Friday, 27 December 2013

Kiiroitori Kyaraben Foodart

Just few more's New Year 2014!!! And I'm going to made one more final post for this year 2013 ^_^ Making dinner foodart since my kids still on school holiday but ending soon :D So what's for dinner? I made Kiiroiitori character ^_^ I tried to make it simple and arranged my cooking dishes onto the plate. 
I made one lovely female kiiroitori with huge pink bow on top :D And add few more kiiroitori eggsheet. 
  • To made rice version kiiroitori: Mashed the eggyolk and mixed with rice.
  • To made pink rice: Pink furikake mixed with rice
  • To made small kiiroitori: Used kiiroitori cutter to cut out from eggsheet & add nori details.
At the mini pot, I add red bean and add one kiiroitori on top for the cuteness ^_^ What do you think? Will build up the appetite?? Hahaha....

Other side dishes, I just arrange the spinach, shimeji mushroom, eggsheet as flowers, cherry tomato and salmon tempura. Honestly, I have no idea to arrange the spinach vegies =_=" So end up looks weird or no theme at all.....hahaha.... Well, I do hope you will enjoy reading my post and like my Kiiroitori Foodart! Here I wish you all "Advance Happy New Year 2014"  

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Ho ho ho......Santa Claus Makisushi

Ho ho ho.....Santa Claus is coming.....It's Christmas Eve!!! I was busy with my work after one week holidays in KL with my family. I don't have time to make any Christmas theme bento but today I managed to made makisushi rolled!! Honestly, it's my first attempt to make this Santa Claus Makisushi so little stressed out will fail.....Luckily it turn out well ^_^ I skipped few part from the Japanese Sushi book to make it simple :D As you can see I didn't add the Santa mouth ^_^
Red rice: Mixed with red furikake
Yellow rice: Mixed with mashed egg yolk
Green rice: Mixed with green furikake
Seaweed to rolled ^_^

If you've followed me at Instagram will saw my post about this mini red pot! Love it so much ^_^ Just nice to matched today's Christmas Eve theme food presentation ^_^ I wanted to make two tone apple but no green apples so I cut oranges instead :p
Well, I hope you all will have a wonderful Blessed Christmas celebration with your family ^_^ Have fun! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Happy Winter Solstice冬至快乐

Today is the festival of Happy Winter Solstice 冬至快乐! I used to buy Tang Yuan汤圆 ready to cooked packets (lazy & making excuses) Well, this year I thought of making them as kawaii version. I followed Shirley Wong's recipe from Little Miss Bento Blog. Loved her blog and bento creation. I'm sure most of you have seen her amazing bento creation right? 
As usual I'm making Hello Kitty and I skipped the whisker part :p I don't have brown food coloring so I mixed the flour with cocoa powder. My kids helped out and we had fun making them ^_^
Here is another kawaii Panda Tang Yuan. Simple yet cute right? This is my first attempt making them and it's pretty easy to make with lots of fun too! Will definitely try again and design more other characters :D
Well, Chrsitmas just two more days....have you all done Christmas shopping?? Hope you all have a great day and Merry Blessed Christmas to you all ^_^ I hope can squeeze my time to make a Christmas Bento :D Hugs! 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Melody Santa Foodart

Today's post is about simple lunch foodart that I made on Wednesday since I'm at home with my kids ^_^ I choose My Melody for my foodart theme character as I already done Hello Kitty, Totoro, Snoopy, Mr. Snowman so why not My Melody as Santa for my food plate :) 
Shape My Melody using cling wrap. For pink rice, I added pink furikake. Cauliflower as White Christmas Tree with Okra and carrots as decoration. Side dishes have potato wedges and seaweed chicken wrap.
Took this photo during noon time and the sunlight just shine brightly to my lunch plate ^_^ Seem too bright right? Sorry for the unprofessional photo capture :p Will try to learn to improve. Thank you for continue support and read my blog and I hope you will like my today's My Melody Santa post. Hugs!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Won Hippomum FB Nov2013 prizes

Do you still remember my Honey Bee Bento that inspired by Hippomum's recipe book? I've won for the month of November 2013 HippoMum Facebook page ^_^ Woohoo.....what's more exciting was the parcel arrived today!! Is like my early Christmas presents!!! Thank you so much Hippomum if you're reading my blog :) 

Do visit Hippomum's FB page : on more details for month  of December 2013 rules & regulations to submit your bento entry. 

Honestly, I love to the Thermos Bento Box when Hippomum's showed the November 2013 prizes! I was hoping that Hippomum will choose my "Honey Bee" and it did! Like dream came true.....
Here is the month of November 2013 Hippomum's Facebook page prizes ^_^ I love the pink Thermos Bento Box and I know my daughter will love the MOST because is her favourite colour PINK!!!! Haha.... when school reopen will make use of this new bento box! Oh gosh.....can't wait :D Once again many thanks to Hippomum!! If you don't have her recipe book can either purchase online or visit her blogs & get inspired by one of her bento then submit your December 2013 entry at her FB page :) Below are the details:
*Note: I'm just sharing so do feel free to click or visit Hippomum ^_^

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bento#Dec05~Hello Kitty Santa

Yay!!! It's Thursday and today's post will be my final lunch bento for my kids (Don't be sad) Well, I'm happy cause no need to wake up early!!! Woohoo.....
Every Friday my kids will go home early so normally I don't post any lunch bento :) This lunch bento consider final Christmas Theme bento that I made early morning before send them to school. Been raining most of the time over here so I thought of cooking porridge for lunch. 

Porridge at the bottom cover by chicken floss. I design Hello Kitty wears as Santa suits made from imitation crab stick and nori seaweed. Punch out some nori snowflakes for the santa hat and dress using two different punchers. White snowballs cut out from imitation crab stick using cutter.

Side dish: Egg roll (蛋饼) with "Roti Canai" or "Roti Prata"(印度煎饼) instead of making the dough. 
  • Frozen roti canai/prata
  • One egg (beat)
  • Spring onion (cut into small sizes)
  • Heat up non-stick pan, spray/add some oil, pan fried the roti canai/prata till golden then remove
  • Pour the beaten egg, add spring onion on top then add the cooked roti canai/prata on top
  • Carefully flip over then start to roll like making tamagoyaki

Another container contain: Persimmon, Red and Green Apple

Ta-da.... My kawaii version of Hello Kitty Santa enjoying snow falls ^_^ I hope you will like this simple lunch bento. Next week onward will be less update on posting kids bento since it will be their school term break! I will try to made some foodart or dinner bento instead. Do check out my blog post or can always grab the latest update via Instagram ^_^ Happy Holidays!!!

Bento Tools for today's bento:

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bento#Dec04~Totoro Santa Bento

Do you remember my 1st Christmas theme bento that I made Hello Kitty as Reindeer using Inari? This time I made Totoro as Santa ^_^ The only sad part was I forgot to add the Totoro body strips =_=" I did add the huge mouth but my girl prefer without it ^_^ She said Totoro much cuter without it!! haha.... Well as for the Totoro body strips... I did noticed it when taking photos but I don't have time to add!! clock timer alert me to get ready to send the kids to school and I can't afford to waste the time so quickly snap and snap.....luckily managed to get few "good" sharp images ^_^ Well, I still wished to have the time.....*sigh*
Totoro : Shape the rice as oval onigiri (chicken floss fillings) and wrap with inari sheet.
Santa hat : Shape the rice as triangle and wrap with crab stick. Final touch with rice and simple        snowflake (crab stick)
White Totoro : Quail eggs, eyes made from crab stick & nori
Side dishes : Broccoli, pan-fried dumplings, carrots, crab stick as snowballs and persimmon
I hope you will like this simple Totoro Santa Christmas theme bento ^_^ Happy Wednesday to all!

Bento Tools :

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Bento#Dec03~CasaBento Panda Lunchbox

Today's post will be Panda LunchBox + Bag that I've received from CasaBento sponsorship ^_^ I'm so excited when they asked me which bento items that I would like to try out so I picked this Panda Lunchbox which I been eying for so long :p And other bento gadgets too!

This Panda Lunchbox comes with kawaii Panda bento bag *Note: Chopstick & holder not included due to I took the picture before putting the foods :)
I liked the lunchbox lid that close tightly and secure.
To read more information for this Panda Lunchbox + bag can just click the left banner CasaBento or the end of this post ^_^ 

 Below of the photo: I made the Panda Onigiri Lunch Bento last weekend ^_^ Simple yet cute Panda Onigiri that I shaped into triangle by using cling wrap or if you have the rice mould, can easily do it too! The nori Panda was pressed out using Panda Onigiri Seaweed cutter (refer from the photo below) By the way, I added chicken floss fillings before wrapped the rice into triangle onigiri shape.
For side dishes: Stir-fried chicken with capsicums, button mushroom and baby squid.
Broccoli, carrots and sweet corn.
A closer looked of the Panda Onigiri ^_^ Lovely right?

I hope you will enjoy reading my today's post. If you like this Panda Lunchbox set can just visit CasaBento website or perhaps for those who are staying in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. You can just visit and shop on the spot for your bento stuffs!!! Wonderful right? Do check out the FB links below that I've shared for your reference. Just click and will direct to the CasaBento FB page for the location address.

Other bento tools that I've used also can be found at BentoUsa:  

Monday, 2 December 2013

Bento#Dec02~Snoopy Bento

Oh gosh......I can't believe it!! 2nd of December already??? Another 23 days will be Christmas Day!! Ho ho ho....
During the weekend, kids helped out to set up the Christmas tree with all the lighting and decoration at home. Looks like they are counting the days to open their Christmas gifts ^_^ So for today's lunch bento, I made Snoopy Bento :) Run out of ingredients so I made it simple design. 
A close up Snoopy head onigiri with Santa hat :p I shape the rice using cling wrap and add chicken floss fillings. Cut the crab stick and made santa hat. Nori for the eye, nose and ear. Pretty easy right? 
For side dish: Smoked duck with sweet sauce, sweet pea, eggsheet as Woodstock (Snoopy's friend) and crab stick (white) as snowflakes. 
Another container contain persimmon and apples with few Christmas foodpicks ^_^

I hope you will like today's simple Snoopy Bento design and wish you all have a wonderful Monday! By the way, this week will be the final school days week for my kids!! Yay yay.....another four days then can have our 3 weeks term break ^_^

Bento Tools for today's post: