Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bent#March31~CuteZcute Easter Kitty

Happy Easter everyone ^_^ I'm going to make one more Easter theme bento! This time I'm using Kitty CuteZcute cutter since still have leftover charcoal breads. 
I spread peanut butter for her Kitty sandwich and this time I add the body using the head (cut out the head and turn upside town without cutting the face feature) Next, I used the Froggy cutter features eyes for Kitty paws and the tiny three toes, I used Froggy cutter features nose for it. So basically Kitty holding Easter Bunny. Inside Bunny food cup I add grapes and covered with cheese then used puncher to punch out nori for the details.
Repeat the same methods for White Kitty ^_^ And holds Easter Eggs Chocolates from triangle shape food cup.
Simple and cute Easter Kitty enjoyed their Happy Easter Day!! I hope you too have a wonderful day and like this bento snack ^_^ Cheers! the way, did you noticed that I displayed a tiny bunny? Is a Nano Rabbit blocks that my son loves to play and for his collection. Lovely and cute right?

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bento#March30~CuteZcute Easter Panda Bunny

I'm so happy finally got my CuteZcute cutters that I purchased from BentoBerries. So I'm going to make "Panda wears bunny headgear" for  Easter theme bento! 
Panda made from charcoal bread combine with white bread. I spread peanut butter sandwich fillings and arrange Panda into bento box. To made headgear, I tied gummy strings around Panda head and add "The Laughing Cow brand strawberry cream cheese" as bunny ears but I cut into half from one triangle cheese. To made the bunny ears strong, I put the cheese onto a piece of bread that I cut the same size. Next, I filled up with Easter Eggs chocolate.
So what to do to with the rest of the cut out? I just continue adding another Cutezcute White Panda but I can't add another bunny headgear as it will drop off so I just add two cute bunny picks on top :p Is still adorable, don't you think?
I hope all of you will have a great Blessed Easter Day with your family and have FUN! Also hope you will like this simple CuteZcute Easter Panda Bunny ^_^ Cheers! 

What I've used:

Friday, 29 March 2013

FunBites "Cube iT" Review

Yay....I've received FunBites Cube iT & Luv iT from  Bobbie Rhoads. I'm so excited and can't wait to used it to have FUN with it but today I just do one review for FunBites Cube iT!
FunBites Cube iT is 100% MADE in USA and BPA free. Is a kitchen tools or even bento tools that cut foods into small bites sized. So how it works?
  • Step 1 : Place FunBites cutter on top of food. Remove popper top and set to the side.
  • Step 2 : Grab cutter handles on both sides, press down firmly and rock 5-6 times to cut        through the food.
  • Step 3 : Lift the cutter up, insert popper top and pop out the bite-sized pieces!
FunBites is best if hand washed but is dishwasher safe ^_^

Let me showed you some pictures....kind of having fun when I tried out :p
Step 1 & 2
Step 3 : Insert popper top
Ta-da....pop out bite-sized pieces!
With this FunBites tools can use on any kid-friendly foods, fruits like watermelons, pancakes, cheese and so on....For more details please visit FUNBITES website :

So after pop out the breads, I did some design for my girl's bento snack! I arrange the bite-sized breads to food cup and put honey cherry tomato in the middle. If you have corn bread or charcoal bread or any coloured bread that would be nice for this!
This is the simple one. I just arrange the cube sized bread skin into the food cups and add grape or tomato in the middle. Add lovely picks to it!
 Next, I made used of the bite-sized bread into some mini toasted sandwiches. And add alphabets picks! Just nice for today's review FUNBITES ^_^
Due to I'm making a bento snack so I'm going to put ALL cube-sized fit in the bento box!
Ta-da....while I'm making it... my girl can't wait to EAT them!!!! Haha....
I hope you enjoy reading my FunBites Cube iT review! Also like this easy bite-sized bento snack! Please stay tuned for my next FunBites Luv iT review.....Cheers!

Where to purchase: You can purchase it at FunBites websites.
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bento#March28~Good Friday theme

Tomorrow will be Good Friday!!! I will pick up my kids early from school to attend The Way of Cross service and attend the Good Friday mass at noon. Its a Fasting Day but due to their young age, they don't have to followed but I thought of making a "Good Friday" theme! So I search some images and found this wonderful image! 
Image from Google
Here is the image I've found and freehand cut out nori. I don't followed exactly but just freely cut and paste by looking at the picture :p
First, I cut out the longest hair and stick...add the rest of the hair strips on to the cheese. The red part will be crabstick. Do you find it look alike from the picture? I hope I don't want to ruin the beautiful image of Jesus Christ 
I prepared peanut butter sandwich and put the cheese on top. Then freehand cut out the three cross nori add next to it. Finished with "Good Friday" fondant words on top of chocolate spread.
Waffle and some grapes for her. I hope you will like this religious theme bento. Cheers!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bento#March27A~Easter Bunny (III)

Due to tomorrow my kids have Sport's Day at other school and not held in stadium like last year! I don't have to prepare any bento snack for them but just brought some yummy breads for them to bring along ^_^ 
Since no bento snack so I made dinner kyaraben instead :p Its Easter Bunny (III) theme.
Actually I've made three bunnies but the plate too small and can't fit all three so the other one goes to my plate! Haha....
I mixed ketchup with cooked rice then made onigiri. Add nori for the details (hair/eyes/nose/lips). Next add white cooked rice for two onigiri wear bunny costume. Shape the bunny ears and add nori too! The bigger onigiri will be the "mother", I just changed one of the bunny ear drop. As for younger onirigi will be the "child" ^_^ 
 I made some pork patty, boiled sweet corn, stir-fried vegies and decorate some honey cherry tomato and grapes as Easter Eggs :) 
I hope you will like my girl's dinner kyaraben ^_^ Cheers!
I bought all these cute bread at bakery shop for my kids to bring to school ^_^

Bento#March27~Easter Eggs

Easter theme bento for today's lunch ^_^ Instead of wearing bunny costume, I changed it wearing egg costume :D So everything about Easter Eggs!!! 
First, I made girl onigiri using cling wrap to shape then add in nori hair/eyes/nose/lips. To made egg costume, I add yellow coloured food sprinkle to mixed the rice then shape it with cling wrap. Add girl onigiri in the middle then use the cling wrap to shape them together. Arrange the girl egg costume into the bento box then filled in the rest of the ingredients. I used chicked floss as nest and add two quail eggs decorate with star fondant around it. As for basket, I put bunny container and filled tiny Tang Yuan inside as Easter Eggs.  Lastly, add few chick picks on top ^_^
For another container, I arranged sweet corn as sunflower, broccoli, sweet potato and crabstick as flowers and one boiled seaweed as flower too! Cut checker apple then done!
I hope you will like this Easter Egg theme bento ^_^ Have a nice day!


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Bento#March26A~Princess Jasmine

Meet Princess Jasmine ^_^ Is she pretty? I attracted by this Jasmine looked so going to made it for my girl bento snack! 
A closer looked of the Princess Jasmine ^_^ As usual freehand cut out all the nori details! But first I draw the picture on the baking sheet then scissor cut out, after cut lay on top of cheese and used toothpick to followed then trim out. Next used back the same baking sheet after trim out the cheese to cut nori (Jasmine's hair) then paste on top of the trim out Jasmine cheese. Next will be freehand nori cutting paste here and there :p To get the brown eyes, I used boiled seaweed and freehand cut out small circle then put on top of the light cheese. For pink touch, I used kamaboko and freehand cut out the rest of the you can see most of it were tiny details so only freehand cutting....gosh....
Underneath Princess Jasmine, I prepared peanut butter sandwich. I used oval shape cutter to cut out boiled seaweed to made flowers and add pink circle on top. Other sides will be honey cherry tomatoes, grapes and marshmallows.
I took different angle for Princess Jasmine :p 
 I hope you will like my Princess Series bento and will continue the rest of princesses....hehe Cheers!

Bento#March26~Angry Birds

Today's lunch bento will be macaroni cheese followed by "Angry Bird" theme ^_^
 Red angry bird was fishcake that I bought from wet market. I know that I don't have the enough time to made yellow angry bird and too bad the yellow angry bird fishcake have finished or else will be perfect! The white angry bird was fishball and I decorate the details with crabstick/carrot/nori. Next, I add some flower carrots, blueberries, crabstick flowers  and some lettuce.
Black angry bird onigiri (shaped the rice into ball then add nori). Just add in the details with carrot/crabstick/nori. I made some tamagoyaki then add strawberry and blueberries.
I hope you will like today's theme bento! Cheers!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bento#March25B~Tiger & Tigress

 Say "Hi" to tiger & tigress ^_^ My hubby bought some red bean buns so I just decorate two cute tigers on top of the buns :) To make tigers just used some cutter tools and you can make pretty animals bento snack!
Here's the cutter tools I used. The pink cutter was a bear cutter mould but you still can make tiger or even frog! The orange cutter, I just used the ribbon and the oval shape for tiger paws. Paw puncher for tigers paws!
Well, I used two different cheeses for tigress ^_^ The lighter cheese used the same bear cutter for mouth and trim a "U" shape with a toothpick. Freehand cut out nori for all the details except the eyebrows and paws. Kamaboko for nose and cheeks using the same bear cutter. Lastly, add the red ribbon (crab stick) on top of the tigress and of cause holding a star balloon for decoration! 
Repeat all the steps for tiger except adding the eyelashes ^_^ Red ribbon as bow tie and decorate tiger holds a blue ballooon. 
Some honey cherry tomato and filled up all the holes with lettuce :p I hope you will like this two cute tigers! Cheers!