Sunday, 2 June 2013

Bento#June02~Hello Kitty Breakfast

It's Sunday and the weather is super HOT!!! I decided to made breakfast creation that I've been wanted to try out ever since Bento, Monsters posted her wonderful creation at Instagram. As usual Hello Kitty theme will be my 1st attempt breakfast creation ^_^ 
Hello Kitty made of quail egg. I cooked the sweet pea, button mushroom and crabstick before I add onto the cheese and toast. When all the ingredients cooked, just design and arranged onto the cheese except the nori for HK face. Bring the bread to toast and when done may add the nori. I'm not sure can add the nori and toast together or not but I think add it last will be better result. Next, I cut out the strawberry and add apple for HK face.
Lastly, I add strawberry milk and I really love the natural sunlight for photo takings! Too bad when comes to weekday bento, I can't wait for morning sun. Sigh.....
Well, I hope you will like my Hello Kitty breakfast creation and if you like to see more amazing creation, do check out Bento, Monsters blog or Instagram ^_^ And good news is she hosting a bento tools giveaway!!! Yay...wonderful right? Who knows you might be the chosen winner! Here is the giveaway links: 


  1. Love this! Such a great idea!

  2. Must comment again! Love the strawberries kitties

  3. Prettiest breakfast I ever saw. :)

  4. aww....Thank you so much for your lovely compliment! !


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