Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bneto2015#Nov25~Hello Kitty Fish Balls

Opps..... I make Hello Kitty theme bento again ^_^ My daughter requests to bring this Hello Kitty Thermos lunch box so it's super easy for me since I don't have to create new idea :D Anyway, one thing about this thermos lunch box is very limited space to design and only can pack little foods =_="

Perhaps when she goes to Secondary might not want to use this HK Thermos. By then she will request for more foods and no longer wants cute bento just like her brother :D

A closer look of the Hello Kitty that I use fish oval shape balls (bought from market). If you have followed my bento, you might remembered I did before Hello Kitty made out of fish balls but many years ago :D This round I skip the yellow nose (you may use corn or cheese) instead of nori :D As usual adding eyelashes for Kitty-chan :) 

The rice is mix with Hello Kitty furikake (store bought) that comes with mini Hello Kitty flakes for decoration ^_^ Love it!

As for side dishes have stir-fried Siew Pak Choy小白菜 and pork cutlet. Finally my daughter can enjoys her grapes after recovered from her cough ^_^ 

I hope you like today's sharing and gambateh for her test paper! 2 more days to go! Fighting!


  1. So cute! Love all your HK bentos, very kawaii!

  2. How cute! Always love your signature kitty with lashes!


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