Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bento#March30~CuteZcute Easter Panda Bunny

I'm so happy finally got my CuteZcute cutters that I purchased from BentoBerries. So I'm going to make "Panda wears bunny headgear" for  Easter theme bento! 
Panda made from charcoal bread combine with white bread. I spread peanut butter sandwich fillings and arrange Panda into bento box. To made headgear, I tied gummy strings around Panda head and add "The Laughing Cow brand strawberry cream cheese" as bunny ears but I cut into half from one triangle cheese. To made the bunny ears strong, I put the cheese onto a piece of bread that I cut the same size. Next, I filled up with Easter Eggs chocolate.
So what to do to with the rest of the cut out? I just continue adding another Cutezcute White Panda but I can't add another bunny headgear as it will drop off so I just add two cute bunny picks on top :p Is still adorable, don't you think?
I hope all of you will have a great Blessed Easter Day with your family and have FUN! Also hope you will like this simple CuteZcute Easter Panda Bunny ^_^ Cheers! 

What I've used:

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