Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bento#May23~Sanrio Chi Chai Monchan

Introducing another Sanrio character that I know my daughter will definitely love it!! Why? Because of the PINK colour ^_^ She just love pinkish coloured and no matter what kind of animals or things, as long she saw PINK will fall in love :)
When I browse Chi Chai Monchan image noticed mostly banana on top the pink monkey. And in this bento I changed to broccoli. Haha....due to I already prepare tamagoyaki at side and if I put banana (yellow) top and bottom will be too much EGGS for her :) So I skip that banana idea.
Mixed rice with Mizkan Colourful Osushi Pink and shape into onigiri. Trim out monkey face cheese with toothpick and punch nori for eyes. Freehand scissor cut out nori lips and add ketchup for the cheeks. Green soba for monkey tail.
Here is the Mizkan packet that I bought it from Singapore. Actually I wanted to buy Sakura Denbu but I saw this packet with pretty kawaii picture on it so give it a try for the taste. Turns out not too bad :) 
Side dishes contains kamaboko, checker apple, sausages, tamagoyaki , half quail egg (the other half at brother's bento) and broccoli. A packet of furikake (Hello Kitty) that I didn't put together for photo taking. 
I hope you will like today's lunch kyaraben. Cheers!  


  1. woot! your chichimon chan looks cute! will make one for my younger girl as she is born in the year of monkey!

    where did you get the pink furikake from? i ve never seen it ard in SG. :)

    1. girl also born in the year of monkey!!! So i know she will like it :)

      At SG Medei-ya Liang Court ^_^ I saw sakura denbu first but later this packets attracts me more! hahaha....

      Looking forward to ur chi chai monchan !

  2. Yes this pink sushi mix is nice! i use them all the tme:) hehehh

    chichimon chan is cute! thanks for intro this character

    1. Ah..... lucky that I noticed it n is really nice!
      You're most welcome and I'm glad to know chichimon chan too!

  3. This is so cute! Love the expression on the monkey.

  4. Super cute and I personally love pink color! :)


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