Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bento#July18~Totoro Futomaki Sushi (2nd attempt)

This is my 2nd attempt making Totoro!!! My daughter requested make sushi again so this round I search from youtube for the making (homework must do one night before). Since my daughter like "PINK" so this Totoro Futomaki also have pink!! Haha...but honestly see other people sharing the making looks easy but when comes to hands on....gosh...still tough =_="
Three huge Totoro Futomaki sushi all squeeze inside!! Haha....after all I don't have time to cooked more dishes, so just add tamagoyaki, sweet peas, carrots and fishball as white totoro. Opps....this time I forgot to add Totoro whiskers!! 

I hope you like this Totoro Futomaki Sushi bento lunch ^_^ Well, practice makes perfect so will try out again...and again....Cheers!


  1. Ya, I agree it's not easy to get the shape right. Yours is perfect!

  2. so lovely the Totoro sushi roll :)

  3. This one is nicer than the earlier one! great job!

    1. Haha...yup...I'm happy with the 2nd attempt results!

  4. Great job! I think it turned out really well!


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