Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep02~Piggy & Beary Bento

Oh gosh....yesterday was a Public Holiday for us and today I almost overslept =_=" Simple piggy & beary onigiri for today's lunch bento and to make it look smart, I add spectacle as decoration ^_^ Bought the spectacle from 100 yens shop. Isn't cute?

To make piggy, I add some green seaweed powder (bought it from organic shop) to mix the rice & some seasoning. Shape one big rice ball for the bottom and shape smaller seaweed rice ball for piggy. Add edamame for ears, nori and cheese. Fill up the holes with inari after arrange the piggy & beary :)

Same method with piggy for beary. Repeat the methods and I just add the spectacle differently.

Side dishes: spinach, gyoza and cut checker apple.

I hope you will like today's post bento. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, 29 August 2014

BRAVE Dinner Foodart

Finally I made BRAVE!!! It's been on my list-to-do ever since I saw it from dear talented Samantha Lee. I love the way she used pasta for hair but since I still have some left over organic red yeast ramen, why not I use it as BRAVE hair ^_^ I cooked all the left over ramen for tonight's dinner and took some portion out to made into foodart. 
Here is the closer look of BRAVE. Shape one round onigiri for face and another triangle onigiri for body. Then I cover the body with veggies as her dress. Arrange the organic red yeast ramen as hair and finish up with nori details. The arrow made of toasted spaghetti and cheese for arrow.

Simple dinner plate with some eggs, fish floss, parsley on top. Cut out cheese for BRAVE words using letter cutters.

Hope you like today's dinner foodart and wish all of you happy weekends. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bento2014#Aug28~Kitty-Chan Again

Non-stop Hello Kitty theme bento this week!!! Looks like after my visit to Bangkok Hello Kitty House Cafe still made me think about Hello Kitty :D Whenever I started to do my sketches.....still prefer to design Kitty-chan!! hahaha Better think about other design next week!!!

Well, today's lunch I cooked some pasta with tomato paste (sauce at container) This bento is simple and I'm sure you all can do it ^_^

Here is the closer look of the Hello Kitty Egg sheet. I use the same bento box (picture above) to cut out eggsheet for circle shape. Freehand scissor cut out nori for Kitty-chan face features. Underneath is the cooked pasta. Tomato ketchup as ribbon ^_^

Pour the tomato pasta sauce into the small container with cover. Arrange the sausages on top of cover container and follow by adding broccoli and tamagoyaki. Lastly, decorate with some kawaii HK food picks!

Ta-daa....isn't easy? Hope you like it too ^_^ Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bento2014#Aug27~My Melody Quail Eggs

Do you like My Melody? Today's lunch I cooked fried rice (egg & fishballs) and made My Melody from quail eggs. No time to add a bench for her (figurines as picture above) so I just let My Melody stands ^_^ Just a simple design and ideas from the figurines. 

Here is the closer looks of the quail eggs to transform into My Melody by just adding nori, cheese and tomato ketchup :) The body quail egg cover with veggie to look like a dress. Easy & quick right?

For side dish: Slices of oranges, mini grapes, chicken seaweed wrap.

Hope you like this My Melody theme bento. Happy Wednesday! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bento2014#Aug26~Mary White Bento

Last weekend I bought few Sanrio Figurines from shop that I couldn't resist >_< I will show you one by one adding them into my bento. Hope you will not get bore of looking Sanrio characters this week :p

Today's lunch will be Hello Kitty Mother : Mary White and Hello Kitty Figurine (display only) Just love how small is the Hello Kitty inside the pink basket, so sweet & lovely ^_^ To match with this theme, I add Mary White (made from mashed potato) holding the basket but I'll remove it after photo takings :D (Afraid lost at school)

Organic red yeast ramen  (I'm glad to found this red yeast ramen from organic shop) After cooked the meat with some sauce leftover so I just pour the cooked ramen after I've boiled to mix with the meat sauce. Arrange the ramen and add broccoli along the sides. Mashed cooked potato and shape as Hello Kitty and add cheese (freehand toothpick cut) as hat and crabstick as ribbon (using cutter) Punch out nori for details. The nose made of corn.

For side dish: Stir fried meat with carrot, spring onion & white shimeji. Lastly, I'm so happy that managed to bought these small grapes from Aeon shopping mall. Hardly can see them selling.... hope Aeon will restock them course my kids love it!

I hope you will like today's lunch post ^_^ Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Bento2014#Aug25~Back to School Hello Kitty Rice Burger

My kids one month school holidays is over and now I'm back to normal bento routine ^_^ To start out happily, I think Hello Kitty will be my first choice!! Hope you will like it and won't get bored! Because I know my sweet girl won't get bored :D So instead of making normal Kitty-chan, I made mini rice burger. 

Here's the close up of my mini Hello Kitty Rice Burgers ^_^ Just pressed the rice as two rice burger shape by using cling wrap. Add nori, corn and crabstick for all the details. To made burgers, just add your favourite fillings :) I add mini meat patties, lettuce, tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. For the cherry cup container, I add quail egg as Hello Kitty and arrange the sweet corns as sunflower ^_^

Thank you for spending time reading my post and I hope to bring more bento creations after my long rest holidays.....hopefully my hands & minds still able to create hahaha :D 

Have a nice day ahead!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hello Kitty Pancake Breakfast & Bangkok Trips Photos

I'm back from my family trips to Bangkok ^_^ Had a great getaway with shopping, eating, walking & sweating!!! Haha...yes was super HOT!!! Today I'm at home with my kids (still school holidays) so thought of making breakfast and also update my blogs ^_^ Looks like I had gone away for long..... Well, to make up I will share some of the Hello Kitty House Bangkok photos after this breakfast :) Hope you could enjoy reading.
To make a quick breakfast, I use Cornell Hello Kitty Sandwich Toaster to make pancakes ^_^ It's been awhile have not use :D Just mixed the pancake mix flour and pour to the sandwich toaster if you have it. Easy and perfect pancakes turned out ^_^ Lovely right?
Pour some caramel syrups and decorate some salad & fruits. Ta-da...yummy breakfast is done!

I started queuing at 9.45am and the shop open at 10am but.....the staff came out apologize to wait for another 15minutes. So overall 10.15am we're inside ^_^ We got our table number and what we did was taking pictures before heading our table! Haha....Since we're the 2nd one who go in and no customer sitting around, better grab the chance to take photos!!! Let's enjoy the photos below :)
Let my kids sat down at our table number first and I need to queue up to purchase yummy drinks or cakes. We had our heavy breakfast at our hotel so this round will just light snacks. Most customers I saw mainly to eat their breakfast sets! Hmm....too bad our tummy can't filled in more foods =_="
After purchased they will served the foods to our table. So let's explore more.....hubby's job to take pictures ^_^
Yay, here's our ordered: From the left Iced Latte; Red Velvet Cupcake; Green Tea Cupcake & Kitty Smoothies ^_^ The cupcakes were yummy and I loved the green tea :P
After the foods, we went to the ground floor to explore the Hello Kitty Shop & Spa. Sadly, nothing much things to see...
To visit Hello Kitty House Bangkok, here is the details (*note: this is my personal sharing and if you stay at Novotel Siam Square Hotel will easily find this Hello Kitty House)

Dream House (Thailand) Co.Ltd.
388 Siam Square One Building
LG, 1st & 2nd Floor, Rama I Road,
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

Tel: +66 (0)2-115-1335  Fax: +66 (0)2-115-1339