Sunday, 16 June 2013

Weekend HK Lunch & HK Cake

Just a simple update for Saturday lunch meal for my daughter ^_^ Once awhile I will let my kids eat instant noodles :p So for her lunch, I cooked Nissin Noodles (Sesame Oil) and add Hello Kitty kamaboko/fishcake. I carve out Japanese cucumber as leave and add sweet taiwanese mini sausage in between. Opps...seems all ingredients unhealthy :p
On Sunday we lunch out to celebrate "Father's Day" but in the morning I still have time to baked a simple small Banana Coffee Cake using Hello Kitty cake mould ^_^ To know the recipe may click HERE as I've shared at my Facebook Page. I am not good at baking as you can see how messy it was the icing sugar =_=" Haha....
Here is the Banana Coffee Cake that I've cut for my family to eat for their tea-break ^_^ Yummy!!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your loved ones ^_^ Happy Father's Day to all Super Dad!! Cheers!


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    1. Thank you Sannee ^_^ Hope you will like the banana coffee cake recipe :)


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