Monday, 31 December 2012

Bento#Dec08~End of Year 2012 Bento

Are you ready to count down and welcome the New Year 2013? As I'm cooking special dinner for my family tonight ^_^ Its pretty easy to see which characters meals belong to who....hehehe...This is quite challenging tasks for me to make all four bentos!!! As my vegies already turn yellow :( Anyway, all of us sat together and enjoyed the happy meals with lots of laughter!! Hope you all had a wonderful meal together with your loved ones too!!
This is my darling daughter's meal~Piano the sheep~ My Melody's friend. I didn't freehand cut the nori sheep. I just used the ready nori that bought from Japan, add on top of the onigiri. I used triangle rice mould to shape.
This is the closer look of the "Piano the sheep" onigiri with pretty flower and heart nori. Underneath the onigiri was stir fried green bean sprout with garlic.

As for the side dishes, I stewed chicken wings, potatoes, carrots and fresh button mushrooms. Arranged it and lastly add some apples with heart shape forks.
Guess for who? This is for my darling son's meal. As he prefers less cute design so I just add seaweed sprinkles surrounded the onigiri and on top as well. After making his meals and took pictures only realized the rice seem too little for him so I add more for him. 
I cut checker apple for my son's meal ^_^ Just a simple design meal with pick and animals baran for celebrating last day of year 2012!
Next, bunny for ME!!! My first time make bento for myself ^_^ This bunny shape rice mould bought from Tokyo too! You can actually purchase online or for those who are lucky can shop on the spot at own country. During my trips in Japan, I shopped like crazy when I saw it!!! Well, all the side dishes are the same. I just arranged it :D 
I freehand cut the bunny eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tail. 
So far, which meals do you prefer?? Next one will be my hubby's meal....
This one for my hubby's meal ^_^ No special design but with lots of loved inside :) I used the flower shape rice mould to shape the rice. In middle hole, I add the vegies. Next, just arrange all the potatoes, carrots and fresh button mushroom beside it.
Well, all four meals done. Hope you all like today's special dinner. Will start busy again for my daughter's bento when the school reopen soon. Happy Blessed New Year 2013 to all of you!! 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bento#Dec07~Bears with TQ

Hello everyone!! I've good news to share with you. First, I must thank you for voting my Hello Kitty Santa that I've submitted my blog links at Bento Blog Network for BOTW65~Christmas. Appreciate so much those who have voted and I will continue submit an entry for the coming event at bento Blog Network :) I can't wait to receive my new special blog button. Here I make a quick bento to said "TQ" with two lovely bears.   
You can find the making at step by step under Star shape bread but I'm using the bear rice mould to do. I trim away the wholemeal bread skins and add blueberries jam in the middle then fold to closed. Next I put onto the bear mould then pressed. As the wholemeal bread wasn't big enough, I just cut small piece from another piece of bread to filled the holes or parts that need to be cover ^_^. The bear eyes, nose and mouth used puncher to cut out from nori. As for the paws, you can used paw puncher or other tools. But I just freehand cut the nori :p Next, deco with lovely picks and "TQ" for the votes.
Here are the tools I used for this simple bento. 

My kids school holidays end soon and the new year 2013 begin....will start busy making bentos for my girl!! As for my son...already big boy, he prefers his bento without any design :D So save me a lot of time but I still pack for him. Hope you all enjoy the count down and have fun!! Here I wish you all Blessed Happy New year 2013  

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Bento#Dec06~Pretty Santa Girl with candy

Ho ho ho...I can feel the Christmas moods!!! I'm making Christmas lunch for my girl as I can't wait to use the Hello Kitty plate that I've bought it yesterday :p The pretty santa girl idea was from my handphone Christmas theme. I can't helped it the innocent look of the little santa girl with candy! She's just adorable so I'm going to copy :p
Here is the photo that I capture from my handphone. Isn't she adorable?? 
Santa girl make from mashed potato and freehand cut the nori for her eyes and mouth. The hair I used inari skin and her dress was crab stick. The candy also crab stick and I took the red part to curl up the stick and secured with spaghetti strip to the cooked rice. The cooked rice was mixed with nori sprinkles and boiled broccoli then used flower mould to make as Christmas wreath. Next I decorated the wreath with some broccoli and small circles crab sticks as well eggsheets by using cutter to cut. So how do I arranged it? First, must arranged the wreath rice in the middle then only arranged the mashed potato for Santa girl head then her body. Next, I put the crab stick candy then mashed potato hand to hold. Slowly finished with her hair, hat and ribbons.
This Hello Kitty plate set comes with a bowl but I didn't cooked any soup so no photo taking :D The kitty cup, I poured Yakult drink for her dessert and the chicken wings wrapped with mickey foil.
I cut the apple as Christmas tree and decorate with pick. Boiled some Christmas pasta too so just arranged around. The boiled carrots used mould cutter to cut it and the eggsheet, I cut into strips then tied a knot to decorate :)
Here are the bento tools that I've used. 

Hope you all will like today's Christmas lunch ^_^ Wished everyone~Blessed Christmas~

Friday, 21 December 2012

Bento#Dec05~Panda & Bear onigiri with Happy Dongzhi Festival dessert

I'm making "Panda & Bear" onigiri bento for my daughter's dinner bento ^_^ Luckily after work still have the time to cooked and prepared dinner for the family.
I used plastic foil to wrap the cooked rice and make an oval shape as panda face. Next make two panda ears and wrap nori then secured the ears with spaghetti strips. My girl likes to eat inari/sweet beancurd skin so I put the panda on top of the inari skin. 
Bear onigiri is very easy to make ^_^ The methods are the same as Panda onigiri except the ears, don't have to wrap with nori to cover. Just add the eyes, nose & mouth. Lastly, I add crabmeat stick for bear cheeks by using straw to cut out round shapes. To avoid the cheeks drop, I dipped the crab stick with some mayonnaise :p
I boiled miso beancurd soup and put into a small container. The orange color was egg yolk and next to it was fish fillet.
Today also a special day for Chinese people to celebrate Dongzhi冬至! Symbolize one year older ^_^ I don't have the time to follow the traditional way by making the tangyuan汤圆 with my kids as I've to work. For not missing out the celebration, I bought frozen packet tangyuan汤圆 :D Anyway, my family still enjoyed the dessert and here I wish "Happy Dongzhi Festival冬至快乐" and hope you too will like today's dinner bento ^_^

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bento#Dec04~My Melody & friends

Today going to bring my two darlings for afternoon movie s0 make a quick lunch bento. I still have left over cooked rice so just reheat it :p Stir-fried some broccoli with carrots and added the sausages together. Next I make tamagoyaki with slices of cherry tomato.
Arranged the cooked rice to the bento box. I bought this "My Melody" nori/seaweed packet from Japan that can save time by peeling the nori that already with shapes of My Melody, mouse & hearts. Pretty easy right? I will post the picture of the nori packets below :) Next, I used star shape cutter to cut the carrots and arranged it.
Here is the My Melody ready nori. Loved the pink lovely :p For those of you that know where can purchase in Singapore or Malaysia please kindly leave me a message :) Thanks!
Next, I arranged the broccoli underneath the dolls sausages and cut tamagoyaki as heart shape, arranged in the middle. I cut thin slices of boiled seaweed for the sausages doll as belt and secured with spaghetti. As for the dolls, I'm sure you can easily understand how to make from the close up photo :) 
Hope you all will like this My Melody & friends bento :) Cheers!! 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bento#Dec03~Hello Kitty Santa

Today after work quickly prepare dinner for my family. So I thought of surprised my girl this "Hello Kitty Santa" bento for her dinner ^_^ 
Hello Kitty made from scallop beancurd. I cut the beancurd into half and the white part facing up. Before that I mixed the cooked rice with some Sakura powder and arranged underneath the Hello Kitty Santa. Next cut the nori/seaweed for kitty eyes & whiskers. The ribbon for kitty, I used a ribbon mould to cut the crabmeat (red part). As for the santa hat, freehand knife cutting the crabmeat as well :p Then I add the sweet corn for kitty nose. To make the Christmas ornament wreaths, I arranged the broad beans and add some flower carrots and crabmeat. 
Lastly, I just decorate with some Christmas picks at the vegetables and fish. Hope you too will like today's bento ^_^ Cheers!
Here are the bento tools that I've used for Hello Kitty Santa bento. Some of the tools was bought during my honeymoon trip in Japan. I'm sure some of you can get from Daiso or any online shops :)
Bento of the Week Winner

Good News~Bento Monsters 2012 Christmas Giveaway

Wow.....Christmas 2012 giveaway. Please check out from my pages under "Good News" regarding the giveaway from Bento Monsters blog ^_^ Good Luck!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bento#Dec02~Snowman & Reindeer

Another Christmas Theme bento~Snowman & Reindeer~Hope you'll will like today's bento ^_^
I used mashed potato for Mr. Snowman :) Added cherry tomato and scoop away the inner side so that Snowman can wears as a hat and crabmeat for scarf. My fridge runs out of carrot so I used broccoli stem as Snowman nose :P As for reindeer, I boiled sausages and added horns by using knife to trim it. Red nose was cherry tomato and add  seaweed for the details. Christmas tree was broccoli with decoration of stars fondant and crameat. Underneath was mashed potatoes that mixed with some butter and pinch of salt.
I stir-fried some Udon noodles and arrange underneath the flower sausage ^_^ The middle part was mashed potato with seaweed snowflake. Touch up with pretty Christmas theme picks.
Well, hope this Snowman & Reindeer bento makes you feel as winter snow Christmas coming soon...or perhaps some of your country already started snowing!!! Stay warm ya :) Cheers!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bento#Dec01~Panda loved Christmas

Hello everyone!! Here's my December 2012 bento ^_^ Today's lunch for my girl~Panda luv Christmas~
I used panda mould to make this cute panda and also used the seaweed cutter to cut out the panda's body parts. Crabmeat for the panda hat. I stir-fried broccoli with carrots and deco as Christmas tree next to Panda :) Pasta present for panda and finished deco the Christmas tree with corns, crabmeat and star cheese.
Here is the Panda mould and seaweed cutter that I've used.
Next, I fried some fish fillet and cooked hard boiled egg that my girl requested. Just added panda picks and Santa Claus pick. I cut the boiled egg into half and just add Christmas tree pasta and seaweed snow flake and angel using puncher to cut out.
I hope this cute Panda loved to celebrate Christmas will bring you joy and laughter too! Let's be prepare and welcome the season of Christmas soon... Cheers!!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tea break!!!

Kids can't wait to open all the goodies bought from Japan ^_^ Here, I just want to share this cute Hello Kitty烧饼 and small cookies with many Sanrio Characters. Too bad I didn't shop for plates due to afraid of damage. I just loved to shop in Japan and wish to stay longer :p
Here is the Hello Kitty烧饼 box that I spotted one of the small shop only for transfer train station in Odakyu. Wanted to purchase more after few days and thought can be found at other places but seems only that station selling :'(
This lovely fork and spoon bought from Sanrio Puroland. Too many choices but I just pick this sweet pink colour that I know my girl will love it ^_^