for the Korilakkuma :)

Here is the closer look of my Korilakkuma. I mix the rice with cooked egg yolk for yellow colour. Shape them up using cling wrap then arrange it. Fill up the holes with broccoli ^_^ Lastly, I add ketchup for the ears & legs.

For side dishes: chicken wings, sweet potato, sauce at the small container and I cut some kiwi fruit put to Korilakkuma container.

Opps....my ugly Korilakkuma Needle Felted ^_^ Anyway, kids love it and request for more other animals =_=" Hopefully I can squeeze my time to make for them :D 

Hope you like today's Korilakkuma Obento post. Have a nice day & happy reading!