Friday, 17 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct17~Totoro bento for ME

Opps....why I update my blog on Friday? Normally no bento on Friday since kids half day session until 1.10pm in school ^_^ Well, this bento lunchbox is for ME! Yes it's my own bento for lunch in office course I'm working full day until 5pm. Usually I'll pick up my kids on Friday then lunch together but today is hubby's bonding lunch time with them ^_^ So instead of eating out I thought of prepare bento for today. Hmm....actually just normal fried rice then later on I start making characters =_=" My hubby saw me and said: Wah....make your own lunch still can't help it without characters? Hahaha....itchy hands :p
Here's the close up Totoro ^_^ Simple tomato egg fried rice then I made Totoro out of Inari. Freely penknife cut out Totoro shape then just add the details. Eyes/mouth made from cheese with nori. I wanted to made an umbrella but no time course this was unprepared design so didn't wake up early :D
Here's another container with few cute Chibi Totoro made from cheese and nori too!  Freehand scissor cut out for the details.
I can take my meals without meat but vegetables is a MUST for every meals or else I'll feel less satify.....hahaha 
Just broccoli, sweet pea and slice of oranges. 
Bon appetit! I'll enjoy my bento lunch later and looks like will be my first time ^_^ 

Thank you so much for reading and next week onwards will enjoy my bento break! Yay! No need to wake up early :D 

Have a blessed weekend dear all readers :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct16~Halloween Pumpkin

My final halloween creations for this year ^_^ Actually I'm making Hello Kitty to disguise as a pumpkin but can't be tell if I don't mention it right? Haha.... I was puzzle on adding the whisker, it makes me remove & add back few times =_=" (Yes, so undecided) So finally decided to add the whisker, as well add the ribbon pick to showed it's Hello Kitty Pumpkin :D But still looking weirdo....sigh....
Here's the close up Pumpkin that made of rice mix with mashed carrot. I shaped into pumpkin and after done spread some ketchup on top for extra touch. Underneath contain rice and I add inari to cover the rice. Punch out nori skull & bats (using puncher) The stem made from broccoli stem ^_^
For side dishes contain ginger drumette (using airfryer), broccoli and watermelon Hello Kitty (using cookie cutter to cut out).

Woohoo.....count down towards my bento break next week instead of halloween celebration. Lol but I did enjoyed making them and hope you like & enjoy reading my Halloween theme bento ^_^ 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct15✮✮Line Brown Wizard✮✮

My 3rd Halloween creation: Line Brown Wizard ✮ or more to magician??? Haha... shouldn't add the bunny pick =_=" I saw one hand empty so thought of adding the bunny pick :p Overall still look cute right? Second thought should have make Harry Potter instead ^_^ Okay, Harry Potter will be my to-do lists! I loved Samantha Lee amazing Harry Potter creation, have you seen it? 
Here's the closer look of Line Brown Wizard ^_^ Brown made from mashed potato mix some dark sweet sauce for brown touch. Wizard outfit made from cheese, nori and eggsheet for star (I use star cutter) Bottom is rice and sprinkle on top with furikake.

For side dishes, I add broccoli, gyoza and prawn. 

I hope you like this simple bento. Thank you for reading and have a nice day! monbento bentos & accessories

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct14♥Hello Kitty Witch♥

Today's post cute Halloween bento creation because yesterday post was too creepy :p And this bento brings back my darling girl happy face ^_^ After all, Hello Kitty has won her heart!!! I made Hello Kitty as a witch not scary but cute one and she seems to look for her broom :D
Here's the close up of my Hello Kitty Witch. I shape two onigiri, one for the head & the other one as body then put inari on top (spread mayo to stick) Arrange both ornigiri then follow by hair (organic bamboo charcoal ramen, refer yesterday post for picture or click HERE). Add pea sprout at the top & bottom to filled up the holes. Lastly, add nori for details and the bats, I used bat puncher to punch out.
For side dishes contains chicken seaweed, samosa yam, tamagoyaki and mini grapes. Opps....forgot the broom!! The broom made from rice, nori & inari.

I hope you like today's post! I'll make two more Halloween creations then countdown for my bento break next week :D Happy Tuesday ^_^

Monday, 13 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct13~Halloween Corpse Bride

I don't celebrate Halloween but every year will try to made few bento creation. Saw many awesome Halloween bento creation at FB & Instagram. So this week I'll try to made Halloween theme bento before my kids start their one week mid-term school holidays next week. (Yay! One week bento break)

I always wanted to made Corpse Bride and I'm quite happy with the turn out but not for my daughter when she saw it =_=" She said: Mummy, why she's look scary? Opps....looks like she still prefer pretty halloween theme ^_^ Can't make scary one.....
Here's the closer look of my Corpse Bride. I shape the face first then spread with blue pea flower water on top instead of mixing the rice together. Poke two holes for the eyeballs made from hard boiled egg (white). Red lips made from apple skin (penknife cut out) Freehand scissor cut nori details. I use organic bamboo charcoal ramen for her hair (view the picture after the post) 
For side dishes, I add pea sprouts, pandan chicken, quail eggs and some watermelon (if have ghose cutter would be perfect).

I hope you like today's Corpse Bride Halloween Theme bento. 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct09~Hello Kitty dressup as Totoro

Last night did Hello Kitty needle felted character (only the head) to match my today's bento theme. I dressed up Hello Kitty as Totoro character ^_^ Nowadays my daughter requested not too much of dishes or a lot for her lunchbox. Most of her friends taking school meal sets and the school separated sitting area for homecooked students. So she prefers to quickly finished her foods then join with her friends :) I asked her whether she wants to take school meal sets instead of homecooked? I felt blessed to hear words from her that she still wants cute bento for her lunchbox in school. Wait for few more years I think can pack her normal bento (non kyaraben) same as my son bento. I actually still prefer let my kids bring homecooked food course the school meal set price was quite costly for a month. 
Here's the close up Hello Kitty in Totoro costume ^_^ As usual, mix the rice with black sesame powder for Totoro and boiled egg (white) for body. All nori details I spread some mayonnaise to stick on. The Hello Kitty nose made from eggsheet (used up my balance eggsheet).

For side dishes contain ginger chicken stew, sauce at the small container and some sweet pea ^_^

I hope you like my today's dressed up Hello Kitty. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bento2014#Oct08~Tiger CuteZCute Cuddle Palz

Using CuteZCute Cuddle Palz cutter to made "Tiger" theme bento ^_^ I'm sure most of you familiar with this cute cutter! Full details for the CuteZCute cutter can be found after my sharing post.  I tried to made two different eggsheet. One is the original eggsheet for yellow colour and the other brown eggsheet mix with dark sweet sauce. As you can see that my eggsheet top part was shinny due to I don't turn over the eggsheet.

Here is the close up Tiger Cuddle Palz and I create on my own a mini tiger ^_^ The pink colour is kamaboko. I mixed the rice with fuirkake then pour to the lunchbox. Next arrange the broccoli, chicken drumette, fresh button mushroom and lastly add the Tiger eggsheet on top. 

As for the mini tiger, I use rilakkuma cookie cutter to cut out the head part and use the straw for the legs. Freehand penknife cut out the yellow lines and finished all the details.

My daughter loves to eat the mini grapes and only request this fruits :p 

It's October month and I started to see lots of Halloween Bento creations recently!! Makes me want to start my creation too :D Wonder my daughter will like it? Can't do creepy or scary one course she surely dislike it =_=" So I just stick to kawaii creation! Haha...

Happy Wednesday!