Friday, 25 March 2016


14.03.2016 Monday
Panda: Rice and seaweed nori detailed.
Baby panda: Quail eggs and seaweed nori detailed.
Side dishes: Pea sprouts, gyoza, oranges

15.03.2016 Tuesday
I cooked simple fried rice for her lunch and only add Kiiroitori for the half boiled egg as theme bento ^_^ 
16.03.2016 Wednesday
Do you like Disney Eeyore? It's been awhile have not make Eeyore :p 
Blue rice: Mixed rice with blue pea flower extract and add nori for the detailed.
Orange rice: Mixed rice with ketchup
To shape: I used cling wrap and shaped into Eeyore (head and two ears)
Side dishes: Broccoli, gyoza, oranges and fishballs
16.03.2016 Thursday
My girl requested to eat Japanese Curry for her lunch ^_^ In my Japanese curry have chicken in bite size, carrots and potatoes.
Piggies: Mixed the rice with ketchup since I don't have Sakura Denbu for pink color.
Side dishes: Pea sprouts and tamagoyaki

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