Friday, 28 June 2013

Bento#June28~Totoro The Catbus

After done cooking dinner for my family, I made "Totoro The Catbus" for my hubby ^_^ I did tried out recording using the Instagram Video but seem failed to let me choose the video frame after I've added the filter  =_=" Anybody know why? 
A closer look of the Catbus :) I mixed the white rice with dark sweet sauce and used cling wrap to shape the cat face. Then I add inari on top for some color tones and overlap nori for darker color  tones. Eyes made of egg sheet and huge teeth made of crabstick (white part), the red nose was crabstick as well and finished up all the nori details. Top right side, I add two white totoro made from fishballs.
Arranged the Stir-fried broccoli, carrots and white beech shimeji. Sweet corn and Figo fish ball hiding under the hat :p
Well, I felt great that I've done ALL My Neighor Totoro theme characters!!! Hope you will like it too :) Happy Weekend to all! Cheers!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bento#June27~My Neighbor Totoro & Mei Kusakabe

Today I'm going to post my last night dinner kyaraben "My Neighbor Totoro & Mei Kusakabe" ^_^ Inside the bento box dishes were just simple cooking meals for my family so I transform it into Totoro & Mei :p
The other day I've made Satsuki wears Totoro costume so this round I liked to made Satsuki's sister Mei ^_^ I loved this Mei character....too adorable!!! I hope you will like it too :)
To made Mei, first I Google search her images then use cling wrap to shape her face/body (rice mixed with ketchup). Kombu for her hair, crabstick for her dress and lastly add all the nori details.
Next, I made one Big Totoro Onigiri and another Small White Totoro made from fishball ^_^
I also used Philips Airfry some Drumsticks and Wings but I just arranged the drummet to shared at Instagram :) Just simple marinate with seasoning (I didn't follow any recipe, just my usual normal cooking). 
Do share with me which characters that you like the most in My NeighborTotoro movie ^_^ I think will try to made the Catbus for next round bento :p Hope you will enjoy reading my today's post! Cheers!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bento#June26~Hungry Mouse

Today's lunch will be "Hungry Mouse" kyaraben ^_^ Cooked some pink soba noodles and leaf pasta. Simple lunch and yet cute to eat >_<
Mouse made of Taiwan mini sweet sausages and cheese as well nori/seaweed.
Cupcake picks and cheese for hungry mouse ^_^
I'm sure with this closer images of the mouse, can easily understand how I made :) Do let me know if you would like me do a tutorial of the mouse!
For side dishes: sweet potato, sausage, sweet peas, grape and sotong rolls. I hope you will like this simple mouse kyaraben ^_^ My daughter said is Twin Mouse because they have same colour of ribbon picks! Haha...and she chooses the cupcake pick before I take some pictures of it ^_^

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Bento#June25~My Neighbor Totoro

Today's lunch I made "My Neighbor Totoro" kyaraben ^_^ Recently my kids seem to liked this movie ever since I showed them :p Thanks to many bloggers who have made this cute characters or else I wouldn't know too! I liked the story of the movie especially the little sister "Mei" She's so adorable! 
I'm making Satsuki wearing Totoro costume using inari/sweet beancurd skin. I mixed some ketchup for Satsuki face balls and freehand scissor cut out her nori hair and face details. I forgot to add some ketchup for her cheeks =_=" 
Beef patty for Totoro but I add oval shape cheese on top and slightly toasted to melt. Side dishes, cucumber as leaves, grapes and strawberry.
I hope you will like this bento lunch ^_^ I'm sure after my daughter see this sure will request to watch the movie again ^_^ Cheers!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Bento#June24A~Monsters University

Last Friday brought my kids watched Monsters University so I thought of made one since it's been quite some times I'm lazy to made character snack :p Again I'm using Trudeau Fuel bento box for this snack since I need a square box. Just nice and fits well for both MU characters! Since is about university must have some study tools so the only picks I can find was crayon picks that was sponsored by Bento Berries
Mike Wazowski made from laughing cow cheese spread with crushed green fondants onto corn bread. 
Sulley Sullivan also made from laughing cow cheese spread with crushed blue fondants onto corn bread.
Both characters were two slices of corn bread with peanut butter but the top piece decorate into Mike & Sulley. 
Nori/seaweed for the details.
Some grapes and a pack of strawberry Kit-Kat. I hope you will like this simple ideas but waste little bit of time crushing those fondants. My family enjoyed the movie so much especially Mike Wazowski young age was totally CUTE!!!   

Bento#June24~Singing Birds ♩♪♫♬

Hello everyone ^_^ It's Monday again!! I felt so happy because my god daughter also my hubby's sister just got married on last Saturday :) Seeing happy couple married in Church and attending their wedding dinner just like brought back some memories of myself and hubby for the past 13 years! Well, since was a sweet memory....I'm making singing birds bento just like the Church Choir singing blissful music for the lovely couple ^_^
In this bento contains: broccoli, Japanese Chicken seaweed, crabroll, eggsheets as flowers and birds (cutter), sweet potato as flowers and checker, lastly rice with furikake.
I add few musical notes picks and insects for the flower part ^_^ I hope you will like this "Singing Birds Bento" lunch! Cheers!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bento#June20~Loved Panda Bento

Today's lunch not making Kung Fu Panda but just a decoration since is "PANDA" theme bento ^_^ Just a quick lunch to packed, no need to shaped the panda except the hands :p I just loved this panda bento box! Going to consider of buying the two-tier ones....anybody want to sponsor me the bento box?? Hehehe...
Well, I put some chicken floss underneath the rice and usually I don't mixed the cooked rice with seasoning due to my kids prefer to mixed with with furikake (will bring one pack) or put the seasoning into sauce container. So I just spread evenly to covered the chicken floss and freehand scissor cut out the panda eyes and nose. Next, I wrap the nori with rice using cling wrap to shape the two panda hands. Mini sweet sausage cut into heart shape and secured with panda pick ^_^
Stir-fried Kai-Lan with carrots and arranged into the box. Pan-fried the spring meat roll and cut into few slices. Lastly, I add one piece of bean curd (cooked together with Kai-Lan) and add nori to made as panda. The bean curd panda face, I used panda puncher to punch out nori/seaweed. Lovely right? Wonder by the time my daughter open her lunch box, will the panda bean curd still maintain well?? Hmm....
I hope you will like this Panda Bento ^_^ The Kung Fu Panda deco looks strong but my panda seems so loving :p Hahaha..... Have a nice day! Cheers! 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bento#June19~Flower Sausage Bento

Today's lunch suppose to made makisushi but it didn't turn out well so need to let them hide underneath the flower sausage ^_^ Haha....I felt like Plan A failed...still have Plan B!!!
I'm not the expert of making complicated sausage designed! Simple ones I know but this flower sausage idea was learned from a Japanese book. I add crabroll in the middle to cover the holes after turn the sausage into flower and secure with spaghetti strip. Next, I punch the nori for smiley face using puncher ^_^ Carrot as roses and sweet peas at the sides.
You may noticed that the close up flower sausage above photo without adding a ribbon pick :p I actually missed out until when I took some photos only realized! My daughter will likes it whenever making any character bento by adding the ribbon pick meaning is a GIRL ^_^ Well, I hope you will like this flower sausage bento lunch. I will try to do the tutorial photos when I'm free or if you can't wait....may just look out for the Japanese (all about Sausage designed) book at Kinokuniya Bookstore :) I bought the book during my Japan trips ^_^ Cheers! 

Latest update for readers who wants to know the book. I took a picture for your reference. Hope it helps ^_^ 

ISBN: 978-4-7572-1834-5


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bento#June18~Hello Kitty The Frog Prince

Today's lunch bento I made The Frog Prince from McDonald Hello Kitty collection ^_^ I still have two more HK collection to grab :p Well, for today's bento I reheat last night dinner leftover meats and just steam the broccoli and sotong roll. As I need to take longer time for cutting out the nori outlines =_=" So can't waste too much time on cooking!!!
Hmm....when I mixed the rice with green furikake was quite greenish but when I look at the photos wasn't that GREEN :( *Sigh..... Oh well, as usual used cling wrap to shape the rice as froggy and combine the oval shape HK face (white rice only) Not happy with the hands as it stick to my fingers when I try to arrange into the bento box! Argh.....
The pink bow was made from rice too! I mixed with Mizkan Colourful Osushi Pink and used cling wrap to pressed in onto HK cutter mould for the shape. Freehand scissor cut all the details ^_^
I loved the strawberry kitty idea so whenever I saw strawberry will try to made them ^_^ The nori details using puncher to punch out the nori. Some grapes and checker apple.
Phew.....managed to finished it but when taking photos I'm not quite happy with the hands!! No time for shaping those hands =_=" Well, I hope you will like today's lunch bento ^_^ Cheers!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Bento#June17~ Simple Bento Snack

Hello everyone!! How's everyone weekend? Today I'm not going to prepare lunch bento because yesterday they saw yummy breads from bakery shop so requested it for their lunch!! Oh well, save up my time to cooked and good timing as my fridge not a single vegetable!!! Haha....
So this morning I just made a quick bento snack using Hello Kitty Cookies Cutters to imprint two pieces of bread. Then just decorate them on top of homebaked banana coffee cake that I've baked yesterday ^_^ 
Here is the bento tools I've used. The original Hello Kitty Cookies Cutters comes with 4 different designed but I just picked these and combine with other shape cutters!
 Before arrange the banana cakes, I put Hello Kitty Wax Paper first then arrange the cakes. Take two pieces of bread and cut out your favourite designed using the HK cookies cutters ^_^ I add some grapes and small food container with jam fillings inside that was underneath the two heart shapes bread :p Lastly, just secured the breads with Kitty food picks! All Hello Kitty theme ^o^ I hope you won't get bored of looking at it! Hehe....

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekend HK Lunch & HK Cake

Just a simple update for Saturday lunch meal for my daughter ^_^ Once awhile I will let my kids eat instant noodles :p So for her lunch, I cooked Nissin Noodles (Sesame Oil) and add Hello Kitty kamaboko/fishcake. I carve out Japanese cucumber as leave and add sweet taiwanese mini sausage in between. Opps...seems all ingredients unhealthy :p
On Sunday we lunch out to celebrate "Father's Day" but in the morning I still have time to baked a simple small Banana Coffee Cake using Hello Kitty cake mould ^_^ To know the recipe may click HERE as I've shared at my Facebook Page. I am not good at baking as you can see how messy it was the icing sugar =_=" Haha....
Here is the Banana Coffee Cake that I've cut for my family to eat for their tea-break ^_^ Yummy!!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones ^_^ Happy Father's Day to all Super Dad!! Cheers!

Friday, 14 June 2013

Bento#June14~We Love You "Happy Father's Day"

On this coming Sunday 16th June 2013 will be Father's Day!! So I decided to made one for my dear hubby as dinner bento for him. I don't think have the time to make any bento during the weekend so why not tonight since I'm cooking ^_^ I managed to find one bigger bento box as most of my cabinets filled with small bento boxes :p Anyway, this amount of food in the bento box wasn't enough for him!! Haha... there was a bowl of miso beancurd soup that I forgot to add to the photo takings :)
Well, I thought of taking some photos before I arranged the foods into the bento box. For human face, I mixed the rice with tomato ketchup and used cling wrap to shaped. Freehand scissor cut out the seaweed/nori for all the details. I made the "DAD" wears a tuxedo!! Haha....handsome right? I made two kids hugging their "DAD" :D The 2nd photos, I arranged the lady's finger/okra for little girl as her dress and white beech mushroom/Bunapi Shimeji for the boy body. 
A closer look of the dad/daughter/son ^_^ I've a son & daughter so this two represent them :)
For side dishes, salmon, tamagoyaki with seaweed, crabroll, carrots as roses, cucumber as leave and kombu roll.
 After I've finished made this ke-poh daughter asked: "Mummy, where are you? Why you're not inside the box?" Hahaha.... I told her its "Father's Day" and there wasn't enough room for "MUM" to fits IN!!! 
Well, I wish all awesome, wonderful, handworking, loving and super DAD "Happy Blessed Father's Day" Cheers!

Bento#June14~CuteZcute Tiger

It's been awhile didn't use my CuteZcute cutters :p So today's bento snack going to made "TIGER" designed using the cutters. I still have some frozen dorayaki so just nice to made simple bento snack! By the way, I bought new bento box yesterday at Singapore shopping mall. So can't wait to used it for today's bento snack ^_^
A closer look of the CuteZcute Tiger! I cut out the bread for tiger face then slowly punch out one by one for the ears and mouth by holding the bread. Due to using different cutter so I can't just pressed it like normal. Well, I can't show you the step by step as I have no ones to take picture :p Anyway I'm sure you will get the idea how to punch out! After punch out the ears, nose, mouth and eyes. I spread some peanut butter on top of the bread then put some chicken floss on top for tiger fur :) Next, punch out tiger strips from egg sheet and add on top of the seaweed/nori for more details. Ham for ears and nose adn tiger whiskers made from toasted spaghetti.
Here is the CuteZcute cutters. I hope you can get the ideas of the makings :)
As for the Trudeau Fuel products that I saw, only bought home these two items ^_^ Lovely coloured right? Best part was Eco friendly & BPA Free!!! Too bad the shopping mall I went don't have any Hello Kitty designed :(
Here is the big family of Trudeau Fuel Bento box/fork & CuteZcute cutters! I hope you will like my "Tiger" designed :) If you like to know more of  the CuteZcute cutters, please click HERE. The Trudeau Fuel products, if you're from Singapore may visit Metrojaya Causeway Point or Takashimaya Orchard. May be other shopping mall selling too but I'm not sure. For get to know more of their products, perhaps you may refer to their website :) Please note that I'm not doing any reviews for the both products but just mainly my personal interest of liking their awesome products! 
Well, I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs and like today's CuteZcute Tiger! Cheers!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bento#June13~My Melody Kyaraben

It seems that quite some times that I have not made "My Melody" bento. This is also one of my daughter favourites Sanrio Character ^_^ So for today's lunch I'm making one to surprised her :p
I trace out "My Melody" face on a baking paper and scissor cut out. Next, I used cling wrap to shape up the face. After done the face, I arrange it into the bento box :) Penknife cut the ham by following the cut out baking paper and arrange on top of the rice. Flower made of crabstick (white part) and yellow circle was eggsheet. I used puncher to punch out the seaweed/nori for eyes and lips. Put some lettuce at sides and add two tiny hands for "My Melody" :D
Cut the eggsheet and crabstick (red part) as flower and arrange it. I cut the sotong roll into half and add sweet pea inside with ham deco using cutter. Cut checker apple and few slices of apples and oranges. 
I hope you will like today's My Melody Kyaraben lunch ^_^ Cheers!