Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bento#Feb29~Princess Belle

I'm making Princess Belle for bento snack. This is my favourite Princess since my childhood :) Do share with me which is your favourite Princess!!
I traced out Princess Belle picture onto baking sheet. Princess Belle face made from cheese as I find it better than ham. One day will design the Princess Cinderella again ^_^ After cut out the face, I put on bread skin as my girl really liked this part of bread. Underneath the bread skin, I put two cupcakes. Next, arranged the brown hair made of egg sheet (eggwhite mixed with dark sweet sauce and some corn starch). Yellow gown egg sheet as well (egg yolk mixed with some starch). The rest of the details as usual freehand scissor cut out nori and paste. White eyeballs were fondants and the lips was cheese mixed with red fondant. Pink heart fondants for ribbon. 
Lastly, arranged some strawberries, marsmallows and Hello Kitty candy pack. I hope you will like Princess Belle bento ^_^ Looks like I still have few more Princesses to make.....gambateh!!! Cheers!

Bento#Feb28~Piggy wears tutu dress dancing

Today's lunch will be tomato ham fried rice with the theme of "Piggy wears tutu dress dancing" :D Actually, I have no idea to made the pig dancing as I just add the fried seafood bean curd in the middle and put lettuce around the pig. Then I used mold to cut out small cheese to make few piggies but changed my mind to make it more cuter by adding a butt :p
I used heart shape cutter to cut out the cheese as butt and freehand cut nori for tail.  The legs also used cutter to cut the cheese and arranged it like dancing!! As for the piggy face, the middle part I covered the cheese cause it open =_=" Raisin for eyes and nose. Lettuce for tutu dress and few piggy picks as audience @.@
Sides have spring roll golden bags, honey cherry tomato, strawberry and mayo inside piggy sauce container. 
Here you go....look at lovely piggy dancing!! Hope you will like today's lunch bento for my girl ^_^  Cheers!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bento#Feb27~The Cat in the Hat by: Dr. Seuss

Princess bento snack will resume other days as I want to join in the linky party for Dr. Seuss birthday on March 2nd. I'm sure most of you know who is he? To be honest I don't know much about Dr. Seuss except the cartoon movie "The Lorax" :D But my darling son know this writer so I got pretty much information from my son ^_^ Good job son!! To get images I need to print out so I choose "The cat in the hat" So here is it!! 
I made toast bread sandwich with peanut butter. I draw the cat on a piece of aluminium foil then cut out lay on top of the bread, toast in an oven to get the image. I learn this method from "Little Miss Onigiri" one of my favorite's blogger. She did a Melody Deco Toast Obento so I'm using the same method to create The Cat!! I add in all the nori details to let the cat stand out more nicer. As usual, cut and paste :) The red part was crab stick and the hat also. As for the whisker, I toasted spaghetti strips then add in after finished all details.
Some honey cherry tomato as balloons, marshmallows and a box of raisin. I hope you will like my Dr. Seuss theme bento ~ The Cat in the Hat ~ I will post my theme bento at "Bento USA" , "Bento Bloggers & Friends"and "Bento Blog Network" Do check out from the links to view more wonderful Dr. Seuss bentos!! Hugs & cheers!
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Bento#Feb26~Chirping Birds

Today's lunch will be noodles ^_^ I boiled green tea noodles and spaghetti. After done soaked to cold water then rinse. Combine the noodles and mixed with Japanese sauce and I took some to taste it. I don't give my children strong flavor and my kids quite a good eater whatever foods I prepared. So pretty much easy for me and lucky!! next, I add the noodles to silicon cup and arranged into bento box. Deco some lettuce and broccoli to covered the empty space :p Next will be the "Chirping Birds" To look at it also looks like chicken ^_^ What you think?
This is female bird that I rolled chicken ham with cheese. Used leave cutter to cut the wings and add in nori for face expression. The feet also used cutter to cut out the chicken ham. Lastly, I add pink pick for it!
This is male bird and repeat all the steps. Normally I will do all the body and lay on top of the noodles then final touched add in nori and picks! 
Other sides will be yam pau, fried potato prawn, ribbon pasta, apples and grapes. Hope you will like today's lunch bento! Happy bento-ing to those who had been making bento for their loved ones at home. Cheers!  

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bento#Feb25~Princess Cinderella

My girl already can't wait for me to design another princess!!! Gosh.....hope you still like to see my princess theme bento ^_^ This time instead of using light cheese as face, I try out chicken ham. After done all the eyes details....Cinderella looks weird to me but I'm too tired to redo or change to light cheese =_=" Underneath the princess was red bean bun. Next to the bun have marshmallow, korea strawberry and box of raisin.
I draw Princess Cinderella on baking sheet then used scissor to cut out the egg sheet for hair by tracing the outline together with baking sheet. Put the face baking sheet on top of cooked chicken ham and used pen knife to cut. After done, I combine the hair and face together then lay on top of bbq cheese. Next, the tiny details for eyes!!! Gosh.....looks easy but I took quite some time to freehand trim the nori, The white part was crab stick, used scissor to cut as well the blue eggsheet. The white balls were fondants and the lips was crab stick. I cut; paste then stick here and there......until I skipped adding arms for her!!! Argh.....losing my patient after sticking cause the arms kept dropping even I spread mayo or add tiny cheese!!! Seem was due to bun, if is sandwich won't be a problem. Oh well, still not too bad right? Sorry for it :p
Well, I have done 3 princesses for my bento picture album collection!! Princess Aurora, Princess Snow White and today Princess Cinderella ^_^ Few more princesses to make.....gambateh!!! Thank you for reading my blog and hope you will like my Cinderella bento snack!! Cheers!  

Bento#Feb24~My 3rd Hinamatsuri Bento

Today's lunch bento will be "Girl's Day" or "Hinamatsuri Festival". This will be my 3rd design theme ^_^ If you like to see my previous post, do check out :) As usual early morning, I cooked egg fried rice and poured to the bento box. 
For little prince, I used oval shape mold to cut out from boiled sweet potato. Freehand cut nori for hair. Used puncher to punch nori for eyes, nose & lips. The white part was crab stick, using oval shape mold to trim and followed on top using lady's finger for green part. Add some ketchup for cheeks and finished with lady's finger tip part for holding ritual baton.
For little princess, repeat the same method of making. Just changed the red gown to crab stick for red part and egg sheet for holding a fan. Used puncher to punch out nori for eyes, nose and lips as well the eyelashes.
Some squid analog, sotong roll, mandarin oranges and strawberry. I hope you will my 3rd design Hinamatsuri Festival bento ^_^ Hugs & Cheers!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Bento#Feb23~Princess Snow White

 You've seen my Princess Aurora and now I'm making Princess Snow White ^_^ I need to used up my egg sheets so for bento snack can spend some time on it. This time, I draw Snow White on baking sheet :) Underneath Princess Snow White prepared sandwich with nutella spread. To make sure the bread nicely fit in the bento, just used the bento box as mold to cut the bread.
Light cheese as Snow White face but first scissors cut out the nori followed by the traced picture for hair. After cut out the hair put on top of the light cheese. Next freehand cut out the eyebrows and the rest of the details. The blue eyeballs also freehand cut out from egg sheet. Add in the crab stick for white part and finished with nori for details. The lips, I used crab stick red part and scissor cut as well and add the nori. After done all the face details, slowly used toothpick to follow the shape to cut out and add on top of the sandwich. Lastly, I add in the blue dress for Snow White and add in crab stick for details of the dress. The white collar, I used crab stick and add some nori strips, due to the background was white so need to stand out the dress. For her ribbon, I add ribbon pick and just freehand cut the crab stick for red strips.
I hope you will understand how I made this Snow White character as I don't have the time to take pictures of step by step :p 
Some grapes and marshmallows for her and add cute flower/bees picks! Hope you will like Princess Snow White too! Cheers!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bento#Feb22~Princess Aurora

Among all the princess, my girl likes Princess Aurora the most as well Sleeping Beauty story tales ^_^ So I'm going to make her happy when she see her bento snack!! 
I cooked some eggyolk sheet and the eggwhite mixed with corn starch and blue food coloring as I need to make blue eyes for Princess Aurora. Freehand using toothpick trim out the face shape from light cheese and used pen knife to cut out the eggsheet as hair. Well, not really looked alike Princess Aurora as I didn't trace from the picture using baking sheet....I skipped the step of tracing :p Freehand cut nori for eyelashes and nose. The lips was cheese mixed with red crashed fondant. I didn't make pink egg sheet for princess dress so I used the blue egg sheet instead. The white eyeballs were fondant too! Underneath te Princess Aurora, I prepared peanut butter sandwich and added colorful fondants.
Some grapes and honey cherry tomato. I hope you will liked my Princess Aurora bento snack ^_^ Cheers!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Good News from Bento Monsters!

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Good Luck & have a wonderful weekend with your family. Cheers!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

This is for school snack bento. Simple and cute bee buzzing around the garden :) To made the sandwich nicely fit in with the bento box. Just used the bento box as mold and cut the breads. I spread peanut butter to whole wheat breads.
 Instead of using cutter to cut the cheese as bee, I rolled the cheese with nori together as bee. Puncher the eyes and lip and nori strips. The bee wings used food pick. For the flower, I used flower cutter to cut the chicken ham and add edamame as leaves. Lastly, add in smiley face for flower.
Another bee ^_^ I changed the face features for the flower. Adorable right?
Some honey cherry tomato, grapes and homebaked pineapple tarts. I hope this simple snack can make you smile as the busy bees smiling too ^_^ Cheers!

Bento of the Week

Bento#Feb20~Doll's Festival Onigiri

Good Morning ^_^ Today I'm making Hinamatsuri bento again :) Started to loved this theme bento and so happy that I can managed the time plus photo taking!! 
I used triangle shape rice mold to shape The Emperor. Inside onigiri added some chicken floss and cheese. Next, I cut long strips nori and wrap for wearing the costume then wrap another layer of boiled cabbage. Repeat the same method for the other side of the costume. Freehand cut nori for hair and used puncher to punch nori for eyes, nose and lips. Add some tomato ketchup for cheeks. Lastly, I add edamame for The Emperor holds a ritual baton. 
Gorgeous Empress onigiri also the same method with The Emperor onigiri. I just changed the costume to crab stick and carrot as fan and headdress. The headdress used cutter mold to cut and poke the holes with straws. The eyelashes used nori puncher to punch, no freehand scissor cut eyelashes today :p
Side dishes will be apple, edamame, chicken ham as flower, squid roll and carrots.
Hope you will like today's lunch~Doll's Festival Onigiri~ and my girl just loved it! She asked me: "Mummy, you made kor kor and me? Haha....She's cute and she's happy that her snack and lunch were the same theme bento. Yay!!
Anyway, will explain to her more after she came back from school ^_^

Hope you will enjoy reading and like it! Cheers!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bento#Feb19~Japanese Doll Festival (Hinamatsuri)

On 3rd March will be "Japanese Doll Festival" or Girl's Day. As I saw Hippomum's blog posted pretty lovely Japanese Doll's bento so it inspired me to make one for my girl school snack.
I made peanut butter sandwich for her and add Japanese Dolls on top. I used light cheese for dolls face. Freehand cut nori for the dolls hair. I also cut out nori for the Emperor and freehand knife cut bbq cheese for holding a ritual baton. As for the Empress, I crushed some red fondants and sprinkle on top then add cheese strips to covered. Lastly, freehand knife cut the bbq cheese for holding a fan. 
Some grapes and homebaked pineapple tarts. Simple snack bento for her. I hope you will like it too! Cheers!

Bento#Feb18~Penguin Family

Today's lunch theme bento will be "Penguin Family" onigiri ^_^ 
I reheat the cooked rice from microwave and used cling wrap to wrap oval shape. Inside the cooked rice I added chicken floss and cheese. After shaping, I add the nori and wrap. I made one big mama penguin and young penguin. Cut out the cheese for eyes and body. Carrots for nose and legs.
Baby penguin resting on top of stir-fried vegies with mushroom. The baby penguin was fish oval shape ball and I just add the nori, cheese and carrots.
Next to baby penguin will be fried beancurd and potato prawn.
I hope you will like today's lunch bento ^_^ Cheers! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bento#Feb17~Sesame Street Bert & Ernie

Let's meet Sesame Street character~Bert & Ernie~ Since I have done Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird before. Now can try out Bert and Ernie ^_^
I used the skin corn bread for Ernie face and nose. Crab stick for eyes and mouth.Freehand cut the nori for Ernie's hair and mouth. Small eyeballs used puncher to punch nori.
As for Bert, I used the corn bread for face and palm. Freehand cut the nori for hair (stick onto cheese and trace out using toothpick), mouth and eyebrows. Stick the crab stick to nori mouth. Used circle cutter to cut out white bread for eye balls and shirt colar. Freehand cut small cocoa bread for Bert shirt.
Some homebaked pineapple tarts. Honey cherry tomato and grapes. After done photo takings, my girl asked me where is Elmo? Gosh....looks like she wants the whole sesame street characters in her bento box ^_^ Cheers!