Monday, 3 June 2013

Bento#June03~Caterpillar Lunch Bento

I'm back making/packing everyday bento snack and lunch for my kids and mostly for my daughter with design cute bento!!! So for today's lunch, I cooked macaroni with tomato paste. I add some mushroom and cherry tomato for the sauce too! For cute theme, I decided to made female caterpillar with ribbon! Haha....
A closer look of the female caterpillar ^_^ I just used three different shape of circle cutter to cut out the cooked carrots then arrange on top of the macaroni. Caterpillar eyes made of crabstick (white part) and I used puncher to punch out nori for eyeballs/mouth. Freehand scissor cut out the nori for eyelashes as well as the caterpillar legs.  To made the caterpillar body nicer, I used straw or you can used cutter to  cut out the red part crabstick.
Sweet corn, airfried the Japanese seaweed chicken, some grapes and strawberry for another container. I hope you will like this cute caterpillar design ^_^ Cheers!


  1. so cute your miss caterpillar, especially the big eyes :D

  2. I love how your caterpillar crawls on the open holland pea. cute cute!

  3. Beautiful! (Never thought I'd say that about a caterpillar, lol)

  4. Such an adorable caterpillar!


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