Thursday, 28 November 2013

Bento#Nov28~Snowman Bento

My 2nd Christmas theme bento design will be "Snowman" More to night scenery with Christmas Tree lights on ^_^ I love to see Christmas night scenery with all the lights on and if snowing even better but sadly I have not experience it :( Will wait my kids to grown up and their body able to cope with the weather :D 
Do leave me some comment and share with me your winter experience! I would love to hear from you! 
I cooked sweet minced beef with garlic and arrange on top of cooked rice. Cut sweet pea and decorate as Christmas Tree and capsicum (yellow/red) as lights. Snowman made from cheese and cut by two different sizes of cutter. Punch out nori for the details of the eyes/mouth/buttons. Red capsicum as hat and scarf.
Some broccoli, potato wedges and oranges for side dishes. Lastly, decorate with Christmas picks and nori snowflakes at the oranges ^_^ I hope you will like this simple night scenery Christmas Snowman theme bento. Hugs! 

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Bento#Nov27~Bunny & Sheep Quail Eggs

While cleaning and sorting out my food picks.... I saw this cute set of picks that I bought since my Osaka trips! Time to open ceremony those cute picks ^_^ Haha.... Well, I choose bunny blue pick and pink sheep pick for today's post! I have left over yam rice from last night dinner so I just heat up and sprinkle some flower/sesame furikake on top! I add some cucumber as leave for some green touch :)
A closer look of the Bunny Quail Egg and Sheep Quial Egg ^_^ After removed the quail shell, just gentle rub on your palm for oval shape. Insert the picks and punch out nori for all the details! I add some red cheeks (food gel). Lastly, freehand scissor cut the eyelashes. *Note: I insert wrongly for the blue bunny picks =_=" Didn't realize it :p
For side dishes: Cut the sausages into half as heart and carve apple. Quick lunch bento for my girl as she has requested. I hope you will like it and have a nice day! 

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bento#Nov26~Lots of Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty lunch bento for today ^_^ Not just one kitty but many of them!! Haha....Well, I like to use this bento box bought from 100 yen shop quite some time ago :p So must make use of it and I decided to do a simple design bento. 
Pretty easy to made. Just arrange the rice into each compartment. One of them add sweet minced pork on top of the rice as brown kitty ^_^ One white kitty & brown kitty with carrot decoration as ribbon, nose and flower. Next, I punch out nori for eyes and whiskers using Hello Kitty puncher.
For side dishes, I add broccoli, sweet pea, fish balls, tamagoyaki and carrots using kitty cookie cutter to cut out as well the apple ^_^ So cute until I can't help it and eat few apples while cut out. 
Pretty HK picks for the final touch!
Well, I'm sure this simple Hello Kitty design pretty easy to make ^_^ Hope you will enjoy reading and Happy Bento!

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Bento#Nov25~Bear Bento

Non kyaraben bento for today :p I want to use this BEAR triangle container so I thought of making simple lunch bento. Just cooked tomato spaghetti for my kids lunch and put the tomato pasta sauce into the BEAR container. Pretty easy right? Haha...

After the spaghetti cooked, I arrange neatly and cut out some cucumber, cherry tomato to made them into pretty roses. Underneath the cucumber roses is egg sheet that I slice into noodle form. I also made crab stick (red & white) into flowers and in the middle brown colour with butterfly picks are quail eggs (soak with dark sweet sauce water).
Below the Bear container, I add two fish ball (mixed with mushroom that I bought it from Figo brand).
Well, I hope you will enjoy my today's Bear Bento ^_^ Happy Monday!!

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bento#Nov21~Little Chicks Bento

I still have left over egg sheet so I thought of making design egg sheet. Just a simple design to make them into Little Chicks ^_^ Still can be improve as I only use one medium egg white for this design. Will try again for better result! So, today's lunch I cooked fried rice and cover with Little Chicks egg sheet. 
Little Chicks Egg Sheet:
First I use egg shape cutter to cut out my left over egg sheet. I cut out 4 chicks to fit in well into my bento box. Next, take an egg & just want the eggwhite to make this design. Mixed the eggwhite with some cornstarch/water and strain to a new bowl. Take a non-stick pan, pour the eggwhite mixture then lay the cut out oval egg shape on top.  Let it rest and make sure turn off the heat as you don't want the eggwhites over cooked :p
Final touch is to add nori for cute different expression. 
As for side dish I just add tamagoyaki, cherry tomato, ketchup (chick sauce container), fish cake, oranges, cucumber and apple as leaves.
Ta-da....simple lunch bento for today and I hope you will like it ^_^ Have a great day! Cheers!

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bento#Nov20~Hello Kitty Reindeer

Today's post will be Chirtmas Season bento theme ^_^ I can't believe that Christmas is just one month time and I saw some of my FB friends already started decorate Christmas tree!!! I haven't started decorate Christmas tree yet but I liked to start with making Christmas theme bento first :D As usual the first thought will be "Hello Kitty". I draw out one night before what should I do with Hello Kitty so I decided made Reindeer. Simple design and don't have to spend a lot of time making them. 
Here is the close up of my Hello Kitty Reindeer kyaraben ^_^ Very simple, you just need to made a onigiri and wrap with inari then finish with carrot, nori and egg sheet for all the details. Kitty eye's I used puncher and add some lashes. Freehand scissor cut out nori for the whiskers! After arranged the Kitty reindeer into the bento box, I add broccoli, lettuce and Christmas theme pasta.
As for another side, I add sweet chicken drummet, tamagoyaki, overlap green & red apple as leave to matched the Christmas theme colours! Mini sausage as reindeer by adding nori and carrot as well with food picks.
Simple photo taking for my Hello Kitty Reindeer Bento that I don't have time to add more Christmas decoration for my background. I hope you will like my simple Christmas Hello Kitty Reindeer Bento design. Have a nice Wednesday ^_^

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Bento#Nov19~My Melody Lunch

My kids school holidays will start on mid December so I'm still making lunch bento for them ^_^ Well, today's lunch bento will be spaghetti and pretty easy to made. Every Tuesday, my kids lunch break was short so I just prepare something easy and light.
Arranged the spaghetti into My Melody lunch container with lettuce. Cut out My Melody nori and stick onto cheese then used toothpick to trim out. I add My Melody pick for cute touched ^_^
Cooked tomato spaghetti sauce with fresh button mushroom, capsicums (red/yellow), cherry tomato.
Turkey ham as rose, cherry tomato as rose and chicken seaweed wrap.
Quick & simple lunch bento! I hope you will like today's My Melody bento. 
Have a nice day! 

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Monday, 18 November 2013

Bento#Nov18~Rilakkuma & The Bear's School Noodles

It's Monday!!! Today's lunch bento I cooked instant noodle ramen :p Quick and simple by using The Bear's School cookie cutter and some Rilakkuma baran sheet as well few picks for decoration.
Here is the closer look of The Bear's School made from Inari (sweet bean curd skin) by using the cookie cutter to cut out. Add cheese and nori for the bear's details. Cherry tomato as balloon and okra as tree. 
Since I'm using Rilakkuma bento box so I add few Rilakkuma baran sheet and food picks. Side dishes have quail egg, assorted fish cake and the sauce at the sauce container for mixing the ramen :)
Well, I hope you will like this simple lunch bento post ^_^ Cheers!

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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bento#Nov16~Hippomum's Honey Bee Ideas

Happy Saturday everyone! I made lunch bento for today and this "Honey Bee" idea came from Hippomum's recipe book. For those of you have her first recipe book can easily saw this cute honey bee at page. 80 ^_^ I know every weekend will be a busy day for me or perhaps for you too! So comes the Honey Bee bento to cheer you up! Haha...
I just followed Hippomum's honey bee idea and add extra eyelashes and inner white eyeballs ^_^ The rest of the side dishes just my usual simple cooking. Below is my ingredients for this lunch bento ^_^

Honey Bee head : Rice, nori, crab stick (red)
Honey Bee body : Tamagoyaki, nori
Honey Bee wings: Crab stick (white), nori
Small bee : Quail egg soak with turmeric powder & water
Others: Stir-fried broccoli, sweet peas, carrots, button mushroom and airfry fish nuggets.
Flowers : Egg sheet, crab stick, cherry tomato

To only freehand scissor cut out nori only the body stripes, wings and bee head. For face nori details were punch out by puncher. The yellow egg sheet hand also cut out using cutter. Well, I hope you will enjoy reading my today's post and have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones at home! Hugs!

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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bento#Nov14~Chicks Makisushi

Kids requested sushi for their lunch bento last night so I read through my Japanese sushi book for ideas. I found this chicks look pretty easy but too bad I'm not sure how to make the orange part for the chick mouth due to lack of ingredients =_=" End up I just rolled with rice and nori then after cut out the makisushi, I add orange capsicum on top to replaced. Hehe....did I passed?? Well, this is my 1st attempt so I need to practice more to make it better :)
Here is the closer look of my humble Chicks Makisushi. All together in the bento box have four makisush. Below is the details:

Yellow rice: Rice mix with yellow furikake
White rice: Rice as cracked shell
Craked "w" : Inari with nori
Orange part : Orange capsicum use round cutter to cut

Spend too long for making the chicks!! The only side dishes  I can managed was just adding some strawberry, lettuce, quail eggs (soak with turmeric powder water), ketchup (chick sauce cup) and hawflakes. Well, I hope you will like my today's post "Chicks Makisushi" ^_^ Cheers!
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