Monday, 20 May 2013

Bento#May20A~Penguins & Chicks Kyaraben

Today I'm going to show you making cute bento snack when running out of lettuce or kids don't eat lettuce at all or perhaps want to make simple bento ^_^ As you can see, I made cute Penguins & Chicks in this bento box. Mostly using silicon food cups and barans.
A closer look of the kyaraben. To made the bread into balls, just trim away the bread corners/skin. Add your children favourite fillings and wrap it using cling wrap. The yellow bread was corn bread and the Penguins, I used wheat bread or if you have white bread would be better ^_^ To made it look like penguin, just scissor cut the nori for penguin head. I spread some honey and used the cling wrap to wrap again. Leave it for few second before removing the cling wrap. Next, arrange the silicon food cups and put the penguins/chicks inside the food cups. Punch the nori eyes and add kamaboko for mouth or you can use sausage/carrots etc. I secured the mouth with spaghetti strips (if your children too young to take away the spaghetti strips, just spread jam/mayo etc.)
Inside the chick container, I add some raisins. Some grapes and haw flakes.
I hope you will like this simple bento snack! Cheers!


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