Friday, 31 May 2013

Bento#May31~Hello Kitty Pasta Lunch

Happy Friday!!! Today I'm at home preparing lunch for my kids ^_^ I made simple quick easy Hello Kitty pasta with tomato pasta sauce. I added extra honey cherry tomato while cooking the sauce. I made extra pasta cause I know this HK Bento box won't filled my daughter's tummy >_< 
The upper top container with HK deco ring, I put mashed hard boiled egg/mayo/tomato/cucumber salad. It was the balance salad for my lunch sandwiches so I add to the silicon cup. I cut strawberry HK face using bento tools cutter and add cucumber instead of apple as I don't have apple in my fridge =_=" Well, it turn out good looking too! Haha...The pink bow was kamaboko and some grapes underneath the strawberry HK :)
Here is my simple lunch sandwiches. I wrap some HK pasta with eggsheet and cut lines in the middle to let the tomato rose fits well. I used flower sandwich mould to pressed out the sandwiches and cut into half for decoration. Each sandwiches, I tied with green and pink soba noodles for pretty touched! I hope you will like today's bento lunches ^_^ Have a great weekend! Cheers!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bento#May28~Epic Hero

This morning I brought my two darling kids to watch "Epic The Movie 2013" at nearby cinema since is their school break ^_^ It was awesome movie if you asked my opinion. Funny and touching story! So for tonight's dinner meal, I thought of making Epic Hero "Nod" Young handsome soldier :p 
I mixed the rice with dark sweet sauce (little will do). Used cling wrap to made Nod's face. Freehand scissor cut out nori for the details. Nod wears green helmet so I used spinach vegie to replaced. Before I add the vegies, I add extra dark sauce for Nod's face shading.
Teriyaki chicken drumstick, carrots, stir-fried spinach, crabroll, quail egg and leave pasta for decoration. Egg sheet for EPIC wording using alphabet cutter. I hope you will like today's dinner meal ^_^ First attempt making Hero instead of Princess or Heroine :) Cheers!  

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Bento#May27~Strawberry Hello Kitty Head

Finally I've made strawberry onigiri that I always wanted to do ^_^ Instead of putting a girl face, I made Hello Kitty! Haha....can't helped it! Well, I just arranged whatever dishes that I've cooked for my family dinner. Not much choices in my freezer =_=" Looks like I need to go wet market tomorrow!!!
First, I shaped Hello Kitty onigiri using cling wrap and put aside. Next, mixed the rice with ketchup for strawberry head and shape it with cling wrap. In the middle try to pressed a hole so that HK onigiri can fits well in the middle part. Just use the cling wrap to avoid touching the rice or wears a plastic glove for combine the strawberry with HK. I used the cling wrap to do the makeover so that Strawberry HK Head looks natural ^_^
Before put the strawberry HK on the plate, I add one piece of plastic leave that I bought from bakery retail shop. Is very thin layer so it will easily stick on the onigiri. In this plate, I arranged french beans, potato, carrots, taiwanese sausages, kamaboko, spring roll, grapes and oranges.
Well, simple dinner meal and I hope you will like it ^_^ Cheers! 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Bento#May24~McDonald Birdie Kyaraben

It's Friday!!! Again I'm going to continue making the balance two McDonald HK from my collection. Today's dinner I made "McDonald Birdie HK" Simple dishes for my family dinner so I just arranged it on the plate :)
Here is the close up Birdie HK. I don't have any purple colour for the scarf so I used green soba. Also I can't stick well the egg sheet on HK shoulder so I don't actually like that part =_=" For not letting my daughter wait so I just leave it....
Pan-fried fish, egg with onion, stir-fried vegies, cherry tomato and tamagoyaki.
 I hope you will like my simple Birdie Hello Kitty kyaraben dinner and my kids having a short school break for 6 days. Yes!!! So happy that I can have my beauty sleep and no need to wake up at 6AM next week ^_^ 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bento#May23~Sanrio Chi Chai Monchan

Introducing another Sanrio character that I know my daughter will definitely love it!! Why? Because of the PINK colour ^_^ She just love pinkish coloured and no matter what kind of animals or things, as long she saw PINK will fall in love :)
When I browse Chi Chai Monchan image noticed mostly banana on top the pink monkey. And in this bento I changed to broccoli. Haha....due to I already prepare tamagoyaki at side and if I put banana (yellow) top and bottom will be too much EGGS for her :) So I skip that banana idea.
Mixed rice with Mizkan Colourful Osushi Pink and shape into onigiri. Trim out monkey face cheese with toothpick and punch nori for eyes. Freehand scissor cut out nori lips and add ketchup for the cheeks. Green soba for monkey tail.
Here is the Mizkan packet that I bought it from Singapore. Actually I wanted to buy Sakura Denbu but I saw this packet with pretty kawaii picture on it so give it a try for the taste. Turns out not too bad :) 
Side dishes contains kamaboko, checker apple, sausages, tamagoyaki , half quail egg (the other half at brother's bento) and broccoli. A packet of furikake (Hello Kitty) that I didn't put together for photo taking. 
I hope you will like today's lunch kyaraben. Cheers!  

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bento#May22~Hello Kitty Futomaki Sushi

My first attempt making this Hello Kitty Futomaki Sushi using newly bought HK sushi molds. I followed the steps by steps from Asia Food Recipe youtube. Click this LINK for viewing the video. I don't have the time to take pictures for the tutorial in the morning due to rushing time for sending kids to school and I off for work. 
In this lunch bento contains four HK Futomaki Sushi and really huge!!! My son not going to bring the balance HK Futomaki Sushi as I cut into 7 pieces. So the balance three will be my breakie ^_^
Side dishes have sweet corn, crabroll, stir-fried spinach with mushroom and some apple/oranges slices. I hope you will like this Hello Kitty Futomaki Sushi. 
Here is the after done bento box and HK sushi molds. Both items bought in Singapore during my day trip. I like the HK bento box that comes with another two smaller boxes. Lovely right? Cheers!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bento#May21A~Papa & Mama Bento

Opps....I was playing with my cutter and try to create something new instead of follow. I took out a butterfly cutter and start to create by adding this and that etc....End up I kind of like this look but totally what should I name them? All I can think was Papa & Mama. Papa with beard and Mama with pretty eyelashes :p
Let's meet Papa with beard. I cut out two small square corn breads add fillings between and put to the butterfly cutter then used fingers to pressed. Add a pick to secure the corn bread and cupcake. Next steps just create the eyes/nose using circle cutter and nori puncher.
Here is pretty Mama ^_^ Repeat all the steps same as Papa except no beard but lashes! Hehe...
I hope you will like this bento snack ^_^ I showed this photo to my hubby and asked his opinion. Guess what he replied? He said: Why the butterfly eyes on top? Oh time no more playing around or perhaps stick back to BUTTERFLY :) Cheers! 

Bento#May21~Mickey Love Minnie

Yesterday I saw my hubby's sister posted her pre-wedding studio photoshoot photos at her FB. So today's lunch I thought of making Mickey Love Minnie ^_^ But after done with my photo taking of this bento, I moved away Minnie head lower and Mickey kiss Minnie nose instead of mouth :p Better don't let her bring this kissing bento! Haha....too young!
Draw out Mickey and Minnie face to baking paper. Scissor cut out the face and lay on top of the boiled seaweed/kombu then use penknife to trim. Next, cut the cheese using toothpick and just finished all the details. I forgot to add white dots for Minnie's red bow  =_="
Chicken drummet using airfryer to cooked. Some broccoli, kamaboko and pretty Minnie kamaboko that I bought during my Singapore day trip. Few slices of oranges at the side.
I hope you will like this loveable kyaraben lunchbox ^_^ Cheers!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bento#May20A~Penguins & Chicks Kyaraben

Today I'm going to show you making cute bento snack when running out of lettuce or kids don't eat lettuce at all or perhaps want to make simple bento ^_^ As you can see, I made cute Penguins & Chicks in this bento box. Mostly using silicon food cups and barans.
A closer look of the kyaraben. To made the bread into balls, just trim away the bread corners/skin. Add your children favourite fillings and wrap it using cling wrap. The yellow bread was corn bread and the Penguins, I used wheat bread or if you have white bread would be better ^_^ To made it look like penguin, just scissor cut the nori for penguin head. I spread some honey and used the cling wrap to wrap again. Leave it for few second before removing the cling wrap. Next, arrange the silicon food cups and put the penguins/chicks inside the food cups. Punch the nori eyes and add kamaboko for mouth or you can use sausage/carrots etc. I secured the mouth with spaghetti strips (if your children too young to take away the spaghetti strips, just spread jam/mayo etc.)
Inside the chick container, I add some raisins. Some grapes and haw flakes.
I hope you will like this simple bento snack! Cheers!

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Bento#May20~Mickey & Minnie Mouse Lunch Bento

 Hello everyone! How's your weekend? As for me, I went to Singapore for shopping with my daughter and hubby bring my son to visit the Navy Open House. I bought new bento tools and mostly Hello Kitty :p Well, today I'm going to use my new Mickey food picks for my kids lunch :)
 Today's lunch bento very simple! I want to use the Mickey/Minnie nori packet that my sister gave me ^_^ So just made onigiri and paste nori on top! Top pink bento box is for my daughter and the bottom white bento box is for my son. Actually pretty easy to see which  bento box belongs to who! Hahaha....
Here is my daughter's lunch bento "Minnie Mouse" onigiri that I used star shape rice mold to shape it. Add nori at side & Minnie nori on top. Side dishes I put crabroll, kamaboko, sweet pea, carrots and spring roll. Leave pasta and Mickey picks for decoration.
 Same ingredients but I changed the nori to Mickey Mouse. Cut some kiwi fruits and grapes. I hope you will like this simple idea of today's lunch. Cheers! 
Here were the Mickey/Minnie Seaweed packets as well Pooh Bear Seaweed packets that my sister gave it to me when she went to Japan Disneyland trips. Thank you so much dearest sis <3
This is the Mickey food picks that I bought it from Singapore ^_^ 

Friday, 17 May 2013

Bento#May17~Hamburglar X Hello Kitty Dinner's Friday!!! Today's dinner meal I made Hamburglar X Hello Kitty Kyaraben for my daughter ^_^ She's so excited!! Anyway, I'm still not very good at Food Art. For those of you love to see more Food Art creation can visit Lee Samantha  blog! Just click her name as I've linked up.
Shape HK onigiri with HK rice mold. As for the body/hands, I used cling wrap to shape it. After done the onigiri, cut some nori strips and arrange to the onigiri body and hands. Next, arrange the HK head on the plate and followed by the body and the hands. Now can add the HK face details using HK face puncher. Next, add the red part crabstick. The yellow part I used cheese. As for the black bow also using nori to made :)
I tried to arranged broccoli as tree and carrot with mushroom as ground. The other sides, tomato fried eggs, steam fish meat, cherry tomato as roses and strawberries. Simple dinner kyaraben and I hope you will like it! Happy Weekend to all of you! Cheers!
Sharing the Hamburglar X Hello Kitty McDonald photo for you. Hugs!!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bento#May16~Ronald McDonald Hello Kitty Kyaraben

I know today is the final collection for McDonald HK in Malaysia so I thought of surprise my daughter of making Ronald McDonald HK kyaraben for her lunchbox ^_^ I Google search the image and followed. After done...I find that HK suits too long but I saw the image was like this so didn't bother to change =_=" After send them to school, on the way to my office my hubby dropby McDonald to purchase so when I open the box noticed the red shoe legs!!!! Argh.....I should have add the legs so the suits won't looked too long......
Well, in this bento lunchbox contains HK onigiri using HK rice mould to shape the head. As for the body and hands, I used cling wrapper to shape it. Yellow suits was made of egg sheet and the red part was made of crabstick. Pan-fried salmon, kamaboko, baby white cabbage, squid roll filled with eggsheet as french fries and the other one not sure what it call :p Is like fried spring roll. HK nori details I used HK puncher and the rest just penknife cut out the crabstick. 
Here is the Ronald McDonald Hello Kitty after went to purchased it and.....sob sob....the LEGS!!!
Anyway, here is how it looks like for my son bento lunchbox. I just arranged all the same ingredients as my daughter. I told him I'll sprinkle the furikake on top but he said it's ok. Looks like he's in good mood :D Hope you like today's lunchbox ^_^ Cheers!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bento#May15A~Sleepy Tweety Bird

My girl requested Tweety Bird for her snack so here it is...Sleepy Tweety Bird!! I don't want to use too much of the time on making Tweety Bird blue eyes so I thought of made a sleepy one....hehe....resting on the tree. I hope you will like this idea!
Draw Tweety Bird on baking/tracing paper then scissor cut out and lay on top of the cheese. I used toothpick to trim out the cheese. Once done, freehand cut out nori for all the details. The orange lips and legs were kamaboko or you can use carrot ^_^ After finished the bird details, I made peanut butter sandwich and add some lettuce and bread skin for tree branches. Put the Tweety Bird on top and add some flower/leaf picks next to it!
 I took some photo of it but when comes to adding the details for nori, I didn't take photos due to each cut out nori, I'll paste straight away on the cheese. Of cause I will face some difficulty or cut too thin/fat....I'll scissor cut again for better Tweety Bird outlines ^_^ 

Kamaboko as flower, honey cherry tomato and haw flakes. 
While taking girl came to me and check whether mummy making Tweety Bird? When saw it was correct, happily said: "Thanks mummy. You made the Tweety Bird exactly the same like the television show!" Aww....she so sweet and I'm so touched whenever she appreciates all my bento creation ^_^