Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bento#Feb25~Princess Cinderella

My girl already can't wait for me to design another princess!!! Gosh.....hope you still like to see my princess theme bento ^_^ This time instead of using light cheese as face, I try out chicken ham. After done all the eyes details....Cinderella looks weird to me but I'm too tired to redo or change to light cheese =_=" Underneath the princess was red bean bun. Next to the bun have marshmallow, korea strawberry and box of raisin.
I draw Princess Cinderella on baking sheet then used scissor to cut out the egg sheet for hair by tracing the outline together with baking sheet. Put the face baking sheet on top of cooked chicken ham and used pen knife to cut. After done, I combine the hair and face together then lay on top of bbq cheese. Next, the tiny details for eyes!!! Gosh.....looks easy but I took quite some time to freehand trim the nori, The white part was crab stick, used scissor to cut as well the blue eggsheet. The white balls were fondants and the lips was crab stick. I cut; paste then stick here and there......until I skipped adding arms for her!!! Argh.....losing my patient after sticking cause the arms kept dropping even I spread mayo or add tiny cheese!!! Seem was due to bun, if is sandwich won't be a problem. Oh well, still not too bad right? Sorry for it :p
Well, I have done 3 princesses for my bento picture album collection!! Princess Aurora, Princess Snow White and today Princess Cinderella ^_^ Few more princesses to make.....gambateh!!! Thank you for reading my blog and hope you will like my Cinderella bento snack!! Cheers!  


  1. Will never get tired of your amazing Princess series! More please!!! so so pretty! doesnt look weird at all.

    1. hahaha....thanks for being supportive!! Will try my best to finished all Princess series :)


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