Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Making of "SUNNY UP"

This is my step by step of making sunny up egg ^_^

Step 1: Crack an egg to a small bowl
Step 2: Coat oil to non-stick pan & flower shape mould

Step 3: Carefully pour the egg white 1st
Step 4: If the egg white leak out the mould...not to worry ^^

Step 5: Pour the egg yolk in the middle
Step 6: Just leave it with low heat (make sure the pan not too hot)

Step 7: When the egg white cooked, just carefully trim the white with spatula
Step 8: I will turn off the heat & leave it. If you prefer well done yolk can just cover it & leave it longer

Lastly, can deco by using face puncher or self cut nori to add face features to the egg yolk. This method can use any other shape mould or you prefer normal poached egg then take shape mould to cut out the shape too ^_^


  1. so cute idea ;) how did you make the little crown ?

    1. Hi Yurippe, the pink crown was just a food pick! It can be found from Daiso/100yens :)


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