Friday, 25 March 2016

Bento2016#Mar25~Easter Bunny/Pooh Bear/Chicks

 21.03.2016 Monday
Easter Mofy Bunny: Shaped the rice into head/ears/arms using cling wrap
Orange rice: Mixed rice with ketchup for ears and heart shaped mouth
Yellow quail egg: Turmeric juice
Blue quail egg: Blue pea flower extract
Purple quail egg: Mulberry juice
How to cut kiwi fruit: Please view the tutorial @foodbycherry IG that I've shared at IG
First arrange the Mofy head and silicon cup into the Monbento lunchbox. Filled up the rest with stir-fried french beans & carrots. Next arranged the ears and arms ^_^  
22.03.2016 Tuesday
Winnie the Pooh: Sunny side up egg. Please click HERE for the tutorial
Rice underneath the pea sprouts, button mushrooms and dark sweet sauce chicken dishes. 
Cut the oranges into bite size just to fit in the container and add on sour plum on top.
24.03.2016 Thursday
Mama hen: Mashed pumpkin mixed with rice
Baby chicks: Quail eggs soaked with turmeric juice
Side dishes: Broccoli, gyoza (chicken) and kiwi flower  


  1. Love these bentos! So adorable and very neatly made!

  2. Sooo cute (灬ºωº灬)♡ nearly too cute to eat ... looking forward to all coming bento!


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