Monday, 31 December 2012

Bento#Dec08~End of Year 2012 Bento

Are you ready to count down and welcome the New Year 2013? As I'm cooking special dinner for my family tonight ^_^ Its pretty easy to see which characters meals belong to who....hehehe...This is quite challenging tasks for me to make all four bentos!!! As my vegies already turn yellow :( Anyway, all of us sat together and enjoyed the happy meals with lots of laughter!! Hope you all had a wonderful meal together with your loved ones too!!
This is my darling daughter's meal~Piano the sheep~ My Melody's friend. I didn't freehand cut the nori sheep. I just used the ready nori that bought from Japan, add on top of the onigiri. I used triangle rice mould to shape.
This is the closer look of the "Piano the sheep" onigiri with pretty flower and heart nori. Underneath the onigiri was stir fried green bean sprout with garlic.

As for the side dishes, I stewed chicken wings, potatoes, carrots and fresh button mushrooms. Arranged it and lastly add some apples with heart shape forks.
Guess for who? This is for my darling son's meal. As he prefers less cute design so I just add seaweed sprinkles surrounded the onigiri and on top as well. After making his meals and took pictures only realized the rice seem too little for him so I add more for him. 
I cut checker apple for my son's meal ^_^ Just a simple design meal with pick and animals baran for celebrating last day of year 2012!
Next, bunny for ME!!! My first time make bento for myself ^_^ This bunny shape rice mould bought from Tokyo too! You can actually purchase online or for those who are lucky can shop on the spot at own country. During my trips in Japan, I shopped like crazy when I saw it!!! Well, all the side dishes are the same. I just arranged it :D 
I freehand cut the bunny eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tail. 
So far, which meals do you prefer?? Next one will be my hubby's meal....
This one for my hubby's meal ^_^ No special design but with lots of loved inside :) I used the flower shape rice mould to shape the rice. In middle hole, I add the vegies. Next, just arrange all the potatoes, carrots and fresh button mushroom beside it.
Well, all four meals done. Hope you all like today's special dinner. Will start busy again for my daughter's bento when the school reopen soon. Happy Blessed New Year 2013 to all of you!! 


  1. Such cute onigiri! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Jean :) Happy New Year to you and family too! Cheers!


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