Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Bento#34~My Melody sandwich

The other day bought new cookie cutter so I'm happy to use it for this bento snack ^_^ I cut out the shape from 2 pieces of whole wheat bread that you can get 4 pieces of My Melody. I combine 2 pieces shape and press out the face. To make it look exactly the same, I took some pink fondant and crush it into powder (view the picture below). To let it stick to the bread, I spread mayo first and sprinkle the pink powder to the head only. Next I cut cheese for the face and add nori for eyes and mouth. As for the nose, I used eggsheet and used small straw to make nose. The other 2 pieces I spread my girl's favourite jam and put pretty one on top. After done, I find that it didn't bring out My Melody so I cut some small strips nori and carefully spread mayo and stick to it as lines. To hold on nori, you need tweezer especially work on small details :) The ribbon and cute tiny shoes are bought from shop, is chocolate sweet. Lastly, I added cherry tomato, marshmallows and tamagoyaki ^_^
Do you like "My Melody"?? Too bad I didn't have any My Melody food picks :( I think need to purchase soon.....hahaha :D
 Here is the pink fondant I used and crushed it into powder form. And a picture of the "My Melody" cookies cutter or bread cutter ^_^ Hope you all will like this bento too!!


Its Halloween Day!!!! Need to spend some time to make my girl hair-style for her "Halloween" party as "Fairy" today. So just cooked simple tomato eggs fried rice for her bento. Rilakkuma ears are fish floss and cheese. Deco the eyes and nose with nori/cheese. Finished with some kiwi fruits, baby corn, edamame, sausages and fishcake star.

Closer picture for today's lunch for my girl ^_^ 
Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bento#32~Frankenstein & Piggy Witch

My son requested to make Halloween bento for him. This time I make Frankenstein since my steam pandan cake left few pieces. The red eyes are crabmeat stick. Tuna sandwich at below and cut out some nori to filled up the gaps for the corner. Lastly, add in carrot as pumpkin, prunes, grapes & hawflake. 
 A closer picture ^_^ 

What about my daughter? She doesn't like ugly/scary bento. For green colour....all I can think was "Angry bird" game~Piggy~ So I make piggy as a WITCH :D This need a lot of cutting nori!!!! Ingredients are the same as my son bento just different design. To make the broom, I wrap up the eggsheet and use little bit of spaghetti strip to hold on so it won't open :p

Happy Halloween!!! Tomorrow my kids going to dress up for their school party celebration ^_^ 

Bentp#31~Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori

Too excited to used this new Rilakkuma lunch box ^_^ If I've more time, I can add more deco for Rilakkuma but too rush for this morning :(
Well, as usual I used plastic foil to wrap the shape of Rilakkuma from rice that mixed with sweet dark soya sauce. The white rice for the nose & body. After done the bear, I make double colour tamagoyaki and deco as Kiiroitori :p As I've balance egg white so another tamagoyaki but is in white & dark brown. Lastly, added some sweet peas, carrots, lettuce, squid ball & grapes.
A closer picture of Rilakkuma & Kiiroitori ^_^

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bento#30~Green Puppy

Have anyone watch "Blue Clues" TV shows? This is one of "Blue Clues" friend name~Green~ Why not "Blue"? Cause I still have left over steam pandan cake so I got the idea of making this cute "Green Puppy" Well, I use small knife to trim out from the cake and to make sure the head and body stay together, I stick them with spaghetti strips ^_^ The eyes and nose are cheese with nori. Followed by the details of the legs with nori too :) At the bottom was homebaked bread with an artificial leaf that I've bought from a bakery retail shop. Is washable and looks real from the picture :P Lastly, the flag represent the puppy name as "GREEN" by using alphabet cutter to cut from cheese and stick onto nori. Also added some cherry tomato and a box of raisin. Hope you all like this bento ^_^
 Isn't "GREEN" puppy cute?? girl likes it when she saw it :D

Sunday, 28 October 2012


Yesterday I steamed pandan cake so going to make 2 cute froggy for my kids bento snack ^_^ Bottom was homebaked bread that I baked this Sunday morning. Put a slice of cheese to cover the bread and decorate 2 froggy :P Use a cookies cutter to cut out the frog shape. Actually the cutter was a bear but also can be used as frog too! The white part for the eyes was white bread and nori. As well the nose also nori. The mouth was bread that I pressed it flat and spread some jam. The cheeks was cheese. Lastly, added some cherry tomato and mochi.
A closer picture of the froggy ^_^

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Bento#28~My Melody

One of my girl favourites character~My Melody~ To shape the rice, I used plastic foil to press. To make it pink color, I used food mixture powder comes with few colors in a packet that I've won from Hippomum Bento. I can't get Sakura Denbu at my area or perhaps didn't have the time to find :p Well, My Melody face was cut from cheese and just add nori and egg for the nose. To filled in the empty parts, I add broccoli, sausages, baby corn, tamagoyaki, carrot & lotus roots. And some apples for dessert ^_^
A closer look of My Melody ^_^ Hope you all will like this bento too!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bento#27~Loving siblings

I loved to see my son & daughter care each other, helped each other etc...So I'm going to make this "Loving siblings" bento :D Just make few sandwiches spread with kaya. To make the siblings, I used oval shape cutter to cut the cheese, then add in the hair/face/hands. Add heart shapes fondant for loved. As well, some cherry tomato and grapes.
 Meet handsome brother ^_^
 Meet pretty cute sister ^_^

Bento#26~Orange Kitty Pasta

This is for my girl's school lunch~Shell Pasta~I sprinkle some tuna floss at the bottom. Orange kitty was make from mashed sweet potatoes, just add in the kitty details with nori/corn. At the top left side, I've stir-fried broccoli with carrots and prawn. The right side will be sweet corn and some kiwi fruits. 
 Cute orange kitty ^_^
Took one picture with the bento box cover :) Have a nice day!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bento#25~Giant Mushroom

Let's meet giant mushroom with smiley face ^_^ On top of the mushroom decorate with insects picks and some cheese with nori for the spots. I make tamagoyaki for mushroom face. It looks less for this bento but I don't think my girl can finish if I add more finger foods so just add flower marshmallows. Hope this simple bento can brighten up everyone :)

Bento#24~Panda panda

My girl wants to bring Panda bento box for her lunch. So I'm going to make PANDA ^_^ First, I steamed some Man-tou馒头 and dumpling鸡烧麦. Add in tuna/cheese for the man-tou fillings, cut nori for the panda eyes/nose/ears/body. Boiled some red capsicum, sweet peas and small corn, so I used some red capsicum for the panda cheeks. Lastly, I used flower cutter to cut the apple & the middle part make it as checker flower.
Lovely Panda ^_^


Monday, 22 October 2012

Bento#23~Bunny & Monkey

 I still have some mini sweet bun. So this round going to make "Bunny" & "Monkey" While I'm doing the cutting, my girl just couldn't stop eating the trim off bun skin, she likes it and wants more ^_^ Looks like the skin part more delicious!! The monkey cheeks, I added some ketchup. Nori for the eyes, nose, mouth & whiskers for bunny. Aslo added some design for bunny tail with freehand cut nori. All used honey to stick onto the bun. Hope you all will like this bento too!!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bento#22~Totoro & Hello Kitty

I bought some mini sweet bun. So I make it into 2 characters. First, meet "Totoro" I trim the skin part using small scissor, and the balance skin bun will be the "Totoro" ears ^^. Add in the details of the eyes, nose & whiskers. To stick it, I used honey. Next, meet "Hello Kitty" wears Totoro costume :P All the same methods as how I make "Totoro". Lastly, just add some marshmallow & mochi. Hope you all will like this bento too :)
A closer look "Totoro" bento :)
And "Hello Kitty" wears Totoro costume :)
Bento of the Week
Bento of the Week Winner

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bento#21~Cute Kangaroo

Rainy day mostly in the afternoon. So I'm going to make a cute kangaroo with lovely umbrella ^_^ Tuna cheese sandwich at the bottom. Kangaroo is fishcake and the eyes/cheek/ribbon are make from one of the fishcake too. I took the picture of the ingredients I used & changed into cute kangaroo :p
The crabmeat stick is the kangaroo dress & umbrella. The bear fishcake, I just used the pink & black part for kangaroo eyes & ribbon.

This is the simple side dishes or fingerfoods. Bread/cheese/cucumber & fishcakes ^_^
A closer look for my kids~Cute kangaroo holds umbrella~ 

Bento#20~HK shell pasta

My girl requested Hello Kitty. She seems to has appetite whenever she saw "Hello Kitty" :D For not letting her down, I cooked some shell pasta and mixed with creamy cheese sauce. Prepared some broccoli, sweet potato, edamame & sausages. I used cutter to cut the sweet potato that looks like prawn and also cut some cubes to decorate the checker kiwi fruits. Lastly, instead of putting nori to the Hello Kitty cheese face, I sprinkle some tuna floss. Bon appetit!!
A closer look for the tuna floss Hello Kitty ^_^

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bento#19~Cute Bear

Bears again ^_^ I cooked some "Bubur Cha Cha" for dessert so I took some of the sweet potato to make this cute bear :p Bottom was tuna floss sandwich with cheese inside. Cute bear holding the "BEST" can use puncher to cut out & the cute paws too! Adding mochi and marshmallow for the other side of the container :D This is to show my kids that they are always the BEST!!!
Here is a picture taken together with the punchers I've used for the bento ^_^

Bento#18~Little Princess

Tomato fried rice for my kids lunch ^^ Making "Little Princess" for this bento theme coz my girl was our little princess at home :D Using cheese for the face, hands and darker cheese for the princess gown. To make it more lively gown, I add in some details by using crabmeat stick. The hair was egg yolk sheet :p Finished the rest with broccoli,small corn, star fishcake & chicken. As well kiwi fruits for the small container.
A closer look for the "Little Princess" Is she adorable & lovely? Look like my girl :D

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Checker Apple

If you have red apple even better ^_^
Step(1) Cut half
 Step(2) Cut into 4
 Step(3) Cut away the apple core
Step(4) Slice checker strips. I draw lines to show it clearly for viewing
 Step(5) Just use sharp point knife to slice away the apple skin.
Thin slice will do
Step(6) Hope you like my checker apple tutorial