Friday, 16 October 2015

Bento2015#Oct16~Girl Onigiri Kokeshi Bento

One week school holidays break will be over soon and I'm happy kids back to school next week but the sad part is I got to wake up early =_=" Oh well, I made this girly bento for my last night dinner. Inspired by my dear friend Tata-chan from BonitaFood of her cute smiley curly girl bento using food picks as decoration at her Instagram account (click the highlight link to view). Think about it, I have quite a lot of picks just hiding inside the store cabinets :p
Here's the close up girl onigiri that I made two but the other one is hiding behind :D The front girl onigiri with blue bunny pick on top and I coated with chicken floss as hair and yellow fondant as nose. Punch out nori for the face features and I added red pick for ribbon.
Last night dishes for my family have stir-fried milk cabbage with squids and carrots, steamed minced pork with egg, spam meat that I used prawn cutter and lastly mushroom soup.
I hope you like this simple dinner food art. Happy Friday!

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  1. Very sweet bento! Very creative to use chicken floss for hair!


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