Thursday, 2 July 2015

Bento2015#Jun02~Mickey & Minnie TsumTsum

My third Disney Tsum Tsum and kind of rushing to make Mickey & Minnie so the onigiri didn't turn out nice =_=" Looks messy..... sigh!
Last night I kneaded scones dough and left at fridge overnight to prepare for baking this morning. So after put the dough into the oven, quickly do my bento.....rush rush rush.... will post the scones pictures tomorrow ^_^
Mickey & Minnie Tsum Tsum onigiri, nori details and crabstick (red) for Minnie ribbon. I don't have time to add the white spots.  Some chicken floss underneath before I put the onigiri on top.
As for side dishes have broccoli, eggsheet, pan-fried prawn coated with breadcrumbs.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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