Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Won Hippomum FB Nov2013 prizes

Do you still remember my Honey Bee Bento that inspired by Hippomum's recipe book? I've won for the month of November 2013 HippoMum Facebook page ^_^ Woohoo.....what's more exciting was the parcel arrived today!! Is like my early Christmas presents!!! Thank you so much Hippomum if you're reading my blog :) 

Do visit Hippomum's FB page : on more details for month  of December 2013 rules & regulations to submit your bento entry. 

Honestly, I love to the Thermos Bento Box when Hippomum's showed the November 2013 prizes! I was hoping that Hippomum will choose my "Honey Bee" and it did! Like dream came true.....
Here is the month of November 2013 Hippomum's Facebook page prizes ^_^ I love the pink Thermos Bento Box and I know my daughter will love the MOST because is her favourite colour PINK!!!! Haha.... when school reopen will make use of this new bento box! Oh gosh.....can't wait :D Once again many thanks to Hippomum!! If you don't have her recipe book can either purchase online or visit her blogs & get inspired by one of her bento then submit your December 2013 entry at her FB page :) Below are the details:
*Note: I'm just sharing so do feel free to click or visit Hippomum ^_^

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