Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bento#Nov17~Gingerbread man

Simple snack for my girl~Gingerbread Man~ Bought some mini cheese breads so just add "gingerbread man" for decoration ^_^
 Bought this cookies cutter quite some time so decided to used it. Just take a piece of white bread and you can cut out 4 pieces of gingerbread man :)
 I crushed some green fondant and purple fondant. Spread some mayo to the bread then sprinkle the fondant. Add the eyes with small round fondant and the buttons as well. Used cute picks to secure the gingerbread man together with the cheese breads.
I prepared tamagoyaki, cherry tomato, grapes and a box of raisin. Cheers!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Bento#Nov16~Dear Daniel & Kitty White

Today's lunch I make Dear Daniel with Hello Kitty ^_^ 
I used hello kitty rice mould to make their face. I pressed away the ribbon shape since Dear Daniel is a male. To make Dear Daniel body, I mixed the rice with blue pea flower and take plastic foil to pressed out the shapes. Both of them holding hands as I find that Hello Kitty hand still not well pressed :p Add the crabmeat for dress and bow. Used puncher to pressed out the eyes and whiskers. Nose is egg and I freehand cut out Dear Daniel hair and Kitty White eyelashes :) 
I make two tone tamagoyaki and wasn't clear enough as the eggyolk seem not dark enough :( I cut them into half to make it heart shape and add small crabmeat heart shape. Fishball and star fishball next to it with pretty kitty picks!
Lastly, small mandarin orange and cherry tomato :) Hope you al will like today's bento. Have a wonderful weekends!
Here are the bento tools!!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bento#Nov15~Queen Bee

Today's lunch ~ Queen bee ~ loved flowers....My fridge running out of vegies and these few days been taking care of my girl. Hope she get well soon.
Well, I slice small piece from a hard boiled egg for queen bee face then cut from nori for eyes, nose, lips and hair. Before add the bee, I mixed the rice with japanese food sprinkle and used flower rice mould to pressed. The middle yellow part was egg yolk with some mayo. Put the flower first then only can deco the bee head and body :)
 I boiled some crabmeat rolls, bunny pasta and edamame beans. I rolled the crabmeat rolls with sweet bean curd/inari skin as flowers :) Finished with some bee picks!! Hope you all will like this bento too ^_^ Have a great day!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bento#Nov14~Santa Girl wih Santa Claus

My girl not feeling well so I'm on leave stay at home with her. Since I'm at home, I going to make Chirstmas bento again! This time will be cute santa girl with Santa Claus ^_^
Santa girl is cooked rice. Just make a round ball shape for the face, then cut nori for her hair, eyes, lashes, nose and lips. I add crabmeat as santa hat, tied hair and gown sleeve. Underneath the santa girl was stiir-fried spinach.
Santa Claus face, nose and hands was cooked carrot. I cover the face with crabmeat (white part) for sanra hair and beard as well the eyebrows :P The crabmeat red part will be santa hat. Santa claus carrying a sackof present also used crabmeat. Then just add present picks! Next to Santa Claus was prawn and pork.
I hope you all will like this Christmas Bento! I'm getting excited after making it :P Seem like Christmas is coming soon....haha
Here are the bento tools that I've used for today's lunch ^_^

Monday, 19 November 2012

Bento#Nov13~Panda Santa

Ho ho ho....Panda Santa Claus is coming to town :D Christmas getting nearer and I started to practice making some Christmas theme bento! While looking for a bento box, I actually bought the panda bento box from online shop quite some time! And is still with wrapper!! the idea of making "Panda Santa" just nice for my kids lunch :)
Panda Santa Claus was make from cooked rice that pressed out from a panda rice mould. The ears, eyes and nose also used panda puncher to cut from the nori/seaweed. The hands, I used plastic foil to wrap small amount of rice to make 2 round hands. Present was make from carrot that I cut into square shape and wrap with spinach stem then use spaghetti to secure it then deco with crabmeat that I cut a small strip to tied a knot. Underneath the panda santa was stir-fried spinach. As for the hat was make from crabmeat stick too!
As for another section, I added some cherry tomato with cute panda picks! Mandarin orange with leave picks too! Dark sweet sauce pork that was leafover dinner and bean curd that I deco with carrots and crabmeat using cutter to cut out the shapes. 2 flower roses make from crabmeat as well ^_^ 
I took few pictures!! The Christmas picks bought quite long ago and finally can decorate!!! 
Here are the bento tools that I've used for this Panda Santa Claus Bento! I hope you all will like this bento too! Bon appetit!!

Sunday, 18 November 2012


Bought new bento box so going to make "Cinnamoroll" snack for my kids ^_^ I just use toothpick to cut out the shape of cinnamoroll from cheese. Then add use puncher to cut nori for the eyes. As for the pink cheeks and lips, I crash pink fondant to add :)
 Here is the closer picture of two cute cinnamoroll ^_^
Some raisins inside the chick container. Flower pineapple biscuits, cherry tomato and marshmallows with cute candy pick!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bento#Nov11~HelloKitty Lunch

I'm on leave stays at home with my darling kids today so going to cooked lunch bento for my girl that she misses my bento so much ^_^ So sweet of her!! Well, during the school break, I brought her to newly open "Hello Kitty Town". So today's lunch will be her favourties character~Kitty White~ 
 I used rice mould to do the kitty face shape. Underneath the rice, I add fish floss. After pressed out the kitty face, I used puncher to cut out from nori for the eyes & whiskers. Cheese for nose and crabmeat stick (red part) for the ribbon. *Please refer to the picture below for the tools I've used.
 The side dishes, I prepared some fishballs by adding cute picks that I've bought from Bento Berries . Stir-fried spinach, carrots, pumpkin balls and crabmeat as flower.
 Lastly, a bowl of miso soup with some kelps. Hope you all have a great weekend with your loved ones~Cheers!
 Here are the bento tools that I've used.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bento#Nov10~Happy Deepavali

Yay....I'm so happy that kids having one week school holidays and the best part was mummy can have a break ^_^ Next week Tuesday 13th November 2012 will be "Deepavali" so I'm making bento for it. I steam pandan man-tou and then add tuna mayo fillings. Wrap man-tou by using nori/seaweed for pretty indian lady head cover and deco with some fondant star. Since is a celebration, I add pretty crown :) This crown was a gift from my friend. So sweet of her :P Next, Indian lady has pretty big eyes so I cut out dolly eyes again and is so much easier to cut when is bigger :D Add the eyelashes, nose and mouth. Finished with some grapes and cute pineapple biscuits.
A closer look :) Do you like it?
I used alphabet cutter to cut out the cheese and deco on top of the man-tou. Also add the candle light for "Happy Deepavali" Lastly deco with some musical note picks too! Hope you all will like this bento and do check out my blog or Facebook page after one week break ^_^ Cheers!


Lunch for today's~SHEEP~ bento ^_^ I boiled some broccoli, fishballs, carrots, edamame beans and crabmeat stick. I don't cooked the rice early morning but will re-heat the overnight cooked rice :) To make the sheep, I cut half of the fishball for the face and wrap together with cooked rice. Used plastic foil to avoid stick to your hand. Before I place the sheep to the bento box, I sprinkle some fish floss at the bottom then place the sheep on top. Put the broccoli surround the sheep and deco with some carrots that I use cutter to cut the shapes. Next, I took the red part crabmeat stick and used scissor to cut the sheep ears with slightly curl shape. Noticed the eye with white spot together with black? I used the "bear shape fishcake" that can purchased from wet market. I just used straw to poke the black/white part to make it cute little eyes :P The cheeks also from the same "bear shape fishcake" (can view from Cute Kangaroo bento picture) The mouth I used nori/seaweed and to let it stay firm, I spread some kaya (less watery type kaya cause is more sticky) :D Of cause, you may used alternative ingredients. Don't have to follow exactly what I used :P Lastly, I put the rest of the fishballs, carrots, edamame beans and grapes. Just arranged it at another container.
A closer look of my cute little sheep bento for my kids :) I hope you will like this bento too! Cheers!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I still have few more 豆沙饼 so this time will turn into "Ladybugs" :D Before you decide what to do for bento, try to think of a bento theme or a character for the main role. It helps you go along with the rest of the side dishes too :) At the bottom of the "Lady Bugs" was tuna cheese sandwich. As you can see on top of the bread, I spread some jam and filled fish floss to make it like sands. Next I add plastic leaf to make it more nicer. To make sure the "Ladybugs" stay firm, I add spaghetti strips (my girl will take away the spaghetti strips).
To make "Ladybugs" head, I cut semicircle nori then stick to the cheese and use toothpick to trim out. The eyes also use cheese and nori. Followed by the lines and spots. To let the head stay firm, I toasted spaghetti a bit to make it as antennae then poked through.
To make it more alive, I add some cute "Ladybugs" picks that sponsor by Bento Berries Good news to all of you that there is a giveaway!!! Please do check out the links and enter the contest before it ends on 18th November 2012.Good Luck!
 Lastly, I add some cherry tomato, box of raisin and small mandarin orange. Hope you all will like this "Ladybugs" bento ^_^ Cheers!

Bento#Nov07~Sporty girl

Today kids lunch will be tomato shell pasta and ham with cheese bread. On top of the shell pasta, I add hard boiled egg. Part of the egg I decorate as flower ball that is for today's theme~Sport Girl~ playing ball. As you can see I used cutter to cut as cloud to look like sky :P The flower ball, I use puncher to cut the nori.
 Sporty girl I used oval shape cutter to cut the cheese as face. And add dolly eyes for her with nori. Freehand cut nori for hair, nose, mouth and ear. Broccoli as her dolly dress and used broccoli bottom part as dress frills but you need to cut thin slice. As for her boots, I used sausages :) To let the boots stay firm onto the bread, I used spaghetti sticks poked the sausage then to the bread. Her hands I used cutter as well. Lastly, I add some fondant star for her hair band.
 I hope you will like this sporty girl bento too!! Have a nice day~

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bento#Nov06~Porcupine & friends

I used 甜豆沙饼 to make this lovely porcupine ^_^ As you can see I used cheese for the porcupine quills with some nori to make it looks sharps. Followed by the eyes, nose, mouth and cute tiny front legs :p As this is for my girl's bento so I added pretty ribbon picks. Finished with some biscuits, marshmallow and small mandarin orange.
What do you think? Is pretty easy to make this. For the quills I used toothpick to trim out the cheese, piece by piece add onto the bun. To make it more like in the jungle, I add some cute animal friends for porcupine. This lovely animals were sponsor by Bento Berries     

Bento#Nov05~Pucca kisses

Oh no....darker skin tone of Pucca version :D Kids wanted fried rice for their school lunch so mummy turn it to this lovely cute PUCCA . Just used plastic foil to wrap the fried rice into oval shape for face and two hair buns. After done add the nori for the rest of the details. The red part I used crabmeat stick for Pucca tied hair and some ketchup for cheeks ^_^
  The side dishes I prepared 2 layer tamagoyaki, edamame beans, crabmeat fish rolls and scallop nugget. Decorate with some heart shapes red crabmeat on top of the edamame beans and rolls as flowers at the side. 
 Hugs and kisses from mummy to my darlings "muaks" Hope you all have a wonderful day!! Cheers!

Monday, 5 November 2012

Bento#Nov04~Lovely Kitty

Kids grandparents gave them a box of 豆沙饼. What is it call in English?? hmm....anyway, this is another easy bento to make for snack :) I just freehand cut nori or you can used puncher but due to the small bun, I can't find the proper size of my puncher at home. So, I liked to freehand cut nori :p The ears I used cheese, no need to use cutter mould but just take small knife to cut the cheese. Each side of the ears I cut two same sizes of cheese and sticks together so that won't fall off and also stay firm on top. The sauce container, I added whip cream that my girl likes it so much. Lastly put cherry tomato with cute hello kitty picks that I bought recently from Bento Berries as well the kitty red ribbon too ^_^
 Do you like Hello Kitty? You can easily make this cute character as long is round :D
Another angle of the picture ^_^ Hope you all have a wonderful day!
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