Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Baymax Deco Sushi

Hello dear readers! I'm taking a long bento breaks since my kids school will reopen end of August ^_^  

I made some Baymax deco sushi for last night dinner since I've time to shaped it after cooked all the dishes. I didn't take picture for it because I don't have extra hands to snap =_=" Well, I'm sure you will understand how I create Baymax based on the photo above or perhaps with my simple explaination below:
  • Create Baymax first! I used cling wrap to shaped a footlong sushi then wrap with nori
  • Mixed colour rice with furikake then spread on top of one full size nori sheet
  • Put Baymax sushi in the middle of the mixed rice then grab hold with your hand and roll or cover up. 
  • Hints: I put cling wrap at the bottom and nori on top then start adding rice. 
Simple dishes: Stir-fried pea sprouts, spam cut into Hello Kitty shaped, pork bone soup with potato and carrots.
Do you notice Baymax hard boiled egg? Roll into a ball shaped while the egg still hot (just be careful) So which character you like the most? Baymax or Hello Kitty?

Well, I hope you will enjoy today's post ^_^ 

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