Friday, 31 July 2015

My first Rilakkuma Pull-apart Breads

Today's Rilakkuma pull-apart bread inspired by +Jean Yap recipes. Is like a challenging task for me due to I hardly baked breads! Thankfully the breads turn out well and soft. 

For decoration: I don't have dark chocolate for the eyes so I just used normal chocolate. 

To view the recipe please visit HERE. Do check or follow her at Facebook/Instagram for latest updates. She made awesome bentos as well and I wish I could baked like hers ^_^ By the way, the recipe needs milk and I don't have milk at home so I substitute with soymilk.  

Here comes a snapshot of my daughter holding the bread  ^_^ Love the soft texture! My kitchen smelled great!

I hope you like my Rilakkuma pull-apart bread ^_^ Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bento2015#Jul26~Bunny Deco Sushi

Yay! I'm so excited to get one copy of my dear talented and favourite bento food artist Shirley Wong from "Little Miss Bento" ^_^ This is her latest new launched Kawaii Deco Sushi Book that I must said very nice tutorial pictures taken and most importantly in English version :D So where to purchase? You can easily shop at Kinokuniya bookstore at your area or other major bookstores or perhaps purchase online ^_^ For more details can hop over LittleMissBento blog

Since I got the book, I can't wait to practice my deco sushi but sadly didn't turn out as pretty as Master Shirley bunny deco sushi :D Looks like I need more practicing than will improve! I choose to bunny deco sushi among the rest because I like bunny :D   
Opps.... look at my first attempt creating big and unbalanced bunny ears =_=" Can you see that I actually making bunny deco sushi? Looks weird right? Hahaha.... 
Oh well, nothing comes easy so I need to practice again to get it correct.  
A closer look of my bunny deco sushi :) To make my bunny cute, I add extra lashes :D 

Underneath the bunny deco sushi, I add rice first and cover up with chicken floss. Arrange the deco sushi and some lettuce.

My fridge running out of ingredients so I use mashed sweet potato to make carrots! I also cut out some cherry tomato roses and decorate few slices of oranges behind the mashed potato carrots!
To match my bunny deco sushi theme, I use Bento&Co "WanWan" bento lunch box ^_^ Look kawaii together right?

Well, I hope you like today's Bunny Deco Sushi of mine ^_^ Have a lovely Sunday!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Baymax Deco Sushi

Hello dear readers! I'm taking a long bento breaks since my kids school will reopen end of August ^_^  

I made some Baymax deco sushi for last night dinner since I've time to shaped it after cooked all the dishes. I didn't take picture for it because I don't have extra hands to snap =_=" Well, I'm sure you will understand how I create Baymax based on the photo above or perhaps with my simple explaination below:
  • Create Baymax first! I used cling wrap to shaped a footlong sushi then wrap with nori
  • Mixed colour rice with furikake then spread on top of one full size nori sheet
  • Put Baymax sushi in the middle of the mixed rice then grab hold with your hand and roll or cover up. 
  • Hints: I put cling wrap at the bottom and nori on top then start adding rice. 
Simple dishes: Stir-fried pea sprouts, spam cut into Hello Kitty shaped, pork bone soup with potato and carrots.
Do you notice Baymax hard boiled egg? Roll into a ball shaped while the egg still hot (just be careful) So which character you like the most? Baymax or Hello Kitty?

Well, I hope you will enjoy today's post ^_^ 

Thursday, 9 July 2015


This will be my last bento sharing post because next week onwards is my kids final term school holidays equals to my long bento break ^_^ Woohoo.... I don't have to wake up so early! Today I'm going to share with you this unfinished Minions =_=" Can you spot the missing part? Sigh.... last two days I injured my left finger. My finger got burned and have a huge blister near the nail. Having difficult time on scissor cutting the nori or any other preparation dishes due to the disposable glove. Makes me slow down..... *cry I won't share the disgusting picture of my finger here and at the moment waiting for the blister to burst *ouch. My cute son asked me to use a needle to poke it! Lol! 

Well, back to my Minions. Did you find it? Answer is Minions hair and Kelvin specs =_=" Minions make from egg yolk mix rice and freehand cut out nori details. Minions eyes make from hard boiled egg.   

Honestly, when I update today's blog only noticed Kelvin spec was missing as well as the hairs! Oh gosh....all I did was quickly took few quick shots and pack them up! Didn't think much due to running out of time! Haha....

Well, I hope you like today's sharing ^_^ Happy Thursday and happy long bento breaks to ME. Yay! 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bento2015#Jul07~Sanrio Kirimi

I bought new furikake packet and it's new Sanrio character "Kirimi" salmon fish :D I didn't buy salmon so I create my Kirimi using mashed sweet potatoes. Surprisingly that my daughter prefers Kirimi rather than Gudetama =_=" She asked me to use real salmon instead of mashed sweet potato. Lol! Alright mummy will remember to buy salmon ya!

A closer look of my Kirimi Salmon. I use cling wrap to shape the mashed sweet potatoes and the black part is make of nori. As for the yellow body is hard boiled egg (soak turmeric water). Pardon me for the ugly tomato words :p

For side dishes have pea sprouts, chicken nuggets and mandarin orange.

Took a picture together with the Kirimi Furikake bought it at Aeon Mall and how I wish can get more other variety Japan goods ^_^

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bento2015#Jul07~Elmo Choir

Elmo sings: Do Re Mi Fa So ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
Musical time for cute Elmo Choir ^_^ Making less food on Tuesday and this is super easy to create Elmo by using honey cherry tomato. 

A closer look of my Cherry tomato Elmo :) Cut out some cheese for eyes and just add nori for the details! I didn't add Elmo mouth as I find it much cuter :D
For side dishes have broccoli, chicken katsu and some grapes. I hope you like this simple Elmo Bento. 

I can't wait for the upcoming kids school final term holidays! Counting the days for my long bento break ^_^

Monday, 6 July 2015

Bento2015#Jul06~Lala Little Twin Star

Today's bento inspired by the picture from Lala Twin Star jelly but my rice version not as cute as the jelly picture ^_^ If you've read my older posts that I did mentioned bought a packet of Sanrio jelly. This is one of the jelly, too bad no Hello Kitty & My Melody =_=" Anyway, I'll to make other characters from the jelly packets :)

A closer look of my Lala Twin Star :) Pink rice make from sakura denbu and rice. I shape the face onigiri first and only cover up with pink rice. Punch out nori details and I add spaghetti as she holding the heart shaped balloon ^_^ 

For side dishes have meat patties, fish noodles underneath the balloon and grapes (both in LOVE shaped) carrots (flower shaped) and broccoli.

I hope you like this cute Lala Little Twin Star bento. Happy Monday!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Yummy scones

I made these scones yesterday and I followed recipes by Rie's Bento & Cooking. Very easy steps by steps and only few ingredients (that's the best part ^_^). Click HERE to view the recipes and also with tutorial pictures! Love it!

In Rie's recipes have cold milk but I substitute with soymilk. The scones still taste yummy ^_^ 

Nom nom nom... no time to arrange the whole set together with a cup of my Pink Lady Oatmilk. Just took few shots and off for work! 

My family likes this scones recipe and thank you Rie ^_^ Do check out Rie's FB or blog for more yummy recipes and bentos as well! Have a lovely coming weekend!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bento2015#Jun02~Mickey & Minnie TsumTsum

My third Disney Tsum Tsum and kind of rushing to make Mickey & Minnie so the onigiri didn't turn out nice =_=" Looks messy..... sigh!
Last night I kneaded scones dough and left at fridge overnight to prepare for baking this morning. So after put the dough into the oven, quickly do my bento.....rush rush rush.... will post the scones pictures tomorrow ^_^
Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum onigiri, nori details and crabstick (red) for Minnie ribbon. I don't have time to add the white spots.  Some chicken floss underneath before I put the onigiri on top.
As for side dishes have broccoli, eggsheet, pan-fried prawn coated with breadcrumbs.

Have a lovely Thursday!

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Bento2015#Jul01~Domokun Spam

Make a quick lunch using spam meat to create Domo-kun character ^_^ Just simply use nori and crabstick for the details and you can easily make one at home. The balance spam meat will be hiding underneath the quail egg :D  Not forgetting the milk cabbage cover part of the Domo-kun.

I hope you will like this simple Domo-kun bento. Have a lovely mid-week!