Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bento#Dec07~Bears with TQ

Hello everyone!! I've good news to share with you. First, I must thank you for voting my Hello Kitty Santa that I've submitted my blog links at Bento Blog Network for BOTW65~Christmas. Appreciate so much those who have voted and I will continue submit an entry for the coming event at bento Blog Network :) I can't wait to receive my new special blog button. Here I make a quick bento to said "TQ" with two lovely bears.   
You can find the making at step by step under Star shape bread but I'm using the bear rice mould to do. I trim away the wholemeal bread skins and add blueberries jam in the middle then fold to closed. Next I put onto the bear mould then pressed. As the wholemeal bread wasn't big enough, I just cut small piece from another piece of bread to filled the holes or parts that need to be cover ^_^. The bear eyes, nose and mouth used puncher to cut out from nori. As for the paws, you can used paw puncher or other tools. But I just freehand cut the nori :p Next, deco with lovely picks and "TQ" for the votes.
Here are the tools I used for this simple bento. 

My kids school holidays end soon and the new year 2013 begin....will start busy making bentos for my girl!! As for my son...already big boy, he prefers his bento without any design :D So save me a lot of time but I still pack for him. Hope you all enjoy the count down and have fun!! Here I wish you all Blessed Happy New year 2013  

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