Friday, 30 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct30~Angry Birds Bento

Have you watch the official teaser trailer of "Angry Bird Movie"? My daughter can't wait to watch the movie but still long way to go because release date on May 2016 =_=" Well, she can get her bento from me :D So I make a female angry bird in blue colour.

Today the school extended the school hours for replacement lessons (When there is no school for the past few weeks due to bad haze) so I need to prepare lunch for them ^_^
A closer look of the female blue bird and smaller male blue bird on top ^_^ To make the rice blue, I use butterfly pea flower extract mix with rice. Freehand scissor cut out the nori details, carrot for beak, crabstick (white) for eyeballs and red part for ribbon and underneath eyeballs.

For side dishes have broccoli, panda chicken wraps, yam samosa, grapes and ketchup (Monbento sauce container).

I hope you like today's sharing and wish you all have a blessed coming weekend ^_^

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct29~Korilakkuma & Kiiroitori Ghost Bento

Halloween just around the corner.... are you ready? Although I don't celebrate it but my kids school will have the Halloween Costume competition every year ^_^ This year my daughter won't be participate for the costume so I shall make Halloween Theme bento :D 
I made Hello Kitty Ghost before so this round I make Korilakkuma & Kiiroitori instead. What do you think? 

A closer look at the Korilakkuma in white and Kiiroitori as usual in yellow ^_^ As you can see Korilakkuma ears make of hard boiled egg white, I add punch out nori skull. To make Kiiroitori yellow, I mix the rice with hard boiled egg yolk (half), carrot for beak and nori details. Fill up the rest with spinach and I add cherry tomato for the Happy Halloween pick!

Reheat the overnight chicken curry from last night dinner and I add on to the thermos lunch box. 

By the way, I'm so excited and appreciate with lots of love to all who have been supportive in my Instagram account ^_^ I noticed that I have hit 10K followers at my IG!! Hugs & kisses to you all xoxo I'll continue update my blog and FB page although I don't get a lot of followers there :D Gambateh!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct28~Pooh & Tigger Cherry Tomato

Try my best not to do rice kyaraben for her every day bento so today's Winnie the Pooh & Tigger make of cherry tomatoes. At first, I want to use potatoes for Pooh but notice my fridge still have cherry tomatoes so give it try :) A little bit tricky to play the cherry tomato when I try to add the nori but I don't have extra time to change ingredients. 

A closer look of the yellow cherry tomato "Winnie the Pooh" and orange cherry tomato "Tigger" ^_^ Underneath the rice, I mix some furikake and arrange spinach for decoration. 

For side dishes have gyoza, scallion pancake and ketchup at Pooh sauce container. 

I hope you like today's bento sharing ^_^ Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct27~Sleepy Rilakkuma & Friends

Sleepy San-X Rilakkuma and friends for today's bento ^_^ How I wish that I'm one of them can continue my beauty sleep Zzz..... So tired and forever no ending tasks to do everyday =_=" But after done the bento for my girl, especially with cute characters will make me feel great and no longer tired :D Looks like by looking at cute stuffs will brighten up each day! No wonder every night my daughter will asked me: "Mummy, what's for tomorrow? Can you make this and so on.... etc" Aww.....melts my heart <3 
Here's the close up Rilakkuma and friends. 

Rilakkuma: To make brown rice, just mix the rice with dark sweet sauce.
Korilakkuma: Rice, nori details and crabstick (I don't have kamaboko for pink touch)
Kiiroitori: Egg sheet, nori details and crabstick.

For side dishes have pan-fried fish fillets, broccoli and baby corns. (*I pack the grapes separately for her desserts)

I hope you like today's sharing bento. Have a lovely day!

Monday, 26 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct26~Hello Kitty Tamago Bento

What's for her bento lunch today? I try to make some thing simple and cute at the same time for this Hello Kitty thermos lunch box since limited space. This round I make use of the tamagoyaki to create Hello Kitty ^_^ 

A closer look of the Tamagoyaki Hello Kitty :) Pretty simple right? I'm sure you can create any characters ^_^

For side dishes have chicken sweet soy sauce with carrots and I add some sauce at the sauce container. Another container will fills with grapes (my girl's favourite)

Hope you like this simple Hello Kitty Tamago bento.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct22~Snoopy sister Belle Bento

I bought new toy for my Tomica collections ^_^ Look at Snoopy sister "Belle" pretty and long eyelashes!!! My girl said: "Mummy, make Belle bento instead of Snoopy :D" So here you go.... my first attempt making "Belle" as Tomica car shape.
Here is my closer look Belle! Underneath Belle is pea sprout with goji-berry (goujizi). To make pink rice, I mix some sakura denbu and shaping using cling wrap. Freehand scissor cut out the nori details and I left out making the car screen pink :)

For side dishes have chicken cheese donuts and potato wedges.

I hope you like today's sharing bento ^_^ 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct21~Bon Bon Ribbon Bento

My girl requested Bon Bon Ribbon character for her bento ^_^ So what usually most mother will do or perhaps father (that make bento) surely try our best right? 

I cook some macaroni for their lunch and I make Bon Bon Ribbon out of rice using rice mould. Save me a lot of time :D

Here's the close up Bon Bon Ribbon. I mix the rice with some sakura denbu for pink touch and cut out the crabstick using the provided cutter from Bon Bon Ribbon rice mould set :) Nori for the details.

For the side dishes have oven homebaked chicken fillets, spring roll with some mayo on top.

I hope you will like today's bento. Have a lovely day and thank you for the visit ^_^

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct20~My Neighbor Totoro Bento

Do you like Totoro? I'm sure most of you will love it! 

During the school holidays, I watched "My Neighbor Totoro" movie together with my girl at home. It was super cute whenever Totoro scene appear especially the sleeping part ^_^ So here I make Totoro bento for her lunch. 
Here is the closer look of the Totoro. I mix the rice with black sesame powder to create grey in colour. Shape the Totoro using cling wrap and arrange into the lunch box. White rice for tummy and freehand scissor cut out the nori details. I use oval shape cutter to cut out the hard boiled quail egg (white part) for Totoro white eye then I add some mayo to let it stick on the rice. As for other parts like the ears and legs, I secure with spaghetti. Lastly, I will fill up pea sprout along the side of Totoro.

As for side dishes have pandan chicken wraps, quail eggs, baby corn and grapes.

I hope you will like today's sharing ^_^ 

Monday, 19 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct19~Halloween Pumpkin Deco Sushi

Simple deco sushi for lunch ^_^ I make these pumpkin deco sushi for my daughter's Halloween theme bento lunch. It looks easy from the Japanese sushi book tutorial but when comes to hands-on =_=" Anyway, I don't have the fishcake for the mouth so I use Japanese cucumber instead :) Still look good right? 

To make the rice orange in colour, I mix the rice with furikake or you may use ketchup :) Japanese cucumber for the eyes/nose/mouth. Wrap the cucumber with nori then only arrange to make into pumpkin.

For side dishes have potato cheese croquette, broccoli and chikuwa. Freehand scissor cut out the nori to make a bat and put on top of the cheese. 

I hope you like this simple Pumpkin Deco Sushi. 

Friday, 16 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct16~Girl Onigiri Kokeshi Bento

One week school holidays break will be over soon and I'm happy kids back to school next week but the sad part is I got to wake up early =_=" Oh well, I made this girly bento for my last night dinner. Inspired by my dear friend Tata-chan from BonitaFood of her cute smiley curly girl bento using food picks as decoration at her Instagram account (click the highlight link to view). Think about it, I have quite a lot of picks just hiding inside the store cabinets :p
Here's the close up girl onigiri that I made two but the other one is hiding behind :D The front girl onigiri with blue bunny pick on top and I coated with chicken floss as hair and yellow fondant as nose. Punch out nori for the face features and I added red pick for ribbon.
Last night dishes for my family have stir-fried milk cabbage with squids and carrots, steamed minced pork with egg, spam meat that I used prawn cutter and lastly mushroom soup.
I hope you like this simple dinner food art. Happy Friday!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rilakkuma Deco Mashed Potato Steamed Buns

It's baking time since I have some orange sweet potatoes to make deco steamed pao ^_^ This round I make Rilakkuma using the same recipe but just add some cocoa powder for brown colour. To view the recipe can visit HERE my previous Winnie The Pooh Deco Steamed Buns.
I prepared the dough at late evening while cooking dinner for my family. Well, I'm happy that the dough rise up well and time to shape into Rilakkuma. On the other hand, my girl already helped me rolled the red beans into 12 balls each ball is 10g for the pao fillings. Each dough I use 40g for each ball and I make sure have balance dough to the ears ^_^  
To make brown dough, I mix some cocoa powder to the natural dough. This took me quite some time to knead it until smooth. (*Sorry that I didn't use any measurement for the cocoa powder, all base on the brown colour that I prefer)
To make black detail simply add the natural dough with some charcoal powder and knead until smooth. 
The balance black dough just nice to create Jiji Cat ^_^ While steaming, the pao skin not as smooth as the Rilakkuma =_="
I hope you will like this Rilakkuma Deco Steamed Buns. Happy Thursday! 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Halloween Hello Kitty Pumpkin Foodart

This week will stayed at home with my kids due to their one week school mid term break but will drop by when office need me ^_^ I'm so lucky working with my dad if not I won't be able to take so many days leave =_="
Yesterday we had our lunch outside so today I just cook simple dishes to fill up their tummy :D I noticed have some orange sweet potatoes so why not steamed it and make some foodart. The balance mashed potatoes can make into deco steamed buns! Hope I'm not lazy later after update today's blog. Lol!
Here's the close up Hello Kitty on pumpkin made of mashed sweet potatoes. Freehand scissor cut out nori details for the black hat, black ribbon with bat and face features. Cheese to support the nori and Kitty-chan nose. Divide into three to make the pumpkin and add nori face details ^_^
Side dishes have pan-fried potato wedges, chicken star nuggets, baby cabbage with squids and lastly I add one packet of furikake to cover up the white background plate.

Hope you like it and have a lovely day!

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct08~Caring Bear Bento

Some thing cute for her lunch instead of continue making Halloween theme ^_^ This round I will make a brown bear that likes sea creatures (using food picks). It's easy to make your theme bento by adding few cute picks! Think about it, I hardly use lots of food picks for my bento nowadays.... unless is the ribbon picks :D 

Here's the closer look of my brown bear make of rice onigiri coat with chicken floss. Nori for the details! Arrange the bear first then slowly cover up the rest of the dishes (baby cabbage, carrots, ginger chicken, quail eggs and grapes)
I hope you like today's sharing and guess what? Next week is my kids school one week break not because of the bad haze but mid term break =_=" Anyway, I might have time spending on baking....hehehe.....

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct07~Halloween Spirited Away No-Face

My 2nd Halloween Bento for this year ^_^ Do you know which Japanese animated film from the bento above? I'm sure very easy right? It is from "Spirited Away" character called as "No-Face (Kaonashi)" and "Bou" (Yubaba's son that turn into a mouse).
Here's the close up characters. To create "No-Face" nori, you may draw on a baking paper first and trim out together with nori. I skip it by just freehand scissor cut out the nori :p Opps! Cheese for the No-Face with nori details as well ^_^ To create "Bou", simply mix the mashed potato with little bit of charcoal powder to make it grey. Finish off with nori details! Lastly, I add two "Sootballs" and I followed the picture from Google search image.
For side dishes have pandan chicken wraps, fishballs (bats nori on top) and grapes.

I hope you like my Spirited Away for Halloween Theme bento. 

Have a great day and thank you for your visit!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct01~Hello Kitty Mashed Potato

Yay! Kids back to school today although the haze still bad this morning. I was at home on leave to stayed with my kids for the past two days (main job is to cook and make sure they don't just PLAY but revision). So what's for today lunch bento? I can't think of any idea but I want to try out playing with the mashed potato using the cream flower mould ^_^ (saw it at Snapdish)  

Here's the close up Hello Kitty mashed potato. Underneath is rice with some chicken floss. Honestly, this is my first attempt using the cream flower mould for the potato and is not easy compare to icing cream =_=" I took quite some time to squeeze out the mashed potato because some flower shape not nice so I redo. Freehand scissor cut out the nori details for Hello Kitty, nose make of corn and crabstick for the red bow.
For side dishes have spinach, fish balls in Hello Kitty design and gyoza.
I hope you like today's sharing bento. Have a lovely day and hope the weather will be better.