Friday, 24 June 2016

Bento2016#Jun17~FathersDay/Hello Kitty/Minions

13.06.16 (Monday)

  • Bears: Dark sweet sauce mixed with rice and used cling wrap to shaped into balls
  • Face features: Nori and cheese
  • Spec & Mustache: Accessories gadgets
  • Side dishes: Underneath the bears have rice and quail eggs, chicken seaweed wrap and grapes.

14.06.16 (Tuesday)

  • Hello Kitty: Tofu fishcake, nori for detailed
  • Side dishes: Prawn gyoza, broccoli, carrots, oranges, grapes

15.06.16 (Wednesday)
  • Minions: Organic pumpkin noodles, nori & cheese for detailed
  • Side dishes: Steamed sesame chicken, pea sprouts, grapes

16.06.16 (Thursday)
  • Hello Kitty: Rice, freehand scissor cut out nori detailed, cheese for nose
  • Red bow: Ketchup and mayonaisse
  • Side dishes: Egg plants, asparagus, spam, half hard boiled quail egg

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