Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar05~Moomin Bento

This is my first attempt of making Moomin Characters ^_^ I know my daughter will prefer female Moomin or girlfriend? So I google search the images and make one for her lunch. Instead of Mama Moomin I make Snorkmaiden instead ^_^ Is Moomin's fair lady friend. Part of it, I want to match my newly bought Moomin fork during my Japan trip :) Will try to make "Little My" too! One of my to-do lists! Finger-cross*
Here is the close up Snorkmaiden, Moomin's fair lady friend and I miss putting her golden hair after I add the red bibbon =_=" Suppose to add in after the pick but I continue adding the ketchup for cheeks and necklace. Oh well, at least I didn't miss her eyelashes! Hahaha...
Snorkmaiden make of chicken ham and nori for details.
As for the rice is not fried rice. I just mix the rice with furikake for flavour.
For side dishes have fishballs, pea sprouts, grapes and Korean strawberry.

Hope you like today's post and have a happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar04~Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori Bento

Simple lunch for today :) I make Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori to match my lunch box :D I didn't use any rice mould to shape Rilakkuma. All you have to do is shape the bear using cling wraps. Honestly I prefer cling wrap compare to rice mould when you're not rushing time. But using rice mould will help you save up time. Well, just do whichever you like ^_^

Here the closer look of Rilakkuma. To make brown rice, I add little bit of dark sweet sauce to the rice and shape the head, ears and hands. For the white part, I cut out hard boiled egg (white) and add in the nori details. I take some of the egg yolk to add on top of the ears then press together using cling wrap.
For side dishes have stir-fried fresh button mushroom with chicken. I also pack some grapes and another small container (not shown). Kiiroitori make from hard boiled egg and add nori details. Cut out some cucumber leaf and apple leaf as well to brighten up the lunch box! 

I hope you like today's simple lunch post. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


3rd March is Hinamatsuri 雛祭り or Girl's Day/Doll's Day ^_^ This will be my first Hinamatsuri bento for this year so I made Hello Kitty again for last night dinner using  Kokeshi Bento box from Bento&Co that I bought few years ago. 

Meet Hello Kitty Empress made from onigiri. After shaping, I spread sakura denbu for pink touch and egg as fan and nose. Cut out nori for all details. Instead of red bow, I punch out nori sakura using puncher.
Here's the close up Dear Daniel Emperor holding ritual baton made of egg. Add in all nori details!

For side dishes have broccoli, prawn, tamagoyaki and sweet corn & dried scallop soup. (I just use dishes that I homecooked for my family dinner to made Hinamatsuri Bento) Today's post not for my daughter's lunch but her dinner bento instead ^_^ Hope you like it!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Bento2015#March02~Hello Kitty Wrapper Bento

Finally open ceremony newly bought Hello Kitty wrappers during my Japan Trips :p It comes pretty handy when you're still in Monday blues..... hahaha.... I just shape onigiri (rice balls with meat floss) and wrap it! Please continue reading to view the packets after the post ^_^
For side dishes, I use air-fryer for the chicken nuggets. Pea sprouts and fishcakes as well some tamagoyaki. 
Here is the Hello Kitty wrappers. It comes with few colours wrappers and stickers in words of "Happy Lunch Time"

Hope you like it and have a nice day!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb26~Hello Kitty Daruma

This is my first attempt making Daruma Doll ^_^ I make a mini Hello Kitty Daruma since my thermos lunch box small. Will try to make again for a bigger Daruma version :D In the meantime, hope you enjoy today's post!

Here is the close up Hello Kitty Daruma ^_^ The red part is make from red capsicum. For Kitty-chan, I use crabstick for the face and nori for the details. As for yellow part, I use eggyolk (took some out from hard boiled egg).
For side dishes have ginger chicken, pea sprouts, hard boiled egg, some ginger sweet sauce at the small container. As for desserts have cherry, mandarin orange and homebaked pineapple tarts ^_^

Have a lovely Thursday!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb25~Bonbonribbon CNY Bento

My daughter likes this Sanrio Bonbon Ribbon soft plush that I bought from Japan Tokyo. Bonbonribbon is a pink rabbit with a pink ribbon bow on her head and some other parts of the body. I didn't know Sanrio have so many kawaii characters until I shop around in Japan spotted so many soft plush ^_^ As per request from my girl, I decided to make one with CNY theme bento for her. 

Here is the closer look of Bonbonribbon. To make the rice pink, I add sakura denbu mix with rice and shape it using cling wrap. Punch out nori for the details and freehand scissor cut nori lashes for the eyes! Ribbons make from crabstick that I use cutter to cut and secure it with spaghetti.

For side dishes have pea sprouts, prawn, pandan chicken wrap, fish finger with oat and cherry. I also carve out apple for the year of goat/sheep chinese word "羊" Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Bento2015#Feb24~Totoro & Chibi Mashed Potato

Simple tomato fried rice for today's lunch bento ^_^ As usual less food on every Tuesday =_=" To make my daughter's bento cute, I add Totoro and Chibi make out of mashed potato.    

Here's the close up Totoro & Chibi ^_^ To make Totoro simply add some black sesame powder to mix with mashed potato. Add on the nori details! Easy right? 

I hope you like today's Totoro & Chibi Bento post! Add on homebaked Hello Kitty pineapple tarts and some mandarin oranges for her desserts ^_^ Have a lovely Tuesday!