Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bent#March31~CuteZcute Easter Kitty

Happy Easter everyone ^_^ I'm going to make one more Easter theme bento! This time I'm using Kitty CuteZcute cutter since still have leftover charcoal breads. 
I spread peanut butter for her Kitty sandwich and this time I add the body using the head (cut out the head and turn upside town without cutting the face feature) Next, I used the Froggy cutter features eyes for Kitty paws and the tiny three toes, I used Froggy cutter features nose for it. So basically Kitty holding Easter Bunny. Inside Bunny food cup I add grapes and covered with cheese then used puncher to punch out nori for the details.
Repeat the same methods for White Kitty ^_^ And holds Easter Eggs Chocolates from triangle shape food cup.
Simple and cute Easter Kitty enjoyed their Happy Easter Day!! I hope you too have a wonderful day and like this bento snack ^_^ Cheers! the way, did you noticed that I displayed a tiny bunny? Is a Nano Rabbit blocks that my son loves to play and for his collection. Lovely and cute right?


  1. The CuteZcute cutter looks like lots of fun!


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