Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bento2014#Apr17~Easter Sanrio Cathy

As per request from my daughter that she wants Cathy for her bento lunch ^_^ I didn't know who's Cathy until she showed me mini figures :) Look clearly, Cathy seems to look like Miffy except the nose different :D 

Well, since is a rabbit so connects to Easter Theme. My 2nd Easter Bento for today's post ^_^ Cathy wears pink so I've one Monbento bento box match perfectly!!

Leftover chicken rice for today's lunch that I reheat this morning. Cathy made from hard boiled egg. Punch out nori for eyes and egg yolk for nose. Notice the red easter basket? Guess what? Actually is a mini sauce container comes with a cover but I just use the body to made it as basket. Penknife cut out crabstick (red) for basket handle and add the white spots for decoration. I add some easter eggs ^_^ All eggs made of carrots, edamame and crabstick (white) Lastly, I add broccoli for some green touch and carrot as sunny sun! As for side dishes have gyoza, grapes and ketchup inside Monbento sauce container :)

Ta-da....few more days to celebrate Easter Day! But I've not forgetten that today is Maundy Thursday or called Holy Thursday.  

Hope you will like my 2nd Easter Theme Bento ^_^ Hugs!


  1. A very cute Cathy Easter Bento. Am sure your daughter liked it

    1. Aww.....thank you so much dosirabento for your sweet words! Yes she loves it :)

  2. Just perfect! I really love this bento!
    Best, Joanna /

    1. Thank you so much Joanna Julia and so happy that you visit my blog ^_^


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