Monday, 30 March 2015

Bento2015#Mar30~Easter Bunny Hello Kitty

My first Easter Bento for this year 2015 and once again I dress up Hello Kitty as easter bunny ^_^ This round I make pink bunny costume for Hello Kitty and is pretty easy to make. Check out the picture layout that will show you the steps by steps since I can't take picture while making but I tried to draw out the layout using computer :p
Here is the closer look of my Easter Bunny Hello Kitty ^_^ I hope from the picture below you can understand how I create due to I don't have time to snap the tutorial. All you need is a cling wrap to wrap the rice. Before wrap the pink bunny, just mix cook rice with some sakura denbu. To make Hello Kitty face, make sure you press the rice flatten and join together with pink rice by wrap it together. 

Opps.... I missed out adding two legs for easter bunny for the above picture =_=" Anyway, I'm sure is easy to understand. The paw nori, I use paw puncher. And the red bow crabstick, I use Hello Kitty ribbon cutter. 

For side dishes have pea sprouts, minced beef with dark sweet sauce. I cut out some easter eggs make from egg sheet (yellow), edamame (green), crabstick (red/white). Punch out some nori shapes to decorate the easter eggs. The Hello Kitty basket is not edible but only for display ^_^ I just want to create a theme of Easter Bunny that Hello Kitty is searching for easter eggs :D Hope you like this idea. 


  1. So kawaii, tks for sharing the tutorial picture!

    1. pleasure dear Ming :) I can't do much compare to your awesome tutorial ^_^


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