Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bento#Nov14~Chicks Makisushi

Kids requested sushi for their lunch bento last night so I read through my Japanese sushi book for ideas. I found this chicks look pretty easy but too bad I'm not sure how to make the orange part for the chick mouth due to lack of ingredients =_=" End up I just rolled with rice and nori then after cut out the makisushi, I add orange capsicum on top to replaced. Hehe....did I passed?? Well, this is my 1st attempt so I need to practice more to make it better :)
Here is the closer look of my humble Chicks Makisushi. All together in the bento box have four makisush. Below is the details:

Yellow rice: Rice mix with yellow furikake
White rice: Rice as cracked shell
Craked "w" : Inari with nori
Orange part : Orange capsicum use round cutter to cut

Spend too long for making the chicks!! The only side dishes  I can managed was just adding some strawberry, lettuce, quail eggs (soak with turmeric powder water), ketchup (chick sauce cup) and hawflakes. Well, I hope you will like my today's post "Chicks Makisushi" ^_^ Cheers!
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