Sunday, 28 July 2013

Bento, Monsters: Trudeau Fuel Giveaway

Bento, Monsters: Trudeau Fuel Giveaway: Trudeau Corp is kindly sponsoring the items for this giveaway. The items for giveaway are one stainless steel thermal container and one ...

Friday, 26 July 2013

Bento#July26~Geisha Gion Matsuri

~Geisha Kyaraben~
Recently saw Bento & Co posted many photos about Gion Matsuri Festival in Kyoto. It makes me feeling excited and can't wait to visit Kyoto and Osaka for my family trips! Kids are counting the days because this is their second trips taking airplane to oversea since Hong Kong in year 2009. Well, no joke for paying the high cost for a family trips especially taking airplane to oversea. This time my son and daughter have grown up (better than 4 years ago) They should be able to follow us and most importantly "WALKING" around ^_^

Okay, back to Gion Matsuri Festival. I made Geisha kyaraben and arranged to this beautiful Kokeishi Bento box. I wish could get the latest new Kokeishi Bento box too :p 
Don't they look lovely? Hehe....I'm sure some of you already saw Bento & Co. posted at Facebook page. Do check out their link for more information! Gosh....too pretty so I like to share it here and also I'm honor that Bento & Co. sharing some of my bentos at their Facebook page ^_^ Some Bento & Co. bento items on sale for 25% discount until 30th July 2013. Hurry check them out!!
For Geisha head, I added cheese inside to made onigiri and her body I mixed the rice with Mizkan Osushi Pink. Next, I made three small onigiri wrap with nori for hair buns then decorate with crabstick and cheese. Freehand scissor cut out nori for eyes and lashes then add tiny crabstick for white eye balls. Just a simple hair decoration and kimono for Geisha :p
For side dishes have chicken drumstick, stir-fried vegies and tamagoyaki rolled with ham/cheese/nori. Opps....I missed out the fruits =_="
~Geisha Kyaraben~
Well, this will be my last bento for month of July 2013. Hope you all will like this Geisha Kyaraben ^_^ Cheers!     

Monday, 22 July 2013

Sleepy Piggy Sushi Tutorial

Sleepy Piggy Sushi Tutorial

  • One fish sausage
  • Seaweed/nori sheet
  • Cooked rice or sushi rice
  • Pink furikake or ketchup
Step 1: Wrap the fish sausage with nori
Step 2: Made two semi circle for piggy eyes and triangles for ears
Step 3: Filled the pink rice on top and spread evenly then put the fish sausage middle
Step 4: Arrange the sleepy eyes next to fish sausage and make sure filled up the holes and cover all before roll.
Step 5: Time to rolled ^_^
 Step 6: Remember the two triangle for ears? Just cut out and stick them together with piggy after cut out the sushi. Sorry for one missing picture for the cut out triangle steps :p
Step 7: Now use the puncher to punch out the nori for the nose. Or you can freely cut out if don't have any puncher :)
 Step 8: After punch out the nori can decorate the piggy sushi. is the finishing touched with some decoration! Sleepy piggy sushi....time to wake up!!! Sunny up egg bright and shine waking the piggy :p Haha....
~Sleepy Piggy Sushi~
Well, hope you will like this tutorial ^_^ Cheers!

What I've used:

Bento, Monsters: Trudeau Fuel Giveaway

Bento, Monsters: Trudeau Fuel Giveaway: Trudeau Corp is kindly sponsoring the items for this giveaway. The items for giveaway are one stainless steel thermal container and one ...

Bento#July22~Sleepy Piggy Sushi Lunch

~Piggy Sushi~
 It's my kids school one month holidays ^_^ I woke up late today, don't have to wake up early to make bento for them so I can sleep longer......aww.... how nice :) Well, today I'm at home with my kids so I thought of making sushi for lunch! My daughter give me a helping hand while I can take some pictures of it. So why piggy sushi?? Hmm...because mummy can sleep longer even though the sun already bright and shine!!! Haha....
~Piggy Sushi tutorial~
Here is the simple "Piggy Sushi" tutorial pictures. Sorry for the low quality photo takings =_=" Looks like I need to learn photography too!! For more details, please click HERE
A closer look of the piggy sushi ^_^ This piggy sushi ideas from a Japanese sushi book. My 1st attempt making and still find it difficult to rolled =_=" Since at home so I arranged it on the plate and just add some decoration. Sleepy piggy sushi with a sunny up egg plus few flowers food art.
Well, do you like it? I hope you will ^_^ I tried to take few more pictures for better angle but my kids can't wait to eat their lunch. So, I need to make more for them....haha...

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Rilakkuma Bento Tutorial

Rilakkuma Bento Tutorial

Hello everyone, I'm going to post my Rilakkuma Bento tutorial pictures. Very simple steps if you want to make Rilakkuma ^_^
  • I used Rilakkuma Bento box
  •  Filled in the rice (dark sweet sauce mixed with rice) or fried rice if you preferred.
  •  Put some rice into the cling wrap for Rilakkuma nose/mouth

  • Slightly pressed the brown rice in the middle then put the white rice on top.

  • For Rilakkuma ears, take small amount of brown sweet rice made a ball and pressed flat. Made another white ball and combine on top of the brown rice.

  • Made two balls for Rilakkuma ears.

  •  Freehand scissor cut out nori/seaweed for the eyes, nose and mouth.
  •  Add Rilakkuma face features.
  •  Filled in the side dishes for another container.
So here is the finishing touch and ready for photo taking ^_^

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bento#July20~Rilakkuma Bento

~Rilakkuma Bento~
Next week onward will be my kids school term long holidays. Is their final year term holidays so meaning I will have a long break as well. Yay yay!!! No need to wake up early ^_^ 
Today, I tried out to use the instavideo to record Rilakkuma bento tutorial as well as taking some pictures of it. Just a simple tutorial and I'm sure without it, you can easily know how to made this Rilakkuma ^_^
~Rilakkuma Tutorial~
Here is the simple Rilakkuma tutorial step by step pictures. The brown rice was dark sweet sauce mixed with rice. For more details please refer HERE.
~Rilakkuma Bento~
For side dishes, I add stir-fried spinach with mushroom, chicken wrap seaweed, mayonnaise prawn(oven toasted) and carving apple leaf. I hope you will like this simple Rilakkuma Bento and wish you all have a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bento#July18~Totoro Futomaki Sushi (2nd attempt)

This is my 2nd attempt making Totoro!!! My daughter requested make sushi again so this round I search from youtube for the making (homework must do one night before). Since my daughter like "PINK" so this Totoro Futomaki also have pink!! Haha...but honestly see other people sharing the making looks easy but when comes to hands on....gosh...still tough =_="
Three huge Totoro Futomaki sushi all squeeze inside!! Haha....after all I don't have time to cooked more dishes, so just add tamagoyaki, sweet peas, carrots and fishball as white totoro. Opps....this time I forgot to add Totoro whiskers!! 

I hope you like this Totoro Futomaki Sushi bento lunch ^_^ Well, practice makes perfect so will try out again...and again....Cheers!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bento#July17~Gold Fish Kyaraben Dinner

Today's post will be food art!! May be some of you already saw my photo or even simple video clip from Instagram ^_^ This is my normal cooking dishes as I'm not an expert on cooking or write pardon me for my humble dishes :p In this dinner plate have stir-fried vegetables with carrots, pan-fried pork cutlet, mashed potatoes and some cherry tomato/cucumbers for decoration.
The rice wrapped with cling wrap and I use flower cutter to shaped it. Removed the cling wrap and add furikake at side. Next, I mashed the potatoes that I boiled with some salt. Strain the water then mashed it. I don't like to add extra taste/flavours to my mashed potatoes so please do follow your own preference or recipe ^_^ Freehand cut out the nori details and add carrots for mouth and the flower cheeks were from the furikake packet.
So do you like my food art designed? Hehe....hopefully you like the cute gold fish :p Cheers!      

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Bento#July16~Totoro Sushi

~Totoro Sushi~
Totoro sushi is one of my to do lists but never get the courage to make it! Today's lunch I thought of give it a try but it turn out so messy =_=" I spend quite some time to amend so end up no time to add the body strips :( Sorry for the cheated strips using the photoscape software to drew out :p
Sausage and fishballs turn into Totoro. I just add nori, cheese and the cut out fishballs to made their eyes. Broccoli, crabroll, eggsheet as flower and half soy egg卤蛋. Actually, I wanted to make use of the soy egg to make another Totoro but again lack of time :(
Totoro sushi made from black sesame mixed with rice and some seasoning.
Eyes made from Konnyaku Yam cake rolled with nori
Whiskers: Freehand cut out nori

Practice makes perfect!! Going to try again ^_^ Cheers!  

Monday, 15 July 2013

Bento#July15~Cute Kittens Inari Monday already?? I still wish is Sunday :p Woke up this morning feeling tired and nothing much to prepare or cook for today's lunch box >_< But I wanted to use NEW Monbento box that I bought it yesterday at Liang Court Singapore. As you can see quite empty without adding any lettuce or I should have add wax paper first =_=" Early morning brain still sleeping mode....haha...didn't that much!!
Luckily still have left overnight rice so I can made inari for her lunch today! Kitten made from carrots, nori, rice and inari skin. I add toasted spaghetti strips for their whiskers :) Three different eyes expression that I just freely cut out the nori.
For side dishes, I add three food cups and filled with broccoli with fishball (Hello Kitty), carving apple leaf and sausages cut into heart shape and add kitten nori using puncher. I also bought 3 in 1 utensils comes with few colours from our local shop "Mr. DIY" To match with Monbento box, I add pink & white utensils ^_^ Well, hope you will like this simple cute kittens lunch! Cheers! 

Bento Tools:
  monbento bentos & accessories

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bento#July13~Kawaii Doll Kyaraben

Today you will be reading my 300th post! Yes!! Is 300th posts that I can't believed it had reached the blog milestones. I started blogging as journey to kept sweet memories as a diary for my children after started making bento in year 2010 month of August. But I started to blog in year 2012 also in month of August ^_^ 
Thank you so much for my followers and readers! I've learned so much and met many expert bento bloggers from here. You all were the best!
So here is my last night kyaraben dinner for myself ^_^ My daughter can't wait for me after she smell and saw all the dishes already cooked. Haha...end up the dinner bento belongs to ME!
Well, I followed the image from the kawaii girl bento box but slightly made some changes by adding hairband and holds Hello Kitty as pillow :p
A closer looked of the Kawaii Doll & Hello Kitty
Kawaii Doll Kyaraben : Tomato ketchup mixed with rice use cling wrap to shaped and freehand cut out nori for details.
Hello Kitty as pillow : Fishball but already in oval shape. Punch out nori for details and eggsheet for nose.
Stir-fried spinach with fishballs (I took it to made Kitty), breadcrumb prawn and tamagoyaki wit nori. Apricot, strawberry, grape and cherry tomato at another food cup. Sweet corn soup was last night dinner but the bento box wasn't enough room for me to add so I just extract the sweet corn and decorate as flower to the spinach ^_^ The middle flower was carrot (from the soup).
Kawaii Doll Kyaraben
Underneath the Hello Kitty rice was mixed with pink furikake and decorate flowers as blanket. The yellow flowers, I used flower cutter to cut the eggsheet. To made it nicer, I add red food picks and cucumber as leaves plus carrots for orange touch ^_^
I hope you will like this Kawaii Doll Kyaraben. I liked this pretty bento box that my sister helped me bought from Osaka. For your information, I saw Bento & Co. have similar design "Matryoshka Bento" and now their website extended the sale EVERYTHING 20% OFF by entering the code to received the discount ^_^ So tempting.......and I've placed my ordered!! If you like to see more of their awesome bento boxes etc. Click HERE!! Happy Shopping & Cheers!