Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Bento2014#May21~The Bear's School Jackie くまのがっこう

Last night was pouring and I sketched The bear's school~Jackie~ wearing comfortable headwear and hugs little pillow also Jackie bear ^_^ I should have add cute ribbon for Jackie (now only noticed it while typing) Oh well....still kawaii right? Haha...

Here is the closer picture of Jackie bear :) To made the brown onigiri, I add sweet dark sauce mix with rice then shape by using cling wrap. Freehand scissor cut nori for the details. I arrange the white eggsheet first then put Jackie bear and lastly yellow eggsheet at the bottom. Filled up the holes by adding broccoli, sweet corns and bear fishcake. Toast the wheat bread after cut out. I put next to Jackie so the bear fishcake was underneath :p

For side dishes: Garlic Miso drumette (Recipe from JustOneCookBook) and watermelon.

Hope you like today's Jackie the bear's school obento. Happy Wednesday!



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