Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bento2014#May20~Kiiroitori French Toast

It's Tuesday!!! Less food and light lunch for my kids. So I made french toast (wheat bread/eggs/sugar) and made kawaii Kiiroitori for my daughter only. What about my son? I just arrange it neatly into his lunchbox :D

Trim the french toast to fits in the lunchbox. Eyes/feet made from kambu and carrot for nose. I wanted to made flower egg so I tried out using quail egg to cook it :p To made sunny up egg view at my tutorial HERE. Same method but just using quail egg.

Kiiroitori cutter to cut out the watermelons and I cut out cucumber as leave as well ^_^ Small chick sauce container, I add one gummy for her :)

Simple and cute Kiiroitori French Toast for today's post. I hope you will like it! Happy Tuesday! 

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