Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bento#Dec02~Snowman & Reindeer

Another Christmas Theme bento~Snowman & Reindeer~Hope you'll will like today's bento ^_^
I used mashed potato for Mr. Snowman :) Added cherry tomato and scoop away the inner side so that Snowman can wears as a hat and crabmeat for scarf. My fridge runs out of carrot so I used broccoli stem as Snowman nose :P As for reindeer, I boiled sausages and added horns by using knife to trim it. Red nose was cherry tomato and add  seaweed for the details. Christmas tree was broccoli with decoration of stars fondant and crameat. Underneath was mashed potatoes that mixed with some butter and pinch of salt.
I stir-fried some Udon noodles and arrange underneath the flower sausage ^_^ The middle part was mashed potato with seaweed snowflake. Touch up with pretty Christmas theme picks.
Well, hope this Snowman & Reindeer bento makes you feel as winter snow Christmas coming soon...or perhaps some of your country already started snowing!!! Stay warm ya :) Cheers!

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