Sunday, 26 July 2015

Bento2015#Jul26~Bunny Deco Sushi

Yay! I'm so excited to get one copy of my dear talented and favourite bento food artist Shirley Wong from "Little Miss Bento" ^_^ This is her latest new launched Kawaii Deco Sushi Book that I must said very nice tutorial pictures taken and most importantly in English version :D So where to purchase? You can easily shop at Kinokuniya bookstore at your area or other major bookstores or perhaps purchase online ^_^ For more details can hop over LittleMissBento blog

Since I got the book, I can't wait to practice my deco sushi but sadly didn't turn out as pretty as Master Shirley bunny deco sushi :D Looks like I need more practicing than will improve! I choose to bunny deco sushi among the rest because I like bunny :D   
Opps.... look at my first attempt creating big and unbalanced bunny ears =_=" Can you see that I actually making bunny deco sushi? Looks weird right? Hahaha.... 
Oh well, nothing comes easy so I need to practice again to get it correct.  
A closer look of my bunny deco sushi :) To make my bunny cute, I add extra lashes :D 

Underneath the bunny deco sushi, I add rice first and cover up with chicken floss. Arrange the deco sushi and some lettuce.

My fridge running out of ingredients so I use mashed sweet potato to make carrots! I also cut out some cherry tomato roses and decorate few slices of oranges behind the mashed potato carrots!
To match my bunny deco sushi theme, I use Bento&Co "WanWan" bento lunch box ^_^ Look kawaii together right?

Well, I hope you like today's Bunny Deco Sushi of mine ^_^ Have a lovely Sunday!

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