Thursday, 26 November 2015

Bento2015#Nov26~Cinnamoroll Bento

It's Cinnamoroll! Do you like this Sanrio character? So long I didn't make this cute character :D A little sugar (fondant) for her lunch since I didn't create "blue" egg sheet for Cinnamoroll eyes ^_^ 

First, I shape Cinnamoroll head and wrap up some chicken floss inside using cling wrap. Arrange the head into the lunch box and body then fill up with spinach plus goji berries. To make the "blue" eyes, I crush the blue alphabet fondants into powder using spoon then add onto the cheese. Pink fondant powder for the cheeks and mouth. Lastly, I add the ears :)

As for side dishes have gyoza, tofu fish cake cut into slices and some grapes.

I hope you like this Cinnamoroll Bento and you may skip the fondant powder by using nori instead ^_^

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