Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bento#May21~Mickey Love Minnie

Yesterday I saw my hubby's sister posted her pre-wedding studio photoshoot photos at her FB. So today's lunch I thought of making Mickey Love Minnie ^_^ But after done with my photo taking of this bento, I moved away Minnie head lower and Mickey kiss Minnie nose instead of mouth :p Better don't let her bring this kissing bento! Haha....too young!
Draw out Mickey and Minnie face to baking paper. Scissor cut out the face and lay on top of the boiled seaweed/kombu then use penknife to trim. Next, cut the cheese using toothpick and just finished all the details. I forgot to add white dots for Minnie's red bow  =_="
Chicken drummet using airfryer to cooked. Some broccoli, kamaboko and pretty Minnie kamaboko that I bought during my Singapore day trip. Few slices of oranges at the side.
I hope you will like this loveable kyaraben lunchbox ^_^ Cheers!


  1. The cut out is really done very very!!! such a nice bento!!the kamaboko is a perfect match too! :D

    1. aww....thanks dear! purposely bought kamaboko for perfect touch :)

  2. haha~
    that's so funny of you. did you also remove the heart shaped cherry tomato too?
    i am not so keen to expose my girls to too much "adult themed" also.

    love your bento though!

    1. Hehe.... I didn't removed the cherry tomato coz not really heart shaped to me...no time to cut new one or amend it.

      Thanks for loving this bento!


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