Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep18~Korilakkuma Obento

Can you spot my new needle felted Korilakkuma? Hehehe...I didn't purchase brown wool to make Rilakkuma so just made Korilakkuma instead ^_^ Still look cute right? Today's bento idea copy from my Korilakkuma Needle Felted craft.  So sad that I didn't purchase any ham or kamaboko for the pink touch. I add ketchup for the Korilakkuma :)

Here is the closer look of my Korilakkuma. I mix the rice with cooked egg yolk for yellow colour. Shape them up using cling wrap then arrange it. Fill up the holes with broccoli ^_^ Lastly, I add ketchup for the ears & legs.

For side dishes: chicken wings, sweet potato, sauce at the small container and I cut some kiwi fruit put to Korilakkuma container. ugly Korilakkuma Needle Felted ^_^ Anyway, kids love it and request for more other animals =_=" Hopefully I can squeeze my time to make for them :D 

Hope you like today's Korilakkuma Obento post. Have a nice day & happy reading!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep17~Totoro Obento

Recently bought some wool felt tools set to made few kawaii characters. The first needle felting character I made was Totoro. Followed along Makkuro Kurosuke, I did made Totoro Chibi White but not yet add the eyes so can't be display together with today's bento ^_^ 

Here's the cute Totoro Needle Felting ^_^ My first attempt and I learned it from Youtube by Bubzbeauty. Click her name to view. After I get the hang of it, I just start to create the rest of the characters. Just need to be careful while poking....hehehe

Totoro made from black sesame mix with rice and shape them up using cling wrap. This time I just add the eyes food picks from AllThingsForSale or BentoUSA. So easy that I don't have to make the eyes ^_^ Totoro Chibi White made from quail egg, freehand scissor cut out nori for eyes and I missed adding the legs =_=" Next, I add toasted spaghetti (to safe time, I toasted one night before and put in ziplock bag). 

Side dishes for today's lunch bento have spinach, prawns, button mushroom and meat patties coated with breadcrumbs.

I hope you like today's Totoro Obento. Have a great Wednesday!

Bento Tools for today's theme:

Monday, 15 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep15~Sleepy Hello Kitty

Yawn.... wish I can sleep a little bit longer....Today's lunch bento inspired by Hello Kitty Figurine above. I just follow the design but forgot to add Kitty-chan whiskers =_=" How could I missed that??? Oh well, still look like Hello Kitty right?

Here is the closer look of my Hello Kitty made from crabstick. I use Hello Kitty cookie cutter to cut out the face. Freehand penknife cut out the body/dress. For legs, I use straw to cut out. Nose made from egg sheet (you can use cheese as well) Instead of add the nose on top, I cut a hole using cutter then fill up with egg sheet nose. Freehand scissor cut out nori eyelashes then lastly add red food gel for cheeks. Underneath the pea sprout is rice.

Side dishes at another container fill with gyoza, shredded carrots, egg sheet (star shapes) and balance crabstick (white) as flower. After photo takings, I'll remove the Hello Kitty figurine ^_^

Sigh....I can't get enough light for photo takings indoor (dry kitchen) early morning =_=" 

Anyway, hope today's Hello Kitty theme bento will brighten up your Monday Blues.....

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep11~Line Cony ❤ Line Brown

Love in air..... I know Valentine's Day already over but I just want to make these two cute Line Emoticons. I followed the Line picture for face features and create a love string (charcoal soba too bad I don't have pink soba) to cling them together ^_^ I made Line Brown shy, face turn away from Line Cony :) While looking at my Line from my mobile phone, these two faces features looks perfect for my today's theme bento. 

Line Brown made from mashed potato mix with little bit of dark sweet sauce. Shape the mashed potato into Line Brown. The normal mashed potato will be the mouth, follow by the nori details.

Line Cony also made from mashed potato. Freehand scissor cut out the nori details and add ketchup for the red part. Underneath contain rice and filled up with chicken floss. Cut few hearts made from crabstick using cutter.

Side dishes: broccoli, carrot, chicken seaweed wrap and apple.

I hope you like this Line Cony & Line Brown theme bento. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep10~Korilakkuma Bento

While looking for everyday bento lunchbox for next day (one night before) I saw some rice mould that I hardly use =_=" I prefer to shape it using cling wrap so seem that I've forgot about all those cute rice mould (all at my storage box). So today's theme to match my Rilakkuma bento box, I made Korilakkuma ^_^ Because my background already brown so I prefer my bear to stand out nicely. Looks cute right compare to Rilakkuma :) 

A lot of preparation on cooking side dishes so using rice mould for shaping just come in handy. I made two tone tamagoyaki and surprisingly the inner yellow part look like heart shape ^_^ If you want to know how? I'm sorry to said that I don't know how? Hahaha....guess I'm lucky! 
In this lunchbox contains pea sprout, shimeji, soba noodles, chicken drumette, tamagoyaki and mini grapes. Lastly shape Korilakkuma using the rice mould then add nori for details. Red part for ears are ketchup.

Hope you like it today's lunch bento. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep09~Bunnies Bento

My daughter told me that reading programme still continue on every Tuesday even though is the new term =_=" She can't finished the food if I packed a lot so today's lunchbox pretty small and less food. At least she didn't skip her lunch meal ^_^ 

So what's inside the egg sheet? It's fried rice and I just add some design for my egg sheet. Sadly didn't turn out perfect.....well still cute right?
To made bunnies, I cooked the egg white first then cut out bunny using bunny cutter. Next I pour the egg at non-stick pan, make sure is low heat and I add the cut out bunnies lay on top of the egg. Looks like I add on too early so you can see some of my bunnies has egg on it. Finished up with nori details and crabstick for red bow.
For another container, I add mini oranges and pea sprouts. 

I hope you like this bunnies bento lunch. Have a nice day!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Bento2014#Sep08~Happy Mid-Autumn Miffy Bento

Today is Happy Mid-Autumn Festival ^_^ Honestly speaking my family don't celebrate or buy mooncakes for this festival :p Now my son have grown up, he prefers to watch his TV programme instead of playing lanterns with his sister last night!!! End up my poor girl didn't play cause she wants her brother to accompany instead of me =_=" 
Well, since didn't get to play and this year I hardly make Mid-Autumn Festival bento....guess this will be the only bento compare to last year :D 

Little food for today's bento since the school will have celebration. I made Miffy (quail eggs) plays lantern (kamaboko). Underneath the inari is rice. For side dishes: Minced beef, broccoli, pea sprouts, cheese as moon and some kamaboko as flower for decoration. I add few mini grapes as well on top of the broccoli. Punch out bunny nori using puncher (not freehand). 

Simple Miffy Bento for this year Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Bento. Hope you will like it and wish you all who celebrate "Happy Mid-Autumn 中秋节快乐"