Thursday, 8 November 2012

Bento#Nov10~Happy Deepavali

Yay....I'm so happy that kids having one week school holidays and the best part was mummy can have a break ^_^ Next week Tuesday 13th November 2012 will be "Deepavali" so I'm making bento for it. I steam pandan man-tou and then add tuna mayo fillings. Wrap man-tou by using nori/seaweed for pretty indian lady head cover and deco with some fondant star. Since is a celebration, I add pretty crown :) This crown was a gift from my friend. So sweet of her :P Next, Indian lady has pretty big eyes so I cut out dolly eyes again and is so much easier to cut when is bigger :D Add the eyelashes, nose and mouth. Finished with some grapes and cute pineapple biscuits.
A closer look :) Do you like it?
I used alphabet cutter to cut out the cheese and deco on top of the man-tou. Also add the candle light for "Happy Deepavali" Lastly deco with some musical note picks too! Hope you all will like this bento and do check out my blog or Facebook page after one week break ^_^ Cheers!


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