Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bento#July17~Gold Fish Kyaraben Dinner

Today's post will be food art!! May be some of you already saw my photo or even simple video clip from Instagram ^_^ This is my normal cooking dishes as I'm not an expert on cooking or write pardon me for my humble dishes :p In this dinner plate have stir-fried vegetables with carrots, pan-fried pork cutlet, mashed potatoes and some cherry tomato/cucumbers for decoration.
The rice wrapped with cling wrap and I use flower cutter to shaped it. Removed the cling wrap and add furikake at side. Next, I mashed the potatoes that I boiled with some salt. Strain the water then mashed it. I don't like to add extra taste/flavours to my mashed potatoes so please do follow your own preference or recipe ^_^ Freehand cut out the nori details and add carrots for mouth and the flower cheeks were from the furikake packet.
So do you like my food art designed? Hehe....hopefully you like the cute gold fish :p Cheers!      


  1. I love the gold fish, they r so adorable!!
    another good idea to decorate the food in such way, I think I should try this way 1 day. I got to get a nice plate 1st, hehe :P

    1. Happy that you like the gold fish... Michelle ^_^ Look forward to your food art and I'm sure very creative as well yummy!

  2. Your gold fish are adorable and your presentation on the plate is wonderful.:)

  3. The goldfish are adorable!! I'm going to try this with sushi sometime :)


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