Thursday, 3 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr03 ☃ Olaf Frozen Bento ☃

Finally I made Olaf snowman bento from Frozen animated musical fantasy-comedy film. Popular movie that my kids love to watch, imitate and even sing during their free time!! My daughter has been waiting for me to make Frozen theme bento :D She will flipped through my sketched book pages and kept asking why put all the Frozen characters so far =_=" Hahaha.....Oh well, today she gets what she wants!! Smile from her face melts my heart....sorry darling...took me so long!

I made Olaf relax at the pool.... Ingredients as follows:
  • Olaf : Quail Egg
  • Blue rice : Blue pea flower juice mixed rice
  • Olaf nose : Orange capsicum
  • Freehand : Nori seaweed for all the deails
  • Reindeer rubber ring : Orange capsicum 

*To made Olaf from quail eggs can just visit my talented friend Shirley from Little Miss Bento blog :) Click the highlighted for faster linked!

For side dishes: Airfry tempura prawn, chicken wrap seaweed, lettuce, sweet pea and kiwi fruits.

I hope you will like today's Olaf Bento ^_^ Tomorrow will be last day of school for my kids. Just one week school break and I'm looking forward to as I don't have to wake up early :p Happy Thursday! 



  1. Amazing! I just showed this photos to my kids. They were super excited! If they bring this to school.... I think they won't be able to eat lunch because whole school wants to see it. :) Amazing, amazing job!

    1. make my day Nami!! I MUST give your kids huge hug & kisses!!! They're so sweet and thank you so much!!! Looking forward to your awesome recipes as family loves it!

  2. Cute Olaf! Love the pretty blue hue of the rice!


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