Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Bento2015#Jul07~Sanrio Kirimi

I bought new furikake packet and it's new Sanrio character "Kirimi" salmon fish :D I didn't buy salmon so I create my Kirimi using mashed sweet potatoes. Surprisingly that my daughter prefers Kirimi rather than Gudetama =_=" She asked me to use real salmon instead of mashed sweet potato. Lol! Alright mummy will remember to buy salmon ya!

A closer look of my Kirimi Salmon. I use cling wrap to shape the mashed sweet potatoes and the black part is make of nori. As for the yellow body is hard boiled egg (soak turmeric water). Pardon me for the ugly tomato words :p

For side dishes have pea sprouts, chicken nuggets and mandarin orange.

Took a picture together with the Kirimi Furikake bought it at Aeon Mall and how I wish can get more other variety Japan goods ^_^

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