Friday, 11 March 2016

Bento2016#Mar11~My Neighbor Totoro Theme Bento

This week I've planned to made "My Neighbor Totoro" theme bentos ^_^ I hope you like it!

Day1: 7/3/16 (Monday)

Totoro rice : Black sesame powder mixed with rice

Eyes : Cheese/Nori

Dishes : Star shaped chicken nuggets & stir-fried mushrooms with bok choy

Day2: 8/3/16 (Tuesday)

Mei Kusakabe
Mei Kusakabe : Cheese (Face/Hat), Nori (Hair/detailed), Crabstick (Red & white detailed)

Dishes : Chicken cutlet coated with bread crumbs, rice and pea shoots

Day3: 9/3/16 (Wednesday)

Catbus/Nekobus : Brown rice (dark sweet sauce mixed with rice), Nose (taiwanese sausage)

Eggsheets : Eyes, ears and seats detailed

Nori/Seaweed : All the black detailed

Dishes : Broccoli, pan-fried sausages and taiwanese sausages.

Chibi Totoro & Susuwatari
Chibi Totoro : Rice (I used cling wrap to shaped it)

Susuwatari : Kambu (Boiled seaweed and used circle cutter) Eyes (crabstick white part/nori)

Mini Chibi : Quail egg with nori detailed

Dishes : Yam samosa, chicken pandan wrap, pea shoots, shimeji mushrooms and fishball


So which characters bentos you like the most?     

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