Friday, 27 May 2016


23.05.16 (Monday)

On Monday, I made Gudetama still sleeping Zzz.... because I'm on the sleepy mode too :D Gudetama made of hard boiled eggs and nori detailed. Side dishes have bacon, broccoli, carrots and plum. Simple and easy designed ^_^

24.05.16 (Tuesday)

Mickey & Minnie
On Tuesday, I made Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum. Freehand scissor cut out both disney character nori detailed then shaped two big onigiri for heads and four smaller onigiri for ears. Inside onigiri with chicken floss fillings and side dishes have prawn gyoza, cheese tofu and spinach.

25.05.16 (Wednesday)

My Neighbor Totoro
On Wednesday, I made Totoro theme bento. First, I filled up the rice then add the cut out Totoro tofu skin (freehand scissor cut out Totoro). Next cover up the broccoli on top of the rice and lastly add on Totoro detailed. Side dishes have pan-fried fish fillet, potatoes wedges and fruits (apple/oranges/sour plum)

26.05.16 (Thursday)

Gudetama Hello Kitty
On Thursday, I combined Gudetama and Hello Kitty into one ^_^ Gudetama yellow rice made of hard boiled egg yolk mixed with rice. Kitty-chan just plain rice and nori detailed. As for side dishes have pea, carrots, hard boiled egg (1 slice), taiwanese sausage and plum.

Friday, 20 May 2016


16.05.16 (Monday)

Sleepy Miffy
When comes to Monday, I felt like sleepy mode each time :D Perhaps due to  the weekend no alarm buzz so I can sleep longer! So Monday bento, I made sleepy Miffy Zzz.... Miffy made out of rice. Just shaped them into three parts (face & ears) Arranged them into the lunch box and filled up the holes by adding okra and prawns. At another two small containers, I added tamagoyaki, fish rolls and oranges sprinkle sour plum on top.

17.05.16 (Tuesday)

Rilakkuma Hello Kitty
On Tuesday, I prepared Rilakkuma & Hello Kitty for my theme bento. I spend some time on cooking the aubergine and pan-fried the pork slices as well some rolled together with okra. Since after done cooking all the dishes, I left less time on shaping my theme so I just filled up the brown rice (dark sweet sauce mixed rice) and left some part of white rice for Hello Kitty. Freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed and cheese for nose. Easy right? Hope you like it!

18.05.16 (Wednesday)

San-x Meat Patties
 On Wednesday, I stir-fried bee hoon for my kids's lunch box. Every day rice will made them bored so I need do some changes :D Honestly, I'm not really good on cooking but I felt lucky that my kids will eat whatever I cooked for them. Stir-fried bee hoon was my first attempt and it turned out "thumbs up" after I got feedback from them when I picked them up after school. To made cute theme, I cooked meat patties and one patty melted cheese on top for my Kiiroitori and the patty just leave if as Rilakkuma. Punched out nori by using puncher and arranged the detailed. 

19.06.16 (Thursday)

Sanrio & San-x
On Thursday, I combined the Sanrio characters & San-x character into one bento box. This bento box can be found at Daiso store and just nice for me to create into different characters. As you can see from the above photo, I created each square box into Hellot Kitty, My Melody, Kerropi and lastly Rilakkuma as I can't think of which Sanrio character brown in color so ended I made Rilakkuma instead :D 
  • Hello Kitty : Rice/Nori/Apple
  • My Melody: Noodles/Carrot/Cheese/Nori/Tofu skin
  • Kerropi: Broccoli/Cheese/Carrot/Nori/Apple
  • Rillakuma: Rice at bottom then covered up with minced meat on top. Cheese and nori


Friday, 13 May 2016


09.05.16 (Monday)

Panda cuddles
My belated Mother's Day bento "Mama Panda & Baby Pandas" I simply followed the panda lunch box cover design ^_^ Pretty easy by cutting the nori detailed and filled up all the rice. Baby pandas made out of quail eggs and nori detailed. This time I added red ribbon pick for female pandas :) As for side dishes have prawns and pea sprouts.

10.05.16 (Tuesday)

Peanuts Snoopy & Woodstock
On Tuesday, I made a quick and easy bento for Snoopy & Woodstock. As you can see from the above photo that Snoopy was made of rice (filled up all) Freehand scissor cut out nori detailed and Woodstock made out of egg sheet with nori detailed as well. I added some broccoli on top of Woodstock to let it stand out more better. At another container, I prepared one piece of chicken katsu cut into few bite size, broccoli, honey cherry tomato and some seedless grapes.

11.05.16 (Wednesday)

Sheep Bento
 Baa baa..... white sheep bento for my daughter's Wednesday lunch box. I mixed little bit of dark sweet sauce with rice for the sheep face/ears. The fur made out of cauliflower that I filled up on top of the rice. Freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed and how I wished my eyelashes can be as long as the sheep lashes :p Side dishes have gyoza, carrots and oranges.

12.05.16 (Thursday)

Puppies sausages
 On Thursday, I cooked simple stir-fried noodles for her lunch and add on sausages on top into puppies designed. Puppies ears made out of oval shaped fishballs and nori for all the face detailed. All the tiny flowers were cut out from the crabstick and side dishes have baby bok choy (chinese cabbage) and slices of orange

Friday, 6 May 2016


03.05.16 (Tuesday)

Rilakkuma Spam
On Tuesday I cooked some soba noodles for her lunch and deco the spam meat into Rilakkuma character ^_^ I used cookie cutter to cut out the Rilakkuma shaped and the detailed were cheese for ears, nori and the white part made of rice. Broccoli, carrots and grapes as side dishes. 

04.05.16 (Wednesday)

Olaf Bento
On Wednesday bento, I just followed the Olaf lunchbox cover for my girl's lunch ^_^ I didn't shaped the Olaf rice balls into firm shaped but just arranged it neatly and add-on the nori detailed. Freehand scissor cut out the nori details except the snowflakes (puncher) Carrot for Olaf nose and side dishes have cauliflower, sesame chicken, tamagoyaki and orange slices.

05.05.16 (Thursday)

Kodomo no Hi
On 5th May 2016,  I made Japan Children's Day bento since it's the actual day of the festival. It is a day set aside to respect children's personalities and to celebrate their happiness. This year I just made the carp streamer designed compared to my passed years bentos :p 
  • Blue carp : Mashed potatoes and dap blue pea flower extract on top
  • Yellow carp: Tamagoyaki and red part crabstick for fins
  • Green carp: Broccoli
Underneath was rice and side dishes have pandan chicken wrap, quail eggs and grapes.

Friday, 29 April 2016


25.04.16 (Monday)

Panda Sushi
Ooh....little disappointed on my panda sushi while arranged and rolled :( Sadly that panda mouth didn't turned out well in placed so I cheated by added nori as well the panda eyes :D I tried out using panda sushi mould to shaped the sushi and looks like I failed.....oh well, no time to redo so just did a quick snapped of photos.
Pan-fried slamon and spinach for side dishes.

26.04.16 (Tuesday)

12th Birthday Girl Bento
 Yeay! It's my darling daughter 12th years old birthday on 26th April 2016 ^_^ I made a birthday girl blows the birthday cake candles! I shaped the girl face and hands by mixing the rice with some ketchup for orange touched. Add on the nori for the detailed. Placed the head onto the lunch box and filled up broccoli for dress. Covered up the rest with rice and I  continued arranged the fish tofu as birthday cake. The candles made of toasted spaghetti and the yellow part of the fish tofu as lights. 
Prawn gyoza and quail eggs at another small container.

27.04.16 (Wednesday)

Sanrio Tuxedo Sam
 Simple designed for this Sanrio character ~ Tuxedo Sam ~ This round I didn't mixed the rice with blue pea flower extract first but just add on the juice using the flowers to dap on top of the rice for the blue touched. Leave the white part for Tuxedosam. Cheese for mouth and nori for eyes. The sailor hat made of fishball and nori. 
Stir-fried okra, pan-fried chicken nuggets, samosa yams and some grapes.

28.04.16 (Thursday)

Disney Marie
 While looking at my cutters and spotted this Disney Marie cat that I don't think I've created before so here it was my first attempt of Marie Bento ^_^ It was pretty easy by using the cookie cutter as outline and I just filled up the rice and add-on the nori detailed. Freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed as I'm lazy to penknive traced out by drawing on the baking paper :p 
Stir-fried potatoes, carrots and meat, spinach, red cabbage and sweet pea for side dishes.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Bento2016#Apr22~Sanrio Character Bentos

18.04.16 (Monday)

Simple Gudetama designed made out of boiled quail eggs ^_^ I just trimmed out the opened quail eggs and lay on top of the rice. Freehand scissor out the nori detailed. For side dishes have stir-fried okra, pandan chicken wrap and some seedless grapes.

19.04.16 (Tuesday)

My girl requested for noodles. Luckily I bought some during the weekend :) To made My Melody, I used beetroot noodles for the pink touched and pumpkin noodles for the face.  It's pretty easy create if you have the My Melody lunchbox. Looks kawaii right? Freehand scissor cut out the nori detailed and nose made of sweet corn. Flowers crabstick on top of My Melody was cut out by using cookie cutter. As for side dishes have spinach, miso soup, chicken drummets and some oranges.

20.04.16 (Wednesday)

 Conitnued my noodles theme ^_^ This round I made Hello Kitty and as usual using the lunchbox by filled up the pumpkin noodles and nori detailed. Cut out the crabstick for the red bow and sweet corn for nose. As for side dishes have stir-fried veggies with shimeji mushroom, miso soup and chicken katsu.

21.04.16 (Thursday)

 Opps..... noodles theme again :D Do you like Cinnamoroll? Since I have the lunchbox and why not continued my Sanrio Noodle Themes bento ^_^ Frankly speaking I'm not happy with the blue touched and my girl why don't I put nori detailed? Oh well, perhaps next time! To made the blue touched, I mixed the rice with bluepea flower extract. Carrot for cheeks. As for side dishes have cauliflower and carrots flowers, shrimp gyoza and miso again (my girl loves miso soup for her noodles)

Friday, 15 April 2016

Bento2016#Apr15~Back to school bento

Phew....looks like I'm getting lazy to update my blog after my one week bento break due to my kids 2nd Term School Holidays ^_^ So let's see what I had made for this week.

Day 1: 11.04.16 (Mon)

On Monday, I made Line Brown vs Gudetama. Super quick and easy to made this bento lunch ^_^ Just filled up the rice first onto the bento box and covered up half section of Line Brown (chicken meat floss) and Gudetama (scramble eggs). For the face features simply add the nori and cheese for detailed. As for the other container, I prepared shrimp gyoza, pea sprouts and kiwi fruit. 

Day 2: 12.04.16 (Tue)

On Tuesday, I made Miffy the bunny bento. Underneath Miffy filled up some rice and broccoli and shaped up Miffy into head/ears/arms. Freehand scissor cut out the nori eyes and mouth. As for side dishes have steamed prawns, sotong balls, broccoli and watermelon cut out by using Miffy cookie cutter.

Day 3: 13.04.16 (Wed)

  On Wednesday, I made Pompompurin & Macaroon Bento ^_^ Both Purin made of quail eggs. To made Pompompurin in yellow colored simply soak the quail egg at turmeric water (lukewarm water + little bit of turmeric powder) I soaked two quail eggs for yellow colored because I need the other one to trim out for Pompompurin ears :) As for Macaroon Purin just normal boiled quail eggs and add on nori for the detailed. Oh ya, Pompompurin's hat made of shimeji mushroom and insert toasted spaghetti. For side dishes have stir-fried beef minced meat, pea sprouts and watermelon in flower shaped.

Day 4: 14.04.16 (Thur)

On Thursday, I made My Neighbor Totoro Theme bento ^_^ Filled up the rice first and add on each peapod silicon for Totoro/Chibi/Susuwatari Soot. Both Totoro made of mashed potatoes but Totoro in grey mixed with black sesame powder. Nori for the details and underneath Susuwatari was rice and I just covered up with nori. Punched out some nori clover leaf and for side dishes have chicken katsu, broccoli and carrots.