Sunday, 23 December 2012

Bento#Dec06~Pretty Santa Girl with candy

Ho ho ho...I can feel the Christmas moods!!! I'm making Christmas lunch for my girl as I can't wait to use the Hello Kitty plate that I've bought it yesterday :p The pretty santa girl idea was from my handphone Christmas theme. I can't helped it the innocent look of the little santa girl with candy! She's just adorable so I'm going to copy :p
Here is the photo that I capture from my handphone. Isn't she adorable?? 
Santa girl make from mashed potato and freehand cut the nori for her eyes and mouth. The hair I used inari skin and her dress was crab stick. The candy also crab stick and I took the red part to curl up the stick and secured with spaghetti strip to the cooked rice. The cooked rice was mixed with nori sprinkles and boiled broccoli then used flower mould to make as Christmas wreath. Next I decorated the wreath with some broccoli and small circles crab sticks as well eggsheets by using cutter to cut. So how do I arranged it? First, must arranged the wreath rice in the middle then only arranged the mashed potato for Santa girl head then her body. Next, I put the crab stick candy then mashed potato hand to hold. Slowly finished with her hair, hat and ribbons.
This Hello Kitty plate set comes with a bowl but I didn't cooked any soup so no photo taking :D The kitty cup, I poured Yakult drink for her dessert and the chicken wings wrapped with mickey foil.
I cut the apple as Christmas tree and decorate with pick. Boiled some Christmas pasta too so just arranged around. The boiled carrots used mould cutter to cut it and the eggsheet, I cut into strips then tied a knot to decorate :)
Here are the bento tools that I've used. 

Hope you all will like today's Christmas lunch ^_^ Wished everyone~Blessed Christmas~


  1. Wow really nice & Creative of ur christmas bento! I love it very much !!!!

    1. Thanks Bento Berries for the lovely comment :)


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