Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bento#Oct31~Mavis Vampire

Hello everyone! Today I'll be posting my finale Halloween theme bento~Mavis Vampire~ My kids loved to watched this animation movie, did you all watch it too? It was so hilarious and I did made a dinner plate foodart for my older post. Click HERE to view ^_^ 

  • Mavis made from mashed potato and nori 
  • Bottom of the box filled with rice and covered with sweet minced pork and mashed potato for yellow backview with nori details!
For another bento box contain: stir-fried shimeji mushroom with okra, pork patty and checker apple. Lastly, I added some Halloween picks to matched this theme ^_^
I hope you will like today's Halloween theme bento! And my daughter going to disguise as vampire for this year Halloween school costume celebration ^_^ Have a great day to you all! Hugs! 

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Bento#Oct25~Goldfish Bento's Friday!! Today's post will be "Goldfish Bento" that I wanted to tried out for so long....seen this ideas from Pinterest, Blogger, FB friends! Finally I managed to made it on Wednesday lunch (I didn't post due to Monbento reviews). To matched my "Goldfish Bento" theme bento, I packed with my new kawaii Oyako Kingyo box (bought from Bento&Co). I love this bento box so much like though mama fish take care of baby fish ^_^  To view more this beautiful Oyako Kingyo box click HERE! Note: This is not a review! Just my side of sharing!
A closer look of my red goldfish ^_^ I cut the cherry tomato into half, one half as body and the other half as tails. Cheese and nori for eyes and mouth! Not forgetting pretty eye lashes for female goldfish :p
Another angle of the red goldfish :) The blue rice made of blue pea flower mixed with rice. Air fryer chicken wings for side dishes, also cut the quail egg and carve the cucumber as leaf. Lastly, I add some picks!
As for the small Oyako Kingyo bento box, I add some grapes, flower marshmellow and ketchup at My Melody sauce container. I hope you will enjoy reading today's Goldfish Bento ^_^ I'll be away for next week! Taking a short break with my dearest mum & sis and leave my two precious kids to my dear hubby :p

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bento#Oct24~Halloween Witch

Opps....been making lots of Halloween theme bento lately!! Hope you don't get bored :p Yesterday posted HK Witch so today will be pretty girly witch ^_^ Simple Halloween theme and pretty easy to made! Just need a hard boiled egg for the face and pink soba for hair. I don't have other flavours soba except green soba & pink soba. So the green soba goes to my son's lunchbox, wherelse pink definitely goes to my girl lunchbox :D
Cut half for the hard boiled egg for witch face and put on top of the pink soba. Witch hat made of cheese and nori (sadly was a bit big). Hand made of cheese that I used cutter. Freehand scissor nori cut for all the face featured :) Add some red spot using food gel for cheeks!
For side dishes: Flower sausage, edamame, sweet plum and sauce for the pink soba at Kitty-chan sauce container. Extra Halloween touched by adding Halloween picks! Well, I hope you will like today's Halloween theme bento ^_^ Cheers!

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Monbento review : HK Witch or HK Pumpkin

Today's post I'm going write a review of Monbento that they kindly send me one MB Original Sakura Bento box ^_^ Yay!!! Love this bento box so much and happy to be part of this affiliate team. Well, I've done many bento/kyaraben using Monbento boxes. If you go to their website under "shop" can see many awesome products and can even customized your own bento ^_^ Click HERE to view more!
I love the soft texture of Monbento box! Pretty Sakura designed and coloured matched it so unique! Check out the details below:
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hermetique
  • Airtight 
  • BPA Free
  • Food Grade
 This MB Original Sakura contain two bento boxes. I will make used of the two tier Monbento and design my cute version Halloween theme ^_^ So let's see what I've made....
Here is my cute version of Halloween theme! It's Hello Kitty character as always on my top lists! Haha.... Let me explain more from the photo below:
The 1st tier MB Original Sakura contains the main character "Hello Kitty Witch & Hello Kitty Pumpkin" costume party!! Both Kitty-chan made from mashed potato. Pumpkin costume made from mashed carrot & potato, nori for details. Witch hat made from nori & cheese and finished up with nori frizzy hair ^_^ The black background of the rice, I mixed the rice with black sesame powder and arranged lettuce at the bottom. So which character you prefer? HK Witch or HK Pumpkin? 
2nd tier MB Original Sakura contains: grapes, chicken wrapped seaweed, stir-fried sweet potato leave and MB sauce cup (bought from Japan) contain ketchup inside ^_^ Lastly, I add Halloween picks! 
If you like this Monbento Box or other colour designed can always go and visit their website! This Hello Kitty costume designed bento not only for school lunch but can be used at anywhere! I don't have MB cutlery to match my theme but managed to find same theme colours cutlery! I hope you like my today's review about Monbento as well my HK Witch & HK Pumpkin costume party theme bento! To view my previous bento using Monbento, I've the lists below for your reference! Don't forget to leave me some comments! I would love to hear from you! Or may be you can just SHARE my post if like ^_^ Cheers!

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bento#Oct22~Kitty Spaghetti Bento

Quick and easy Kitty Spaghetti Bento for today's post ^_^ Leafover night minced pork so I reheat it. Boiled some spaghetti and arrange it into the bento box. I packed tomato pasta sauce at separate container for my girl to mix when she ready to eat :) Quail Hello Kitty egg for extra kawaii touch :p
Decorate the cooked spaghetti with nori details and toasted spaghetti for whiskers (over toasted so I removed it before I cover it ^_^) No time to toast again so just leave it :D Well, I hope you will like it! Happy Tuesday!

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Bento#Oct21~Panda Makisushi

It's Monday!! Making Panda Makisushi ^_^ My 1st attempt using panda sushi mould to made and still find it hard to control  =_=" Looks like need more practice!!! 

Panda : Rice mixed with sushi seasoning
Black : Rice mixed with sesame powder and sushi seasoning

I add some Japanese sweet sauce into Monbento sauce container ^_^ Sweet plum and strawberry with kawaii panda pick and leaf pick! 

Four panda makisushi for each bento box (my son & daughter). I didn't cut big piece so was just nice can cut into 8 makisushi ^_^ I hope you will like today's post! Cheers!  

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bento#Oct19~Wednesday Addams Bento

Did you all visit my yesterday post "Frightful Fall Hop"? If you have missed it, click HERE to view all 44 amazing blogs Halloween creation done by Bento Bloggers & Friends. I did a cute version Wednesday Addams yesterday so today's post will be serious looking Wednesday that actually did it last week lunch bento ^_^ 

Wednesday Addams : Rice & Nori
Hair : Cheese & Nori
Creepy hands: Crab stick
Side dishes : Spinach, cherry tomato, chicken, apple, tamagoyaki with nori.

I hope you will like it but my daughter not used to it that's why I made another cuter version for her dinner (posted yesterday). 

Happy Weekend! 

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